Artwork by Jenna Tomlin


Figurative Drawings



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Eartha Delights                            Eartha Delights (short pose)





                                                     Short Pose Thanksgiving Burlesque Theme            Long Pose Nude done in white          Netted Fascinator Semi Nude (first sketch of 2012!)       Back of Sitting Female Nude                    Nude Model with Headdress





Male Nude Reclining (Dan)                                Female Nude Recline with Twist (Jessica)        Female Nude Back (Jessica)                           5 min sketch of Jessica                       Back of Semi Reclining Nude (Constance)






                                                                Seated Nude                          Nude sitting on the floor (Dan)                                 Nude reclining on floor with twist and lift            Profile of sitting Nude (Jason)            Reclining Nude on Cushions (Rachael)





Eartha Delights                                Nude Reclining into Couch and Cushions  (Miriam)                   Standing Nude (Constance)                     Sitting/Kneeling Twist Nude                                        Reclining Nude (AKA Girl with Kickass Hair)




                                                                                    Short Pose Drawings  from POD




Native American Mask at Nelson          Bodhisattva Guanyin at Nelson            St. Barbara from Nelson-Atkins                        





                                                                                       Male Nude Sitting  (Dan)                        Male Nude Reclining on Couch                                             Sitting Nude                                     Pregnant in Hawaii                                                                As The Virgin Awaits the Birth







 Nude Reclining w Heels                          Crazy Boy Coy Asleep                                  Hot Hot Heather                                                           Honey Valentine                                     






                                                                                    Roller Derby Faerie                                                                               St Sebastian                                                                                 Satyr                                                            Nude Reclining                                                                         Girl in Dress