Photography by Jenna Tomlin


1996                    2011


The meaning suddenly changes so completely; separating the image from the moment, to become something new.  Time seems to stands still for awhile when the photograph is viewed.  The capture of beauty and ugliness for a new purpose; the mundane transformed into an image to ponder.


Photographs allows one to be nostalgic, or to find details that you never found before.  Like the pages of a good book, a picture can transport one to another time and place.  Through the jungles and peoples of Borneo or the streets of London fifty years ago, a picture can be a portal into an idea or a world.  A photograph can capture the stillness or movement of a moment; something not seen in the action, but develops into clarity on film.  


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Fireworks at Corporate Woods, Overland Park, KS  Wednesday the 4th of July, 2012







Kauffman Center of Performing Arts opening weekend (Sunday) September 18th 2011




WaterFire 2011 - 22nd of October



KC Ren Fest 2011





Mama Lou Strongwoman


Jason Divad


Bobby Maverick


Lawrence Buskerfest 2011 Friday evening


  Impending Rain                                      Falling Rain

First Sunday of the month rain - August 2011



MammaLou Strongwoman - ripping an 800 page Yellowpages Book in half from top to bottom



                              Voler Aerial Arts

                Voler Aerial Arts

          Voler Aerial Arts


First Friday Art Walk at the Crossroads: August 2011




From Clocks to Gears Series: photographed July 10th 2011


4th of July, 2011 ---- Lacey is just to cute and adorable for words, so I took a photo.  Seems to do better at capturing her awesomeness and poise.



Sunset from the 26th of June 2011



Visit to the Nelson Atkins on the 26th after submitting to the heat of the day at the Art of the Car.    








Art of the Car Concours 5th Annual at the Kansas City Art Institute 2011 Sunday, June 26.  About 200 Vintage cars, bikes and motorcycles lined up for oohs and wows.


Saturday the 25th of June - What I saw that day. 



The Great Annual Lenexa, KS BBQ June 24th


June 2011 Full Moon




The first Central MO Airship Pirate Festival on the 10th of June 2011 and Friday was Steampunk day.



She was the one who was (I guess) herding the zombies and keeping them walking... Arts Incubator building

June First Friday Art Walk 2011


oooooo yay!


There were bees at the River Market Farmers Market!  Love bees. June 4 2011

From the Steamboat Arabia June 4 2011


  Loose Park June 4th 2011



Ashley and Drew's Wedding May 28th 2011 - After the Party and the Dancing self-photography


Hammond loves his bird watching.  And so do we....

Food Fight!!!! and the winners are....



15th May 2011


Wasp, Ladybugs and a Bumblebee (featuring a spider) day.  29th of April 2011



It was a really nice day out.


Re-modeled stuff for esty site



First Friday Art Walk with Ryan and his friends at the Crossroads  MO April 1 2011






From the 20th of March, 2011 - Ryan and I took a walk through the Nelson and then walked around Loose Park









Seattle March 3rd and 6th - At night and then during a nice rain/fog moment. 


Very clear sky tonight when I got home (12th Feb 2011)


On the first day of February, we got more snow...





A Walk one day in the Sunlight on the 28th Day of January 2011





Sunlight on a Winter's Day  28th Day of January 2011




Mucking about with filters and Hammond agreed to model for me 1/2010







Some self portraits I did for my esty shop


December 19th 2010 Moon - waiting for the eclipse to come on the 21st!




It's a bit chilly outside.  12/18/2010




















A good day for monochrome.  12/17/2010





Crown Center Mayor's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony November 26th 2010



Full Moon 11/20/2010



Old Man Hat is mine




Circus Girl - 11/20/2010


11/16/2010 Second moon shoot- much better then the first



11/11/2010 - visit to the Nelson for a drawing session and wander


11/09/2010 - My first Moon shoot.  Tried to wait till it was darker for another try and by then the clouds had really come in.  You can still see some detail though. 










Saturday the 6th of November 2010




Jamie photo shoot 10/24/2010





Dinos and Trains 10/23/20





Working on some self portraits while photographing for esty listings 10/19/2010





Bonner Springs Renaissance Festival 2010 - October 16th





Five Spotted Hawkmoth: You aren't the only one who doesn't like to be woken up in the middle of the night.










What I did over Columbus Day weekend 2010







Some old photos from Washington: Sailing to Heron Island 2007





Other photos from Union Station 10/3/2010






Challenger No. 3985:  World's Largest Operating Steam Locomotive








Bonner Springs Renaissance Festival 2010 - September 26th







Plaza Art Fair 2010






Hot Air Balloon Event 2010





Irish Festival @ Crown Center 2010




Armacost Car Museum







Girls Night Out on the Town


    Farmer's Market



Photo Shoot with Miriam



Photo Shoot with Lacey





          Green Beans











 Seattle Weather /  Movement in the Rain  / Time To Go     






Blanc Noir Moment     /          Arrival of Autumn                              







Jewel of the Lake       /        Yellow Stalk  






Ghosts of the Water    /    Grace and Mystery        






Spring    /    Tree    /    Cold River






Night Shoes    /    Two Shadows








Dall's Porpoise    /    Orca Male    /    Breach








January Stream    /    ice Shape #2    /    Ice Shape #1








Slow River    /    Private Place    /    Sunlight






Turtle    /    View From Above








 Where I Grew Up    /    My Old Driveway    /    Wind Mill






Lobbing    /    Playful






Pointy Side Up    /    Spring Lake    /    Flamingos









Friday Harbour    /    Mt Baker    /      Spring Solstice Moon






Friends    /    Manami






Upwelling    /    Spider    /    Didi






Skunk Cabbage      /     Moss Barn








Plankton1    /    Plankton2    /    Plankton3






Cow Wonderings    /    Lone Tree in Pasture






Node    /    Japanese Lake in Seattle 






Arial Glories    /    Seat of Rolling Waves






Washed Pebbles    /    Purple







New Thaw Stream    /    Mist Above Mountains    /    Scolding




Hidden    /    Girl


Northwest Trek Photographs



27th birthday sojourn with my dad - March 2006


------------                    ----------                    -----------                    -----------                    --------





March - May 2003



Big Horned Sheep - Ewes with their newborn frolicking lambs






Bison Bull                                              Newborn bison.  Red because their liver hasn't yet fully developed






Roosevelt Elk.





Bull Moose






Female Caribou                                                                        Baby Mountain Goats

















Timber Wolves












Badgers - both male





Fisher - an endangered forest dwelling Mustilid                     Skunk





Grizzly Bear -  the male






Raccoons - both female



ALL ARTWORK 2001 Jenna Tomlin

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