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Figments and Filaments, 2014 April 24-27 - Costuming Convention Independence, KS



Emerald City Steampunk Expo, 2012  November 2-4th, Wichita, KS

Airships, merchants and mercenaries converged on The Hyatt in Wichita, KS for three days and two nights in full Steampunk regalia.  Even the hallway was all dressed up with props and tiny airship models, even a TARDIS!  Part of the hallway was dedicated to The Black Hearts Trading Co, who have the Airship Joker.  They took photos of Airships, and anyone who wanted to play aboard their creation . (Airship Noir taking over the Airship Joker.)  The Merchant room was filled with weapons, gear, getup , amour, tea(one of our Airship crew is a Tea creator), hats, and oddities.   I spent Friday inspecting the merchant offerings, oggling the outfits, being oggles in my own outfit, watching Roscoe & Red eat a lightbulb, and hammer nails up their nostrils, then watching Dr Who with shipmates till 1am in the Dr. Who room, having a drink... finally falling asleep.


I took photos on Saturday because that's when people dress up the brightest; they aren't just getting off work, or coming in from a long drive and there's the Costume Contest to look forward to.  I only took photos on Saturday because I didn't want to bog myself down with my camera and Saturday is the day to take photographs! 

Abney Park Question and Answer panel

Characters and Costumes                                                            

 Costume Contest                                                                     

Crazy Boy Coy                                                    

Abney Park Meet and Greet for some happy few event goers.  I was able to get my Expo poster signed by Erica and all the members of Abney Park.  They are all lovely and gracious.  

Saturday Concert:  Started out with Addisyn Madd    , Erica Unwoman Mulkey                           (there was some dancing to Waltz numbers    . Teaching my shipmates the box step was a highlight for me.) and then ABNEY PARK!!!!!                                                             (Unwoman played several numbers with Abney Park.)  One of my shipmates is an actual tournament dancer, so we did some Waltzes, Cha-Chas, a Push-Pull and I don't remember what else, because I've only been dancing several months and wow is he FAST.  However, I had a blast... and got a little dizzy.  But Erica complimented our dancing and said she loved looking over from the stage and seeing us Ballroom dance. 

          Got to meet Abney Park again after the concert and we AL got photos with them.  I had a friend take these for me with my camera.

(Josh Goering)                                                               (Captain Robert)                                              (Jody Ellen, Titus Munteanu, Dan Cederman, and Kristina Erickson) with Airship Noir

On Sunday, I went to a Monster Panel about the myths of monsters and what one might use to fight a mythical horror.  Watched some really amazing historical rapier and saber weapon dueling by Black Hearts Fencing with narration to the background and fighting style points.  Very well done.  Afterwards, many of us got into a new character for a Murder Mystery extravaganza.  I played a broken hearted saloon girl.  Others filled out the cast as bankers, card players, other saloon girls, merchants, possible vampires, suspected card cheaters, an unexpected time traveler that vindicated a murder suspect, and many plot twists. 

Let's see if I can find photos of my outfits: Friday     Saturday day wear Saturday evening wear  Sunday (for the Murder Myster) (can't you tell by just how SHOCKED I look?)


Seattle Xena Convention 2005 at the Renaissance Madison Hotel

Sunday the 15th of May, 2005


Today was a day of Steven Sears again, Adrienne Wilkinson and Paris Jefferson (on stage).  Steven was interesting and informational about the business again. Adrienne was adorable and Paris was the embodiment of fabulous. 

Steven talked about how Xena was perceived by networks, about the death of syndication and why, about ageism, sexism (ect) in network TV and that one can either change these things or just fight back and stand up for who you happen to be.  He was very realistic about how things work, but at the same time he wasn't complaining (which he said he couldn't really having been writing for 20 years).

Adrienne got up on stage and talked about her projects and her experiences of getting the part of Livia/Eve and her first day on set.  Apparently it was kinda scary because it was the last day of shooting the ep and she had to do a fight scene and literally turn around and make out with Kevin Smith.  He was (as I expected) a sweetheart and helped to make her feel relaxed.  And then she ended her time onstage with a short little hymn she knew because we asked her to sing! 

Paris came out and immediately set the audience rocking with laughter as she pulled out witty lines one after the other.  An incredibly interesting woman, she has started to move more into producer roles and professional photography (esp actors).  Lovely London accent as well.  (heehee)  Girl has no shame either which was awesome - she was making us laugh with stories of waxing, plucking pubic hair, having to do a naked part in a play and when asked if she was nervous when she went to her first convention she replied, "Yes, I was nervous the first time I had sex."  Classy lady. 

Got pictures with Adrienne as well!!!  Julie and I went to the back of the autograph line and asked Adrienne if I could get a photo with her - got two as it turned out!  (great big smile insert here)


After pictures with Adrienne the three of us ate and hung out, then about 10pm we walked over the the 5th St Theater again so Steph could try to get a Lucy autograph since she missed Saturday night.  A large SUV was sitting right in front of the door, so we weren't sure if she would sign, but I figured we should try and I was going to use my camera to get some video footage. Well, Lucy came out and started video taping all of us!  Then she signed for a few minutes which was really amazing.  I got it all on digital tape too.  Very happy. And Steph got her autograph ^_^






Saturday the 14th of May, 2005


Today entailed Katharine Fugate, Steven L. Sears (both writers for Xena and very credited and talented TV and screen writers in their own rights).  They were both very informational and gracious in their time on stage talking about the business.  Steven Sears actually gave a demonstration of 'how to write an Xena ep - he had 3 people come on stage (Steph was one of them) and with a white board he had them and the audience throw out ideas on how an ep involving Callisto arriving in present day New York would turn out and what would happen and why.  He shot down ideas, but always told us why and he set up the structure of how an ep is laid out as well.  It was really interesting and I really learned a lot.

There was a short break, and then we went back down to welcome Ms Renee O'Connor!!!!!!!!  Such a lovely woman.  She talked a little bit, but mostly she showed us clips from her new movie Diamonds and Guns.  An interesting movie about a Kiwi and an American who go to Vegas to find a husband for the Kiwi and hilarity, cross-communications, mob connections, food poisoning and love twine about in this adorable movie. She also showed us part of the pilot that may or may not become a movie or a regular tv series entitled One Weekend A Month about - you guessed it - a Reservist who is called up to active duty.  The kicker is, she has two kids and is a single mother.  It's intense the struggle she goes through to find someone to look after her children and it all takes place in the kitchen on the morning she gets the call.  Renee leaves, we applaud because she was so sweet and we love her.

Alright.  Then autographs for Katherine and Steven. yay

Desert and Dance gathering on the 2nd floor at 8pm.  Ice Cream, toppings and coffee.  Steve is there milling around, and after a while Katherine shows up as well. That's cool - love talking to them. Guess who shows up: Renee O'Connor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ::drool::  She then does karaoke with people!!!!  She did the Xena rap with Julie!! Sweetheart if I ever saw one.  Then Adrienne Wilkinson showed up!!!  She sang!  Then Steven hooked up his iPod and I got to dance with Renee and Adrienne !!!   Renee had to leave soon though to catch her flight.  The then the three of us went back to the Theater in the hopes of catching Lucy.  Well, I took a video of her coming out, Steph and Julie got some amazing stills and Julie and I both got her autographs on Xena photos!!!  HEAVEN!!!!!!  Damn, what a moment.  What a night.  How amazing is this day for me??  Words do not describe how amazed and elated I still am.  I was right next to Lucy Lawless!!  I danced with Renee O'Connor!!  wow oh wow.

Julie and I went back down to the dance where we mingled wit fans, got photos with Paris and Steve.  Found a fan with a full video of Julie and Renee doing the rap. Talked with Steven in depth.  Really nice guy.





Friday the 13th of May, 2005


Oh my stars in the deep blue sea of amazing, day was stellar in the life of the Xena Geek that I am.  To begin with, we (myself, Julie and Steph) came up to Seattle to the Madison Renaissance Hotel on Friday, to being our 10th Anniversary Xena Convention 2005 and proceeded to hang around, look at photos and watch music videos that were showing.  We gathered our Renee O'Connor autographed photo - Gold Seats baby! (because she wasn't signing at the Convention) Then after Sharon Delany (Xena club President) finished presenting the videos, we ate some little finger foods and en mass, walked over to the gorgeous 5th Street Theater to watch Ms Lucy Lawless in a musical rendition of Gentleman Prefer Blondes.  Wow Oh Wow.  Built in the 1930s, this theater has every nook and cranky gilded, painted, stenciled or full on relief. Dragons and phoenixes were everywhere.  Then the show started.  7 days rehearsal, full chores and orchestra - singing, dancing, props and all - the actors were brilliant in their performance.  Lucy was stunning as always and she looked like she was having lots of fun on stage.  We sat balcony center, a row back from the front row.  Good seats and good view.   I took pictures of the final bow (Lucy in the Blue Dress), but the balcony was literally shaking so hard from all the thunderous applause all my shots were also shaky. Afterwards we went around back in the hopes of getting an autograph, but Lucy has somewhere to be and so was gone about 2 seconds after she walked out the Stage Door.  Still, we did get to see her and that was cool.




RingCon March 2004 at the Hilton Hotel by Sea-Tac Airport



A three weekend event, I went on Sunday.  Not as many vendors as I was expecting, but I still picked up some pretty cool stuff from the vendors room.  Some wonderful art displays; I feel in love with one artist's work: Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

There were also workshops on armor, author work, but I didn't go to any of those.

There were many performers singing, dancing and turning magic tricks.  Saw a puppet show, which turned out to be more of an sleep deprived, sugar high of a production which entailed much laughter and some hysterical puppet gags. 

One of the highlights was definitely getting see and listen to Jed Brophy (Mr Hill was not able to make the Con as he had a project come up).  A comedic personality, he talked and told stories, tall tales and fell down a lot to help illustrate his stories.  He ended up played 10 characters in LotR - from Orcs, BlackRiders and even an Elf in one shot.  He did many horse shots, being an accomplished rider, so he told us stories about that, and about being an Orc and the makeup involved in becoming an Orc.  Lots of interaction with the audience, and so at the end I just had to go up and say 'hello'.  Happily they were selling pictures, so I got him to sign one for me.


Sci-Fi Convention Belleview, WA 2003    - 28th of February -2nd of March 2003

**by the way, Day #1 of these Convention the photos were taken by my friend Julie cause she had really good seats and she gave me lots of her extras.  Day #2 are my photos.


Ethan Phillips was on first.  He told many a bad joke.  Reminded me a great deal of Nelix, except more bawdy.

Robert Picardo was on second.  He read to us from his new book and sang a song from his new album. 


Robbie Duncan McNeill and Roxann Dawson!!!!!!  Dawson was the coolest on stage, so animated and funny.  Robbie was very cute, but much more quiet.   She talked a lot about her directing work and they talked and reminisced about their on-screen romance and how both Roxann and Robbie's wife were pregnant at the same time, so he never really got a break from pregnant women. They talked about some of the pranks that were played behind the scenes and then raffled off a Enterprise script for charity.


Afterwards I got a ticket to get Roxann's autograph (my friend Julie has gotten her picture taken with her as well an autograph just before me, so she took a picture of me getting Roxann's autograph - you can tell it's me by my hair).  Talked to Robbie a little, as he was sitting next to Roxann and not having anyone come over for autographs. 

Manu Intiraymi - Icheb on Voyager.  He took a playful dislike to the fan who came dressed as a Borg (an outfit which took him 7 years to make and it even makes his voice sound Borg!!!  It was the coolest fan outfit I've ever seen)

Shauna, Julie and I walked around the halls, looking at vendor stuff, chatting and getting our pictures taken with Trek characters like the Borg Twins and Dr. Chaotica.

There was a dance afterward that we (Julie, Shauna and I) VIPed into by Jeffery Combs cause he stopped to talk to us on him way in (for some reason).



DS9 people: Marc Alaimo -Gul Dukat, Casey Biggs - Damar, Jeffery Combs- Weyoun.   Jeffery talked about how he developed his character: manner of speech and so on and about his character not being slated for such a long running character, but everyone liked him so much writers found a way to bring him back.  Marc and Casey talked about getting into costume cause there were many questions from the audience wanting to know how long it took ect.  They were very cool up on stage.



Andy Hallett (Lorne from Angel) and James Leary (Clem from Buffy).  They spoke onstage for awhile.  Andy was telling stories about his character went though about 5 different color changes before green skin was decided on.  One of the first attempts that was tried apparently had Andy looking like a very scary looking red demon guy.  I caught up with James afterwards and got my picture taken with him. 

James Marsters was the finale and wow, he was so amazing.  He talked about being on the set of Buffy and doing a lot of his own stunt work and trying to take it like a stuntie (and succeeding pretty well, they started giving him tips after awhile).  He has quite a passion for plays and Shakespeare - he recited a monologue for us from Hamlet.  And he sang some of Rest in Peace from the Buffy Musical ep.  Told us about his band Ghost of the Robot. 


Bought a ticket for James' autograph, a very nice guy - shook just about everyone's hand I think and asked them how they were doing.  He had a looong line for autographs too.



RingCon March 2002 in Gig Harbor


Writers workshops, artist workshops and lots of music and dancing.  Heather Alexander, The Rivendell Players, Robin Hobb, Susan D Matthews, and some featured artist.  I went to as much as possible the day I was there - one of the featured artists at one of the Artist Workshops did this painting for me as I was the only one at his Workshop.  I feel bad I don't remember his first name - I lost the program and didn't write it down when I remembered it.



Xena Last Dance Pasadena, CA 2001

Had this amazing chance to go the Last Dance Pasadena Xena Convention (2001), so I dropped everything (or made arrangements to do so) and hopped on a plane with my friends and down we went. 


The pictures here are a combination of mine, my friends and some I've found on the net and I apologize for not giving credit because I have no idea where I found them now, but because I like the pictures so much I'm including them.




On Stage

Hudson Lieke came out to entertain and auction off her dress.  She also brought her parents up onstage for a minute.


Claire, Robert, Ted and Karl come out to talk and answer questions.

Tisanina (Varia) flexes her muscles - she used to compete and so has amazing muscles


There was late night performances by the stars.  Adrianne sang SHHH! by Bjork and Black Velvet.


Clair and Alex's XXX Cabaret in which they read a very funny fanfic of love and finally fullfilled passion ;p

  they were so cute.




Lucy and Renee on Stage (they get their own little section since they are why everyone CAME in the first place)




The Costume Contest with Ted judging




My friends and I at the Con





Getting Autographs with Bruce Campbell, Tsianina Joelson and Karl Urban,


Then these are the Autographs I got while I was there:




A 1998 Everet, WA Xena Convention hosted by Creation.  Ted Raimi was the main guest of the day.  I spoke briefly with him after the Con that day and got a picture with the two of us.  A very lovely man.



PNW Xena Fest  Renton, WA 1997

In 1997 I became part of the Pacific Northwest Xenites Fest group and together we put on a fabulous Xena Fest in Renton, WA.  The following year we put on another Fest up in Vancouver, BC.  These pictures are from the Renton Fest.  The photos that were taken at the Vancouver on were professionally done and I never received any copies.  It was a great fest with lots of tapestries, an Amazon Photo Booth, an SCA proformance, singing and lots of vendors in a really cool old tavern.




Looking at merchandise and playing Xena card game at Fest.  Fan-fic workshop.









Some of the Art show entries.



Caesar piņata being held by committee member Angela and the candy crazy following.



Julie, Ronda, and Rita presenting the proceeds from the raffle to the local Women's Shelter




After Fest dinner at Round Table Pizza  - Committee member Les features in middle picture



PNW Fest Committee 1997




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