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In a recent Ink Magazine interview for Maker Faire 2013 I was asked to describe Steampunkers; this is what I said. "Steampunk is a retro-futuristic re-imagining of the Victorian area.  The genre borrows from every world wide culture of the time depending on the need and desire.  Victorian atheistic is still in fashion, but modified of course.  Corsets are not hidden, and skirts are allowed to not only reveal ankles, but knees as well!  Hats never went out of style. Goggles are useful for open cab motor vehicles, airships, or laboratory experiments, and this is why you see many of us wearing them on our hats or heads.   Coal is still very much the main fuel source burned to produce steam (where we get the Steam in Steampunk), but with fantasy there can still be alternative fuels like aether.  Jules Vern and H.G Wells are big influences on the genre as well, but there are many modern Steampunk writers exerting there own influence.  However, by and large, Steampunkers are a culture of people who make stuff.  We make our gear, we invent gadgets, we ask "what if" a lot and then try to make it happen, we make stories and we try to bring those stories to life in one way or another, we make art, and we have so much fun doing it."

Now!  Recent Steampunk creations I have been spinning out!


Brass Goggles:  

  The start of a new pair of goggles.  The brass has been etched in Ferric Acid Solution, cleaned, and gone over with my butane torch.  I've cut the strips to size; now they will be filed and the corners rounded. 

         My first pair with acid etched designs on the brass.  I did design work on both sides on the brass sheets before I started working them into shape.  I used pieces of a vintage metal belt I found at an antique mall to give me my bridging support when riveting the two brass bands together.  These are the first goggles I've done with two nose pieces, and I like the added stability. Some waxed 1mm cotton thread at the hit points, and these goggles are quite comfortable to wear.  It's a bit hard to tell here, but there are two straps - just like with a previous pair.  These long goggles are gravity heavy, and the double strap system keeps the goggles in place, and more comfortable to keep on. My strap system is also highly adaptable to size - I make sure they can fit my head (small), up to strapping onto any of my hats (much bigger).   $150

        Brass goggles with a flamed brass mesh eye cover along with my double straps to keep them in place.  I made these to debut at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 here in Kansas City!  $150

       The brass has been patinaed to give an aged look then fitted with sunglass lenses.  There is a double suspension nose piece here to remove some of the extreme flexibility between the frame, but the goggles are lightweight and don't need as much support.  Handmade band is festooned with gears and buttons because I wanted color and whimsy (and also to protect my hair from getting caught).  The inside of the double frame is decorated with polymer clay to give color.  Jeweler's lens would not be included in a sale.  $150


Riveted metal jewelry

Tiny chrysolite opal Swarovski crystals rest between the rivets here. $30    Copper disks dipped in Liver of Sulfur and then flamed with torch before riveted.  Hangs from a copper wire ribbon  $60 Hammer flattened pennies, every other one acid etched, all bathed in Liver of Sulfur and flamed before riveted. $60      Two shapes riveted together; holds new shapes perfectly.  $30


More Victorian inspired Steampunk style jewelry

Several cuts of Aquamarine used $30   Hand rolled glass beads + nuts - bolts $30  Hand rolled glass beads + geode beads + hand shaped and flamed brass curlicues $30 Delicate chain matching set featuring Tila beads and striking ruby red Swarovski crystal accents $60               Polymer clay cuttlefish $40    Shaped ribbon wire + clockwork pieces + aquamarine $60    Vintage Edwardian buckles and buttons on a pearl and crystal strand $60  Liquid copper stand with a little diode $20 Time Taken Apart!  Polymer clay flower with gear face My very own octopus given to me by a crewmate (check out V's Beads) and I gave her a home and a little hat.