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                    Monday the 8th of June, 2015


It's been a year since my last update -


New Zealand

My newest creation - a receiver/transmitter


  TeslaCon 2014 - Journey To The Center of the Earth

Christmas 2014

Planet ComiCon 2015

Thing A Day 2015

Figments and Filaments 2015

ConQuesT 2015 - meeting George R R Martin






                     Monday the 23rd of June, 2014



Neon Trees did a free concert at Power and Light on Friday June 20th - fantastic and awesome!!!!!!!!    I got fairly close to the stage.  Sam found out right before I got home from work and happily dropped that flower bomb on my head.  Then!  Sam and I saw our first Roller Derby game with Dana on her birthday! 



The Pharaoh Tutankhamun's replica tomb at the Kansas City Union Station - I know there are just SO many photos here, but it really just is that amazing.  (Went on Saturday the 21st)





Scottish Festival - Sunday June 15th 2014


Steampunk art exhibit at the JoCo gallery:  The Opening reception from at 10:00 am to 2:00pm on Saturday, June 14th.  I have a few pieces in the show.  =)

Photos from Katie Kaufman's post in The Art of Discovery: Steampunk



Jim Butcher "Skin Games" signing   - Unity Temple on The Plaza - June 1, 2014                        I made Jim a Steampunk version of Dresden's silver pentacle necklace.  YAY!!!!!


Figments and Filaments, 2014 April 24-27 - Costuming Convention Independence, KS

  More then a few of Airship Noir taught panels. One crew member was co-chair! 

Red Green at the Uptown Theater -


Emerald City Comicon



Planet ComiCon



The finished copper box! 




                                      Monday the 24th of February, 2014

Thing A Day continues

















                                      Monday the 17th of February, 2014


Doing February's Thing A Day this year.... this is what I have so far:


#1 Took a sheet of copper, a smaller sheet of brass, patinaed the copper with layer after layer of solution to build the colors and a solid patina, folded my copper, then folded, torched and hammered the brass, hole punched everything, and sewed it with together with copper wire.  Embellished with some gear cut outs, and added a chain so I could hang it on my wall.  It is now hanging in my kitchen as a useful holder – Steampunk Style.


#2 Strips of brass, cleaned, gear pattern drawn and etched, patinaed with flame, metal folded for 8-sided goggles – one inch overlap for stability.  Sides add additional stability when worn.  Mesh folded, sniped, shaped, and formed.  Sides curled to prevent sharp points from sticking out.   Holes punched for riveting, and cord later on.  Riveted everything in place with brads and washers. Added waxed cotton cord for comfort when wearing and then inserted the nose piece.  Riveted first straps onto sides, then added as needed to fit my head.  More can be added so goggles can be worn by different people, or worn on a hat.

#3 Folded metal sheeting, cut shapes, hammered to desired form, flamed, unfolded, shaped, riveted.

#4 Built plywood skeleton, riveted copper sheets together, pasted cloth to interior (bottom and sides), formed copper to skeleton, shaped sides to fit snugly, rubbed Inca Gold and African Bronze wax onto surface for more depth (waited 10 minutes and buffed).

#5  Took an antique tin lampshade, trimmed off pieces I decided I didn’t want, hammered, sniped, hand filed.  Then took a sheet of copper I had patinaed with salt and vinegar, cut out the shape of what I had for the tin overlay, filed the edges, punched by holes and riveted everything in place.  Next I riveted my links, placed my chain, and attached my clasp.


#6  More leaves.


#7  This is the first copper coin etching I’ve done.  It’s supposed to be Ocean Waves.


#8  My second attempt at coin etching.  Since I fly the The Airship Noir, I dedicated this coin to the Noir!


#9  Just a quick little sketch.


#10  Went over two coins I etched with a black patina – slowly bathing in the solution, rinsing and repeating to build up a solid patina.  Then I went over the etch to make a reversed silver/black contrast.



#11  Made with 72% and 82% Dark Chocolate chocolate bars.  Since I whipped the egg whites by hand (really need to invest in some electric gadgetry – GoodWill shopping!) this totally counts as my Thing today!

#12  New sketch and etch for today – Peacock with flowers.


#13  Plans to build a case to carry comics safely, and in steampunk style, to Conventions.  Here’s my blueprints – there’s going to be a 1/4 inch plywood inner support and a copper exterior.  I’ve been cutting plywood today.


So many things happening this year!!!!!!!!  Excited! 


                                      Wednesday the 5th of November, 2013



First we have Water Fire






Emerald City Steampunk Expo

I present to you, the misadventures of The Airship Noir, and some of her crew.  I am Sydney Stirling, of the House Dirigible, Second Mate of the Noir.  We scoured the byways and dark alleyway, looking for those we might trade with be it goods or infomation.            Onward we searched.  Not resting till we felt all options had been weighted and tested.  We found some wondrous objects from far off lands; crafted with care and cunning.   We fought several battles to win our way though the streets.  Fighting with the weapon closest at hand: our trusty parasols.

A brief respite to admire outfits fair and fantastical   .   After the feast for our eyes, we could not turn back till our ears had had their fill.  Clearly Guilty

The Cog is Dead



(And at the end of it all, we even had to solve a Murder!)





                                   Sunday the 18th of August, 2013


Saturday I went to my first ever Anime Convention (Motaku Con) to deal Blackjack in a Steampunk Style Casino Room.  There had been a Steampunk Tea service earlier in the day and I made several vases of Gear Flowers that also sat in for the Casino room.    At the time I also had a bunch of little blue LEDs in each vase to make them glow.  I took them out afterwards so they wouldn't run out of battery and I could use them again. 


Here's my Library Room at the moment - later on framed/matted artwork will go up, but the artwork has to get framed and matted first.

  First there is Non-Fiction/Language/Text Books Then Fiction.  Next to it, Poetry/Plays/Children's/Mystery Fiction Mystery Fiction continues/Fantasy Fiction is next Last is Science Fiction Fantasy/Comics/Religion/Philosophy/Art




                                    Thursday the 15th of August, 2013


New job started last week -- back in the health insurance world. ^_^  I'm at a Call Center where people call me.


  This is what I did the night before I started.  Training starts at 6am and my brain does not like that, I couldn't sleep so I just started repainting her.  Lots of little details I've been stewing over and I just went nuts!

Sam came to my Family Day about two weeks back.  I like these photos. 



                                      Tuesday the 2nd of July, 2013


  Wow, we look so amazing!          Our Airship Noir Maker table also won a Blue Ribbon for awesome!     You can make our that dirigible looking object under the flag?  That's us.       ^_^



                                         Thursday the 27th of June, 2013


  New painting - went to one of Lacey Lewis's workshops. 

New Steampunk Gallery on my Artwork page.  Also revamping my ETSY site so that it will only be Steampunk items (mostly metal riveted pieces)





Two local radio stations feature interviews about Maker Faire

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Jenna 012Jenna Tomlin is a Kansas City-based artist, jeweler and steampunk visionary. Tomlin recently gave an interview about the project she’ll bring to this year’s Maker Faire.

Listen to this one minute interview, which was broadcast on Mix 93.3.


Read more about Jenna and Airship Noir at her blog or visit her website to see her creations.




Luis Rodriquez is Union Station’s Process and Programming Specialist and the producer of Maker Faire: Kansas City.

Rodriquez was recently interviewed on Hot 103 Jamz about Maker Faire: Kansas City. Listen to his three minute interview!


    -- Ink Magazine featured several members of my Steampunk group, Airship Noir including me!



Introducing the innovators of Maker Faire

Kansas City’s third Maker Faire at Union Station brings together art, science, technology and inventions from across the country.

Tim Engle, Ink        June 25




Bob Spangler, a steampunk enthusiast with the group Steamship Noir. This weekend group will be at Union Station, site of the Maker Faire, a festival for invention and creativity,.

The organizers of Kansas City’s third annual Maker Faire want to make one thing clear: It’s not a craft show!

But what is it?

“They say it’s like a county fair and a science fair mixed together,” says Luis Rodriguez, producer of the event, which will take over the inside and outside of Union Station this weekend. More than 300 “makers” will be participating: inventors, artists, robot builders, scientists, urban gardeners, tech enthusiasts and yes, even crafters — in general, DIYers of all stripes and all ages.

The “festival of invention and creativity” is more show-and-tell than buy-and-sell, Rodriguez says. One question on the makers application: “Do you have a hands-on activity for attendees?” Interaction is important. Just handing out brochures won’t cut it.

Maker Faire Kansas City will spotlight some maker acts from around the country, including ArcAttack, which uses bolts of lightning to make music; EepyBird, the guys who do experiments with soda and Mentos; and the Power Racing Series, with souped-up electric kids’ cars competing on a track. But the real stars are the garage-tinkerers next door. Meet a few of them here.


DAVID EULITT --  Jenna Tomlin, a steampunk enthusiast with the group Steamship Noir. This weekend he group will be at Union Station, site of the Maker Faire, a festival for invention and creativity.

Maker: Jenna Tomlin, 34, an Overland Park artist

At Maker Faire: She’ll be aboard Airship Noir — figuratively, anyway. That’s a local group of steampunk aficionados (

Time out for definitions: Steampunk is a re-imagining of the Victorian era. It’s a subgenre of science fiction, but “steampunks” don’t have to be fans of alternate-history lit to embrace the 19th-century look. You often find steampunks/steampunkers donning goggles or fancy face masks to avoid the coal dust and burning embers in the air. Yep. Sometimes they give their modern-day electronic gadgets an 1800s makeover.

Back to Maker Faire: Tomlin and friends will demonstrate acid etching on tiny copper disks. (Copper and brass are big in steampunk circles.) Visitors can make their own designs. The Airship crew will also show how to give something a copper coating using a battery, salt and vinegar.

Hot in the city (of London): Back in the days of steam power, corsets were strictly undergarments, but steampunk style is to let corsets and bloomers show. And hats are back in vogue. (Airship Noir’s “steamstress,” Celine Collins, makes and sells steampunk fashions at Monkey Wrench clothing, 1214 McGee St.)

Quoteworthy: “By and large, steampunkers are a culture of people who make stuff. We make our gear, we invent gadgets, we ask ‘what if?’ a lot and then try to make it happen.”

Maker Faire in one word: “Creativity.”


DAVID EULITT --  Hana Spangler, part of a duo with her sister as a pair of mad scientists.

Maker: Hana Spangler, 19, of Overland Park, who’s studying theater and history at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa

At Maker Faire: Hana’s dad, Bob Spangler (seen on the cover), introduced her and 16-year-old sister Marta to the world of steampunk, but what the sibs do at Maker Faire could probably be termed performance art. Hana plays a scientist in the vein of Dr. Frankenstein (Marta is the lab assistant she created). The girls recruit passersby to sit in their chair as they pretend to perform experiments, and at some point the victim gets a jolt. Nothing harmful. Last year they had a Jacob’s ladder-type contraption enclosed in Plexiglas. A spark jumps across two antenna-looking things.

“All it does is give them a fright,” Hana says. “People take pictures and I send them on their merry way.”

Talk the talk: Oh, and Hana speaks with a pseudo-Russian accent. Her character’s name: Yekaterina Maksimova.

Quoteworthy: “It’s really cool for us all to be in the same place and exchanging ideas like this. It’s just a great mix of lots of different kinds of making.”

Maker Faire in one word: “Universal,” because we’re all makers of one kind or another.


Maker Faire will be from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday at Union Station, Pershing Road and Main Street. Get tickets online at or at the station. A one-day pass is $10 for adults; $7 for kids 12 and younger. Weekend pass: $17.50 for adults, $12.50 for kids. Family, group and Union Station member rates also available.

In addition to makers and demonstrations of all kinds, there will be live music and food trucks. Lowrider custom cars will be displayed on Pershing Road, which will be closed. Michaels will have a semitrailer truck with craft-making stations. Science City will offer activities for kids and families, including food demos in the test kitchen. Local and national speakers will be on a stage inside.

Find details and the schedule on the website.


Three floors below ground level at Union Station, photographer David Eulitt was thrilled by the visual possibilities of the grand old structure’s elevator pump room. The room is now just a display, but back in the day, the hydraulic pump systems — original to the 1914 train station — powered 67 elevators and the moving staircases that took travelers from the North Waiting Room down to the tracks.

Of the maker portraits you see in this issue, the image of Austin Feathers creating lightning was definitely the biggest challenge. For one thing, the bolts of lightning caused Eulitt’s strobe lights to flash on their own, willy-nilly. Plus there was the potential danger: 300,000 to 400,000 volts of electricity shooting out of the Tesla coil machine.

“This is why I don’t do wiring in my house,” Eulitt joked.


The first Maker Faire took place in the San Francisco area in 2006, and it’s still going strong. These days, the other flagship event is World Maker Faire New York, set for Sept. 21-22 in Queens. Kansas City is one of several cities that hold “featured” Maker Faires (so designated because they attract at least 200 makers). Our area has also hosted “Mini Maker Faires.”

Maker Faire is licensed by Maker Media, publisher of Make magazine, which features DIYtechnology projects.

The Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City brought Maker Faire to Union Station in 2011. The foundation, which views the event as a springboard for innovation, entrepreneurship and technology advances for the region, continues as a major sponsor.


                                           Sunday the 19th of May, 2013


Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 finished up this afternoon - I was there all Friday, Saturday and today immersed in just the most wonderful art and intensely amazing art people.  I'm still overloaded on the experience.  I deliberately did not take photographs, however, you can find much of the artwork online on the artist's websites.  Getting to gaze at some of Michael Whelan's images close up was a real treat for me this weekend.  I have loved SO many of his book covers since I was a child; not knowing they were all created by the same person at the time.  Oh, and then getting to meet Charles Vess - so cool!  Jeremy Bastian (Cursed Pirate Girl) and Brian Kesinger (Tea Girls) were two artists I have also followed and I was delighted at the chance to share my love of their works (and get some stuff signed).  So many other artists... so much love!... letting me (us) flip through your books, and talking to me, and just having fun.  Charles Vess did a wonderfully in-depth art history panel on sci-fi/fantasy art - probably the best art history class I've ever sat through. 



                                                Saturday the 27th of April, 2013

Last night -

                                                   Pre-Prom photos for actual Prom All Grown Up --- still a crazy mob of folk --- but this time we have better bands! Fitz & The Tantrums gave us some great music to Swing and boogy down to.  @ The Midland, Afentra's Prom (96.5 The Buzz)!  Our second year going.



                                                Monday the 8th of April, 2013


Saturday bunches of people when to Planet ComiCon in KCMO - used to take place in Overland Park, KS.  Now, it's bigger and well, more people attended.  I went and met up with Sam and some friends, and then a whole gaggle of other Steampunks.  We had fun ^_^

            Read and see more on my Comics Page.



                                               Monday the 25th of March, 2013


Another snow day!  Footpad prints of a very cute urchin kitten we feed.  Yeah, I know, I know.  Still gonna feed the urchin.  Not amused.  Mostly at the snow.  Mostly.  Some wild icicles.     There's a drip if you can catch it.      Snow lace.        Spring is technically here..      Ruby, however, is very amused at the snow fall. Cause she gets to snuggle up in a bed or a sofa after this.


                                                Friday, the 8th of March, 2013


Some past events: The Jim Butcher Author Talk and Signing was finally able to happen!  January 24th is was at 7pm, Unity Temple on the Plaza.   He recovered enough to make an appearance, talk and take questions and then sit and sign alllllll those books.  Someone gave him oranges to keep him healthy.  heh!  Nice.  I opted to wait for the very end of the line so I could get three books signed and a photo with me (Sam became my camera man).


It snowed and then it snowed again.  Snow Shark vs Snow Zombies   Because how could it be anything but? Calvin and Hobbes? Yeah.


The Steampunk Art Exhibit has been extended another month, so through March.


Another year attending ECCC - My blog of the weekend.


Sam and I celebrated one year by drinking hot chocolate and eating pie at Cozy's Cafe on Feb 25th. 


My birthday is Sunday.  Celebrations at the Teahouse.


                                               Sunday the 13th of January, 2013



Opening Night of Steampunk Exhibit More then I could have hoped for and more then I even dreamed about. Although, it was maybe about what my anxiety was imaging .... Lots of people, but amazing, wonderful people, packed The Teahouse & Coffeepot last night to receive the Steampunk Art Exhibit!


   My pieces (on left) with two of Fay Schievelbein's pieces       Also, if you are in need of awesome Steampunk (or Pinup) type clothes, you should go see my friend Celine Collins.  She owns Monkey Wrench Clothing (1214 McGee Kansas City, MO) - she also does custom work! Her mannequin is the redhead.                      Not the best photo I know, but I forgot to take another photo of Julie Summa's work!  She did the photo on the left and it's of some of the crew of Airship Noir.    My necklace on the top left, Fay's bottom left and Doug Bell's two pieces on the right.   Bob Spangler's mask and some work by our own Stephanie Del            Katie Kaufman with her costume - she did a full size version of a costume she designed and made for a stop motions pieces.  Automation      Bob Dorian with his antique medical kit - and he knows each and every instrument too. Brandon Schnur with his ceramic pieces - I love that I was able to have such a diversity with mediums for the show.    Randall Jessee with his piece - I love it!   Doug Bell with one of the six pieces he has in the show.  The one you see is the Joker in his Steampunk Card Deck series.  He made a deck of cards.  I have a set.  I'm also the Queen of Dirigibles      Joanna Shindler with gloves she knitted using almost invisible metal thread.  I want a pair...                   Ron James standing in front of his absolutely incredible Steampunk table with Fire Engine and metal Steampunk figure.  Oh, and he does not want to cart that table home, so it's very, very affordable everyone! It's amazing.    Vaska Basham of V's Beads next to her three pieces - everyone wants to take these home... and you can.  You can go out to The Teahouse and Coffeepot and buy them right now...                 I'm in the top hat... Fay Schievelbein next to another one of her pieces - inked and colored versions.  Beautiful work.                                             And many greetings from Airship Noir!  You should also check out our Facebook page and say hello if you get the mind to.          Katie (Kat) Kaufman giving her presentation on the history of Steampunk.  May Evens with her inspired mixed media piece.             A show for all ages                       Friends!   So many friends!               And so many new friends!!!               A murder of crows on the way out; they COVERED all the trees around the Teahouse.  You could hear gentle spats all around as more circled the dark skies looking for a tree perch.





The show is up through the end of February and then it comes down.  But while it's still up, you should go, have a cup of tea, a scone, a sandwich and just experience.


                                               Friday the 4th of January, 2013


In One Week and One Day...


A Steampunk Art Exhibit!

Experience a re-imagining of the Industrial Revolution where coal and steam retain supremacy, and history shaped itself around the Victorian Era...
...where women wear bustles, men wear top hats, and goggles are a fashionable—and practical—accessory.

I introduce to you: a wealth of art, re-imagined history, storytelling, invention, and intrigue!

Showing at:
The Teahouse and Coffeepot 
4309 Jefferson St., Kansas City, Missouri 64111

Opening Night: January 12th 2013
Reception from 3:00pm to 7:00pm
Exhibit through the end of February 2013

Featuring local creations from: Monkey Wrench Clothing (Celine Collins), V’s Beads ( Vaska Basham), Fay Schievelbein, Doug Bell, Katie Kaufman, Randall Jessee, Ron James, Stephanie Stevie Dal Porto, Shawn Carter, May Evans , Joanna Shindler, Julie Summa, Brandon Schnur, Bob Spangler, and your hostess and curator, Jenna Tomlin.

I want to promote community networking, so if you have any suggestions or ideas, please don't hesitate to message me!

Anyone is free to stop by the Teahouse and look around.
Venue website:


                                               Wednesday the 2nd of January, 2013

Chicago for the 2012-2013 New Year

In somewhat of a Harry Dresden tour of Chicago... This idea was mostly inspired by the novel Dead Beat by Jim Butcher where Harry, the only wizard for hire in the Chicago yellow pages, turns the skeleton of Sue the T. Rex (housed in The Field Museum) into a resurrected zombie dinosaur to run the streets of Chicago and fight the bad guys.  It's spectacular.  So from there, my thoughts went to, what other places in Chicago are specifically mentioned in the Dresden Files books.... We tried to go to some of them and meet the places Jim and Harry went to in their slightly alternate Chicago.  It was cold, but we had a great time.  I was cold.  Sam not so much.



Sam took me to Chicago for New Year's

Check out the rest on my Travel Page...



                                               Sunday the 9th of December, 2012


Tea Party at Runaway Pony B&B in Lawrence, KS

With Teacup and Saucer in hand, 
We dipped, and we bowed, and chatted by and by,
Till all the nibbles were gone, Alas!
The sky outside had turned from bright cheery light, to dark ruddy dusk; 
With great sighs we said our goodbyes till the next time we gather again.

                    Scrumptious tea and treats served up for Steamy Ladies and Gents...   Lovely new people met...                                                      Devious plans made...                     Much cheer was had!  The Airship Noir crew (well, a pretty good number of them anyway.)




                                                Saturday the 3rd of November, 2012


 Emerald City Steampunk Expo 2012 ...

Once upon a time, not that long ago,

there was a great voyage across the Void to meet up with other Airships.

Then, for three days and two nights, great revelry ensued.

Music, merchant trading, time travel recounting, cards, possible murder, and drinking.

Ah! What a time was had by all!

Bards will tell tales and legends will be told.

s                                                        Many character appeared before my lens; wandering here and there through rooms and vendors....  I would say, get all us gear-headed, steamy-hearted people together... ... and we are such a happy bunch.  More on Convention Page





                                                Sunday the 28th of October, 2012


I'm sure you haven't heard of External Combustion Orchestra; they are very local to Kansas City, but they are well worth a listen to, especially if you like Steampunk.  Music has many mentions of Airships and mechanical inventions.  It's fun music and even better to watch.

I have known of them for some time now and they had another house party last night.  Took Sam and ran into a bunch of friends.  Great way to start off the evening.


Then we drove over to The Plaza for Water Fire:

Listened to Blues and Opera with everyone else who was also trying to cozy up for warmth and be romantic at the same time, watched colorful, swirling spectacles of music and dance, and then after a time the pangs of dinner let themselves be known. 



                                                Wednesday the 24th of October, 2012


Have been taking dance lessons with Sam; I can now do East Coast Swing, Cha-Cha, Rumba, Waltz, Foxtrot, Salsa, Push-Pull, and a little bit of West Coast Swing. Now, I can attend a cocktail party and live up the dance floor! 


Carved out some pumpkins this week as well and several of us made a night of it.  Good times and lots of pumpkin slime!



Airship Noir meetings!


Dr Who themed wedding at the Kansas City Renaissance Faire!  Steampunk Day

We came out in force for the bride (River) and groom (The Doctor)  --- also Airship crew members ^_^


Finished a painting I've been working on for quite some time.

  She's called Alice Through the Looking Glass



I love my crew members!  We have such a blast together!!!!!  October 21st




Just a few days before, on the 19th, I had done another photo shoot for a friend, also in Steampunk:





                                           Wednesday the 25th of July, 2012


Went to see Addams Family at Starlight a few weekends ago.  We had a blast and I love that it was Sam's idea.  The wind had picked up just enough that it was cool and just enough cloud cover that we weren't baking.  The play was funny and witty.  The costumes were perfect and the backdrops/scenery was fabulous.  Loved the singing and dancing and the fabulous one liners. 



                                        Thursday the 5th of July, 2012


4th of July Fireworks: More on my Photo Page

Went to Corporate Woods on Overland Park, KS to see a nice big display.  Last year my firework plans derailed, so I was determined to see a display to shoot this year.


Last Friday I dressed up as Jane (as in Tarzan and Jane) for a friend to take reference shots so he can do Tarzan and Jane illustrations.  Sam had to work, so no gorilla in a, guy in a gorilla suit?  That was ok turns out, because there will be more sessions.  I only did three poses, but I like where this is going.  Next time I will take some snap shots of my own.


Makers Fair was June 24th and 25th with set up Friday.  I helped out at our Steampunk table on Sunday.  My group is called Airship Noir. 

I got scanned into a 3D model by this guy sitting down here. The green on his screen is me, and he's going to 3D print me out as a wine cork! 



                                    Sunday the 20th of May 2012


Sam's family has some land out in MO, so we went camping this weekend.  There was also some time on the 4 wheeler. 

  More on my Photography Page


May Model with Headdress sketch done May 12th


One of the radio stations I listen to puts on a prom every year (21+) and I easily convinced Sam to be my date.  He went in 20's garb and I did a modern black sequence dress with vintage fishnets.  80's music spun when bands weren't playing and Sam and I danced quite a bit of the night away.  There was Now Now Sleepyheads, A Silent Film, Dead Sara and The Smitherereens, Dead Sara was my favorite band of the night.  Screamed my lungs out.  Fantasic. 


 Afentra's 2nd Chance Prom for the BUZZ 96.5FM @ the Midland Theater - 04/28/2012



For my 33rd birthday, I had wanted to get a bunch of my friends together, but Saturday's are terrible for everyone as a rule, so Sam joined me for my breakfast celebration.  I choose The Classic Cookie, because I had never been there. 


Saturday, March 10th: While we waited for a table, Sam climbed a wall and since I had my camera to document the day, I had one of my first photos.  Yummy waffles for breakfast but before the waffles came a basket of cookies because it was our first time visiting.  And since it was my birthday, I got to choose a birthday cookie.  I asked for chocolate chip and out came a huge, soft, chewy chocolate chip cookie with a lit candle and everyone sang happy birthday to me. Next destination was The Nelson.  Hadn't been in awhile and I missed it.  Plus, I got to introduce Sam to some of my favorites and capture of images that sparked other ideas.  Then for dinner, my mom and dad took me to Macaroni Grill I asked if Sam would also be allowed to join us and the four of us went out.  Mom and I both were sung to, and got birthday desserts.  Sam and I scribbled on the paper table covering. 


                                Sunday the 4th of March, 2012


Back from the True/False Film Fest in Columbia, MO. What a weekend! So many exhilarating, joyful, despairing and wrenching documentary experiences packed into a few short days. And some fabulous busking entertainers! Wow!! Pearl and The Beard, Cindy Woolf and Todd Day Wait's Pigpen were my three favorite musical performers. The film about San Diego ComicCon 2010 was one of my top squee so happy to see films. I had thought it was about the year I was there (last year) but sadly, no. However, I heard about many of the things that had gone on and it was beautiful. Going Up The Stairs was also one of my top films. It came with 2 shorts before it; one about Pluto getting demoted and the other about how love shows up on MRIs. I left that theater elated.



Lea Sixx and Ruby von Blush short pose at The Aether Beggar's Carnival at Davey's Uptown: Saturday Feb 25th

(Also a bonus was being asked to dance and finding out that the guy is brilliantly awesome as well as super cute and discovering right away that we clicked.  Yeah, I'm happy.)


Designed a corset and vest - having Celine from Monkey Wrench Clothing bring them to life for me.  (Photos by Celine Collins)

  vest nearing done.  Prototype of corset.  Mine is going to be a Coal Blue/Black and Turquoise


Had lots of fun at Nica's 320 on Feb 18th with Jamie for a KCSOB (Kansas City Society of Burlesque) show. It's always a better night when lovely ladies are taking off articles of clothes, singing and just generally having fun.


  Long pose sketch done at Red Door Studio on Feb 11th 2012


I LOVE it when Doug Bell uses me for Steampunk inspiration.  It's called "Twins of Passage"  Photo ambushed at River Market  Christmas Family Time.


Sci-Fi Spectacular with George Takei

Saturday, January 28, 2012 8:00PM
Helzberg Hall (Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts)

"Join guest conductor Jack Everly of the Indianapolis Symphony on a journey through space and time. Travel to the edge of the universe with music from the biggest and best science fiction TV shows and movies, including Avatar, Star Wars and 2001: A Space Odyssey. Special guest George Takei (Sulu from Star Trek) provides dramatic narration…oh my! A fantastic laser light show and a performance by members of the Kansas City Symphony Chorus add to the far-out fun."

-It's was really that wonderful.  Takei only came out twice though.  Once to introduce himself and chat with the conductor and then again to deliver the final monologue from The Day the Earth Stood Still.   We sat in the coral section and were able to look down into the orchestra.  The music was fantastic and just plain made me delighted.  But then it was a sci-fi theme music heaven that night.  Jack Everly was so much fun to watch; brimming over with enthusiasm and energy.  The lasers added just enough to have you eye be slightly distracted without overdoing anything.  Yup.  Fantastic night.  Great venue.


                                Sunday the 8th of January, 2012


First sketch of the new year done at the new location of Red Door Studio

  Netted Fascinator Semi Nude



                               Saturday the 24th of December, 2011


More training, more tests, more laundry and not quite as much creativity as I would like, but I'll get back to it once I can.  There were some lovely creative outlets though, Steampunk Circus at Davey's Uptown a few weeks ago and on the 17th there was a fun Longest Night (early) celebration with a Steampunk theme. 





                                Monday the 28th of November, 2011

New stuff:  After a whirlwind of training and intense study, I became licensed as a Health Agent in Kansas and New Jersey, learned basic Medicare, became a Senior Salesperson for Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey for Harte-Hanks and consulted with people all day over the phone about Medicare and their Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans.  Actually, once I got over the quiet panic, the job was straight forward and decently rewarding.  Left that position for a government seasonal position and now I'm in training again.  I've never been tested so much in my life.  This is my second week in for that, and so far, so good.



Short Pose Thanksgiving Burlesque Theme            Long Pose Nude done in white



Kauffman Center of Performing Arts opening weekend (Sunday) September 18th 2011



WaterFire 2011 - 22nd of October



KC Ren Fest 2011







                                                               Wednesday the 7th of September, 2011


                                new drawings





                                                              Monday the 22nd of August, 2011




Friday evening was spent in Lawrence, KS at the Lawrence Buskerfest - Lacey, Shannon and I watch Mama Lou Strongwoman, Jason Divad and Bobby Maverick perform while I attempted to shoot some interesting photographs of them at their craft.  More Photographs


                                                                   Thursday the 18th of August, 2011


Updated my Photography Page from First Friday this month.  Some amazing displays of physical prowess from some extremely lovely ladies.




                                                                  Wednesday the 17th of August, 2011


Working on some new steampunk goggles.  Also, finished my San Diego ComicCon International review!!!!  It's long and involved.  Hopefully, worth the wait!


                                                                   Thursday the 11th of August, 2011


Ryan came with us to a family gathering; We had a great time and my cousin Shannon took some wonderful photos of me and Ryan.  I really love the one where it looks like we have our own sign language!


Some new drawings!



Am doing the Mission, KS Art Walk this Friday.  Did it last month too - didn't sell anything, but did generate some interest.  I hope. 


Also sat for a long pose at Red Door Studio in one of my Steampunk outfits ^_^


Doug Bell's                        Lacey Lewis's



                                                                   Thursday the 29th of July, 2011


ooooo.  There's a LOT of catching up to do!


Got back from twelve days in sunny California visiting one of my best friends and going to my very first San Diego Comic Con International pop cultural extravaganza.  Review should be up soon....... in the meantime, there are photos of Santa Monica and LACMA and Huntington Gardens!!

Santa Monica..... More on my Travel Page!

             LACMA.....More on my Travel Page!




Some new Steampunk Goggles I made.  Two of them are for sale at Rock Candy Boutique down on 39th St in KCMO. 




My 4th of July --> Sparklers and Poppers and neighbors Black Cats oh my! We are proud American Dorks Except Lacey is just to cute and adorable for words, so I took a photo.  Seems to do better at capturing her awesomeness and poise. We ran out of things that went boom and pop Some fireworks from a distance.


Good Sunset from, I think, the 26th of June

Went to the Nelson with Ryan after the Car show on the 26th.  Had lots of fun poking around rooms, visiting favorite pieces, discovering new pieces on display and walking the grounds, plus a really good lunch at Rozzelle Court.


Art of the Car Concours 5th Annual at the Kansas City Art Institute 2011 Sunday, June 26

More on my Photography Page!

  More on my Photography Page

Saturday the 25th of June - What I saw that day. 



Full moon for June


One of the BBQ grills we came across - one of the best designs I have ever seen for a grill.

BBQ Fest in the afternoon light  BBQ Fest at night


June 24th

The Great Annual Lenexa, KS BBQ Festival - this is the day before the big BBQ judging showdown where all the participants are allowed to invite whomever they want for their private party/chow session.  I met Ryan's Uncle Tom and Aunt Suzy as well as his cousin Zack and his partner and their child.  Ryan's Uncle and two other guys enter this event and have done so for so many years that they have the number three spot at the Festival.  ALSO, I ran into my first Japanese language sensei from High School when I went to The Center for International Studies!!!  Surreal and awesome.  There was lots of food, and lots of veggies and fruit.  Ryan even brought some black bean burgers so I could load up like everyone else.  Wonderful spread.





                                                                   Saturday the 11th of June, 2011



Went to the first Central MO Airship Pirate Festival with Doug on the 10th and Friday was Steampunk day.  It was .... small, and granted they had a tornado touch down on the site two weeks before open so there was mad rebuilding, but I'm thinking it needs a few years to mature and develop their props, entertainment, landscaping, structures and there was a need for more shade.  But it was a good reason to dress up and hop in the car with Dougbuddy for an adventure into the unknown. 


(no idea what those are)



First Friday Art Walk for June:


Lacey had a showing a Hilliard Gallery


Walked around Crossroads with Jamie (and Dan for a little bit)


ooooo Zombie Walk!!!! for Hunger (heh heh heh)

She was the one who was (I guess) herding the zombies and keeping them walking... Arts Incubator building


oooooo yay!




Pib might be 9 month old puppy, but he is very much still a puppy.


There were bees at the River Market Farmers Market!  Love bees.

From the Steamboat Arabia


Took Buddy dog to Loose park - he went to his favorite squirrelly park 4 or 5 times his last week and a half.  I went out with them several times, and we arrived at dusk so the heat of the day would be gone and then Buddy would pick a spot, we would spread out the towel, he would sprawl out of the grass and munch a tennis ball and the three of us would stargaze and watch the bats flit about.  Really beautiful.  RIP Buddy dog.  



May 28th was Drew and Ashley's wedding, so my mother and I drove down to Derby, KS and spent the weekend with family and new family!  The wedding was small and really nice and the reception was a blast.  Much dancing by just about everyone!                                                           


                                                                    Monday the 16th of May, 2011


Hammond loves his bird watching.  And so do we....

Food Fight!!!! and the winners are....


Ruby!!! The newest member of our house.  She adopted us about 2 weeks ago from 3 years of no home in the woods.  While many have been feeding her over the years, I think what really won her trust and interest was Holmes the Cat taking a walk over with my mom during several trips over to bring food.  Several months of slowly coming closer, taking treats from her hand and allowing a touch finally culminated in her accepting a collar and leash and coming into the house.  3 days after that, she decided she was adopting us and became the perfect house dog!  She's had a bath, been brushed, been to the vet and has made herself a nest on the sofa.  She loves to play, talk, have her belly rubbed, cheese, be hugged, knows all the basic commands and is house broken.  She likes the cats and the cats don't seem to mind her.  Amazing.



                                                                    Sunday the 15th of May, 2011


Last few weeks had a family emergency on my Aunt Jayme's side, and me staying with Carmen a few days to help her out; we tuned into CNN to watch President Barak Obama tell us Bin Laden was dead....


First Friday Art Walk was lots of fun - and many people commented on my outfit, especially my big white Kentucky Derby Hat.  Watched the horses race later that weekend too! (on TV of course)  Very exciting.


Ryan met my dad last Saturday - I invited them to meet over Farmer's Market shopping and coffee.  Since my dad and I go to Farmer's Market and have a latte nearly every Saturday, I had a spur of the moment thought of just having Ryan come with me to meet up with my dad and it worked out wonderfully. 


<--Male Nude Reclining Sketch done last night at Red Door after Lacey and I went out to Retro Vixen Boutique, Rock Candy Boutique and then over to Mud Pie Coffeehouse and Bakery.  There's a feather hat I'm still dreaming about that lives at the Rock Candy Boutique.  Lacey rocked that hat as well...


I'm working on some steampunk goggles that will go up for sale at some point


And we were adopted by a stray dog that my mom has been feeding for the past year.  Her new name is Ruby and she's had a bath, many brushings, has had a veterinary exam, and really likes being a house dog now with humans and cats about.

Ruby made herself a nest on the sofa for an afternoon nap Thursday.


The birdfeeder we put up outside the window for Hammond's birdwatching pleasure is now has a waiting line to get to the perches.  Sometimes it's up to 6 or 7 birds in line perched on the tops of bushes, or the top of the feeder.  Hungry or impatient individuals will come right up to a current diner and tell them to vacate their table because they are taking too long!  However, Hammond thinks the drama is fabulous and wants more wing flapping.



                                                                    Friday the 29th of April, 2011


After all the rain and gray, the sun is out and the wind is blowing blossom breezes. Went outside to dry my hair and take some photos.  My goal was to find a bumblebee and after some searching, I found my bumblebee, but I also found some other cool guys along the way!


I found a wasp, two ladybugs not a foot from each other on the same bush and a bumblebee - also discovered a cool little spider in my frame at one point and the last photo is my favorite.  It has the spider and the bee in the same frame and they both look great.


This is the birdfeeder we put up for Hammond to bird watch.  It's also brought in chipmunks too, which he loves to watch.  Right there he's asking if he can come outside too. 


         Sketch I did on the 16th of April        Sketch I did on the 23rd of April


Also got my hair cut last Friday ^_^ and Sunday visited family for Easter.  Had a great time with everyone!

(Linda took this photo here)



                                                                    Tuesday the 12th of April, 2011


Re-tooled my esty site with new photos of the pieces and new modeling shots

--> Photography Page

---> Jewelry Page


And, hey.  While you're at it, go to my esty page!


New sketch from A Red Door session on Saturday -->    Drawing Page


Took Hammond outside the other day because it was so nice.  He loves the bushes and the new day lily plant that's coming up.  He also loves dandelions -->



                                                                    Monday the 4rd of April, 2011


This is how I spent my Sunday evening:

(This is Pib.  He's a funny little puppy that Ryan found and brought home month's ago.  I had fun taking his photo.)

I went to Dr Sketchy's to do some sketching and took some photos for future reference.  And yes, Annie Cherry is wearing a beard.  There was a great storm brewing and I took some photos of it coming in as I was leaving.  You can see the rain coming down over the light pole once it got started. 



                                                        Saturday the 2nd of April, 2011


First Friday Art Walk last night at the Crossroads MO:

(this is Ryan here pointing to the sign)



                                        Sunday the 27th of March, 2011


I love my friends.

I invited 6 of my close friends out to High Tea at The Teahouse & Coffeepot to celebrate birthdays and my belated birthday especially.  I wanted to give everyone an experience and it turned into five hours of awesome.  We each ordered a different kind of tea and tried each other's tea and exclaimed over the subtleties, aromas and transported thoughts with each cup.  Dreams were shared, monsters discussed, cat stories enacted, group photos taken.  It was the kind of perfect afternoon I could have hoped for and never imagined because it has to be spontaneous.  I'd been planning the event for a little over two weeks - the first part was just dreaming up where I wanted to gather my friends and I hit upon the idea of Tea and made sure everyone was free.  The second part after reservations were made, was my desire to have everyone take home something that would be unique to them and be associated with what I hoped would be a wonderful experience gift as well.  I decided I wanted to make Steampunk Goggles for everyone because I wanted to make some for myself as well.  I spent long hours over polymer clay details, had nightmares about no one showing up, found out my Facebook invites hadn't gone out like they were supposed to, and general excitement all week about how great it could be if things worked out.  Well, things worked out and not only was the tea fabulous and overwhelming, but the finger food was lovely and the many courses were satisfying and I had to leave the last two bites of my rich Chocolate Guinness cake slice uneaten because I was so full of tea and food that nothing more would fit.  I drove home with snow falling lighting, feeling satiated and wonderfully content, thinking how pretty the snow made everything look. 


So with each pair of goggles, there was a place card to denote what association I made with each person that in turn inspired the theme of their goggles:

Steve: His Fish Pants.  Cobalt blue pants with salmon all over them.  Horrible.  I had to redeem the fish theme.  Now there's Steampunk Fish and they are awesome.

Ryan:  Bridges.  He loves bridges and so I tried to recreate something that looked vaguely like the Manhattan Bridge.  Since he's Roman Catholic, he also has a cross over his bridge. 

Mine - no theme, just things I've been eyeballing to incorporate and now the goggles live on my hat.

Lacey: Rationality.  She makes lists of pros and cons and thinks things over before making her decisions.  To that end she has a Steampunk Squid and Octopus on her goggles.  I love these guys.  I think they turned out perfect.

Jamie: Art Nouveau.  She's made some pretty incredible pieces lately in this style and having swirls of color seemed like the right thing for her.  Plus I love the little metal bits sticking up all over.

Doug: Steampunk Art.  His new Steampunk cards are the stuff of legends. 

Derek: Dice.  Dice, games, and more dice.  I love it.  Not as many dice as Wil Wheaton, but the man has dice.



I love Jamie sneaking up from behind the railings!  She does great faces -->

So here we have from top left to right Me, Ryan, Jamie and Steve.  Bottom left to right is Lacey, Derek and Doug.


Group photo taken first with no goggles on.


Our tea table complete with Strawberry Shortcake Happy Birthday balloon from Lacey.  ^_^


And then on Thursday, I read some poetry out loud to an audience for the first time ever.  It went really well too.




                                        Monday the 21st of March, 2011


Saturday sketch.  Struggled with this one.  I just don't feel like I captured him correctly.... it's ok. 


Met Ryan at Roselle Court yesterday for lunch and afterward and we spent the day walking around the museum and Loose Park.  Perfect weather. 


reflecting pool out front of the Nelson-Atkins Museum

We heard applause, walked though some side doors and found ourselves watching a Meet the Past with Crosby Kemper III in conversation with an actor playing the role of George Caleb Bingham, whose paintings of Missouri and the American frontier have earned him a reputation as one of America’s greatest genre painters of the 19th century. It was the 200th anniversary of Bingham’s birthday.  We studied some of Bingham's ink wash studies afterward and walked around the museum some. 


The weather was so amazingly perfect.  We took a walk around towards Loose Park from Spin Pizzeria. 

When we arrived, there were several kites flying and I asked a little girl, her older brother and father if I could photograph their kite.  I showed them the photo afterwards and the little girl, who I think was maybe 4 years old, fell in love with my camera and by extension me because I let her look through the lens and shoot off some photos of her dad, whatever else was in the lens and a few of Ryan.  20-25 photos later, we said goodbye, and then found a place to go though her photos.  I kept one because I kinda like it, but the rest were deleted. 

Her dad.  He now has to deal with a 4 year old who wants a camera ^_^

We found a little community garden and sat there for awhile on a really great bench that was just a cross cut of a tree; bark and everything.



                                        Wednesday the 16th of March, 2011


Drawing from Saturday is now up. 


Gem and Mineral Show on Saturday with Linda was fun and I bought a few items to incorporate into my current stash.  However,

I was NOT expecting this. -->  That was so much fun.


Love this.  Fossil of a flexible filter feeder from the Osagean Stage (Early Mississippian 359 to 318 million years ago) called a Onychocrinus exculptus


Moon from last night The Ides of March Moon!  It went well with the pizza and beer ^_^


Now I have to figure out what I have that's green to wear for tomorrow....



                                        Thursday the 10th of March, 2011


My 2011 Emerald City Comicon report is now up on my Comic Convention Page


It's also MY BIRTHDAY!!!! 


                                        Wednesday the 9th of March, 2011


  Seattle (Sunday the 6th) at night hanging out with Jennifer after drinks at Hard Rock Cafe and heading to Gameworks for another drink ^_^


                                        Tuesday the 8th of March, 2011


Seattle is awesome as per usual and the 2011 Emerald City Comicon was awesomeness squared.  I stayed at The Paramount Hotel which was a really great choice this year.  The view was more more surreal then a view of the city, but as I quite enjoy Seattle architecture, I dug it.


My first day in on Thursday (Comicon started Friday), after I had de-stressed from the flight and luggage carry, I walked down to Pike's Place for comics and a my favorite piroshky shop.  The precipitation went from drizzle (normal and whatever) to windy and rainy (can still deal with it ok, just pull up the hood on my hoodie) to full force gale and torrential downpour in the space of 5 blocks (run and duck for cover!!!).  Gave that five minutes and then hightailed it down to Pike's Place where I dripped my way down to Golden Age to see what they had that I didn't.  Found two items on my list, got it double plastic bagged, talked to the Low Flying Fish guys for a minute, took some fog and rain photographs of the Bay and Pike's Place

                                  (including the rock star mannequin I've enjoyed over the years on her balcony) and walked over to Piroshky Piroshky where my drenched look was declared quite dramatic.  That kept up my spirits as I walked back to my room for heat, coffee and dinner.         




                                        Sunday the 27th of February, 2011


Had a good evening yesterday doing a sketch at Red Door Studio.  Model was interesting and the foreshorting was a good challenge.

Afterward, Lacey showed me and Doug the inside of her new house!!!!  whoohoo!  I'm excited for porch picnics and game nights over at the new place.   Then Lacey and I binged a little at IHOP on blueberry and nut pancakes and caught up on our girl talk.


I'm almost done packing for Thursday.  Bought 2 new long sleeved shirts and discovered last night that with every deep-ish breath the top button, de-buttoned itself. Talk about busting out.  sheesh.  Luckily for my wardrobe malfunction there was a safety pin around.  I'm going to try to find a large brass button to take its place and it call it a focal button.



                                        Wednesday the 23rd of February, 2011


Finally put up photos of new jewelry pieces on my Jewelry Page.  I actually have a few more that need to be photographed, but these will do for now



                                        Sunday the 20th of February, 2011


New sketch from last night at Red Door Studio


My plan for tonight is Dr Sketchy's, and maybe some new ideas for some industrial looking jewelry pieces.  The cats, meanwhile, are beyond thrilled at the current clime and open windows.  I hear there's supposed to be a 20 degree drop in temp here soon, but I'm going to enjoy this little bit of delight as long as possible. 


Thursday I went to a Poetry Slam at Vala Gallery.  I think they have this event once a month right before the full moon.... anyway, I'm being encouraged to read some of my poetry out loud now.  I've haven't written a poem in quite awhile, and I feel a bit out of sorts just thinking about getting up in front of real people and presenting something I'm very rusty at.  I know they won't laugh, and it will all be very encouraging, but I don't feel like a poet even though I love words and language and putting words together.  I don't know what to write about anymore.  But, maybe next month, I'll suck it up and read one of my old poems anyway and see how it feels. 



                                        Sunday the 13th of February, 2011


Most Awesomeness of news!  My friend Doug Bell included me in his new Steampunk cards!  My likeness is to be found on The House of Dirigibles: The Queen of Dirigibles

!!!!!!!!!!!!! (the link will take you to the specific page on his site so you can read more about the card)  ^_^   ------> this is my photo that, I think, he looked at for some inspiration. 


                                        Saturday the 12th of February, 2011


Spotted Orion's Belt in the sky when I got home from Red Door Studio, and the moon looked quite nice, so I shot a quick photo:

New sketch from tonight:


I've been working on some new beading projects and teaching myself some new skills.  I'm pretty happy with some of my new creations.  I'll be photographing them soon.


                                        Tuesday the 1st of February, 2011


Snow Day.  Again.  There will be another one tomorrow too.  Wind and crystals of fluffy dots are flowing in a pattern of randomness and cold.  Everything is the same color, bright gray, except where isn't isn't quite.  I can see where the currents are forming and when a blast takes hold; there is an explosion of soft white.  It slowly dissipates in the beat of an eye. 


                                         Monday the 31st of January, 2011


Well, a bit of a sneeze and cough is being had, so week 2 of my sketch didn't happen for me on Saturday; not enough energy, and too much iych to be shared socially.  I did however, have a fantastic walk on Friday and I have some photography to share from that:

<--There's more on my photography page, just click to be taken there.  I got really muddy too, which just added to the fun.


                                        Thursday the 27th of January, 2011


I can tell you that Pilates and Bootcamp hurts....quite a lot actually.  However, this needs to be done because I just wasn't doing enough different things, also, there is this event in 6 months that will be requiring me to wear quite a bit of sexy and I want that to look very good indeed..  You know, I might be decently strong and have decent endurance, but 15 minutes of Bootcamp just proved my last few years going to the gym on a very regular basis was piss-ants on Tuesday.  Color me red!  Mind you, I've been told it gets easier once you keep these things up and mix this up as well.    Hopefully, this will prove somewhat true and I will be able to do 200 lunges on each side without having to wish my lungs would just hold on another 5 minutes without exploding.  If I could work that up to 10 minutes, that would be great. 


I've also been doing some filter work with my camera.  Hammond offered to be my model.    There's more on my photography page.  Also, he is getting into the bad, but highly amusing, habit of watching television with the rest of the family.  He just gets right up there and puts his face smack dab in the middle of the regard for his head being in the way I tell you!  So far, he likes cooking shows (no surprise there! example: this morning he decided to sample my buttered toast), home repair shows, nature/science shows, and Bones. 



                                        Monday the 24th of January, 2011


Here's some sketches I did at Sketchy's last Sunday:


        The lovely Emily Frost posed and sang Gloomy Sunday - here's a YouTube someone took of the show:




And here's week one of a two week sketch from Red Door Studio:


Nude Reclining Back on Cushions and Couch





                                        Sunday the 19th of December, 2010


Some sketches I did this week:

    My 10-15 minute sketch of Caravaggio's Saint John the Baptist in the Wilderness when I was at the Nelson on Thursday.

    Red Door Studio sketch of Rachel McMeachin from last night.



Just go with me on this cause this isn't something I normally do, but this got my attention tonight and I had to document it.  Hammond (my cat) watched a documentary with me on Yellowstone National Park that aired on PBS.  It was the songbirds singing in the snow that got his attention and at first he sat on the floor in front of the TV and listened and watched.  Then a fox came on and he stood up to put his paws on the screen.  Next came the otters and that's when he jumped up right next to the screen to investigate.  He seemed very interested in the wolves, the swans and even the people.  We watched him listen and figure out that the speakers were emitting the sounds of the animals, he followed an otter off screen around the back, but he figured out that the otter didn't appear in the back and like a window, he could watch, but not participate. 

These are some of the worst photographs I've ever taken, but the subject fascinates me, so I'm putting them up anyway.  This is the first time Hammond has ever shown an interest in the TV and he seemed to really be studying the situation as he seems to do with his surrounding on a daily basis.  Why after the initial birdsong he didn't lose interest?  Will he continue to want to watch other nature shows?

The show ended and he lost interest.


A good photograph I took tonight of the moon:



                                        Saturday the 18th of December, 2010


Finally went to Liberty Memorial yesterday and went inside.  First time I've been inside. 


Put up some new photos.


                                        Friday the 17th of December, 2010


Have been creating and making new pieces all week, all of which I now want to keep.  I've really been pushing myself to be creative and develop new techniques; several of which have really paid off.  I'm excited to see what people think, but it's always a challenge to put one's artwork out there for critique.  My jewelry is really about creating sculptural artwork to wear, like an abstract painting, only in a different medium.  I almost always have a story behind each piece or a theme, numbers usually always have a heavy influence and always, I'm looking to translate all that into a tangible experience to wear and share.  I often find that I choose what to wear based on how I feel when I wake up or go out.  I choose my accessories based on those emotions even more so.  Each piece I own has a story, even if it's something I haven't created myself.  The story and meaning I create for a piece is going to be different then what someone else sees, but I am still trying to create a piece that lends itself to that process just like an oil painting or bronze sculpture in a museum, only wearable and maybe not as heavy.   


Yesterday I took a quick break at the gym and then drove off to the Nelson for a wandering/sketching session. 


several new pieces that will be going up soon



                                       Monday the 13th of December, 2010


      Dinner loosen everyone up ^_^  Fabulous food and thank you to Doug for hosting!



    Harmony Abstract - sculpture and oil painting for Doug.  Bead and Brass Sculpture with Phthalo Turquoise abstract.

   Retro Polka Dots and Skull Necklace and Earrings for Lacey

     Midnight Lightning Storm Necklace for Jamie



                                       Saturday the 11th of December, 2010


Have been preparing for tomorrow for about a month - presents anyway.  Working and reworking the details.  Anyway, time is run out and it's ...almost... finished.  There are some things I just can't control, and can only help along.  I'm sure it'll be fine.


I'll post photos once presents are given.


Monday I plan to go work out for several hours to work off Sunday dinner and whatever stress I might have built up this past week.  Also, I'll finish the book I've been working on and just generally have myself a day off.




                                        Tuesday the 30th of November, 2010


Went to see Part 1 of Harry Potter after work today - I personally, really loved it. 


Working on little bits of metal while catching up on episodes on Hulu - ah, sci-fi, you're my favorite.


one more Crown Center Christmas Tree Ceremony photo


                                        Sunday the 28th of November, 2010


Just learned a fabulous new game involving trains and laying down track routes.  Also, I found a photo last night that I didn't even know I had.... or at one point I must have known, but the point is that I completely forgot about  it:

Natasha Sims receiving one of my paintings as a thank you gift for being an awesome lead in the little movie that I helped out on.  It never actually made it anywhere I think, but that will be beside and away from the point which is that this photo (that someone else took) makes me happy.



                                        Saturday the 27th of November 2010


Went to the Crown Center Mayor's Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony on Friday.  I've never been to one, so it was interesting to watch.  Rockhurst High School Choir sang, then the Kansas City Symphony Choir sang with Kansas City Symphony Orchestra members.  I remember bring slightly puzzled when a young boy offered me a candle and matches, but later on we lit our candles for Silent Night....oh yeah.  Right after that the switch was pulled and the plaza lit up with thousands of lights and then fireworks started going off over the building.  I was impressed.  It was quite beautiful.  I wandered around and took some photos; when my hands stopped wanted to be friends with me because of the chill, I left. 

More on my photo page


                                        Sunday the 21st of November, 2010


Game Night!! 


Oh yeah, that's the spot. Thanks for scratching my back zombie dude. I'll fight you next round.    Er, a zombie just re-died in my water glass. Gross    The fourth hero just bit the dust; zombies rejoice.  ::sigh:: Good Game. 


Will be shooting more new jewelry pieces and putting them up in the next day or two.   I've been tired lately and haven't gotten as much done as I wanted to.


Took a photo of the full moon yesterday just before Lacey and I went into Korruption to see the Kansas City Society of Burlesque perform, so this is what I got and when we came out it was all over cast anyway.  Had a great time at the show!  Some really awesome pieces and some really awesome people. 


New sketch on Saturday of Eartha Delights at Red Door Studio.


                                        Saturday the 20th of November, 2010


It's a week leading up to Thanksgiving and the talk is about backscatter x-rays in airports, banning Brave New World from high school curriculums in Seattle and gosh darn, a 5 year old boy has the right to dress up however he wants to especially on Halloween.  So I came up with a Circus Girl photo shoot for myself.  Photo Page



                                        Tuesday the 16th of November, 2010


After working out tonight I decided the moon looked fantastic so I set about taking my tripod and camera to a nice mossy, grassy spot that has very, very low on surrounding ambient light.  As I was unscrewing the pin on my tripod to mount my camera, down drops the pin into the thick, mossy, grassy carpet underfoot. Insert silent scream.  I got my photo in a few minutes, but spent another 45 minutes, 15 in total dark and 30 with a bright LED flashlight that I had to go back to the house for, trying to locate said pin.  There was great joy when it was found, and I plan on it NEVER happening again! 


Second Moon shoot is much better then the first.


The beginnings of holiday food have left me with a strong desire for uber healthy foods.  I made a green soup yesterday that was so green that when I looked at it, it had me thinking marshlands.  It was however, uber yummy =P 


Have another fashion shoot this Saturday with Jamie for several more pieces.  I also have an idea for a self photograph that will require a little bit of logistics, but I'm hoping to pull it off this weekend. 


                                        Thursday the 11th of November, 2010


Decided to visit the Nelson-Atkins after work today.  There's a statue I'm working on sketching and so after wandering around and taking a few photographs, I sat for awhile and did some work on my sketch. 



                                        Tuesday the 9th of November, 2010


Did my first Moon shoot tonight.  Since the moon sets very early now, I went out while it was still a little light to see if I could get anything and managed a few shots.  Tried 20 minutes later when it was finally dark and the clouds had taken over the moon's spot in the sky.        I'm planning on working on more moon shots and improving them. 

There's also some shots of a young Robin in a tree I took yesterday up on my photo page.


Now back to designing! 



                                        Saturday the 6th of November, 2010


Zombies?  I'm sorry, but brains do not compute, they are all mine to eat.  Want to play a game instead?


Maybe the antidote to zombie-hood is shopping??  Not sure.  Might have to test the theory out more.  Linda and I went to the Gem and Mineral Show in KC, MO today.  mmmmm, gems and minerals....delicious eye candy to put in my hands.

Several items were left out of this photo as they pertain to presents for unnamed people and I do not wish for spoilage to occur.  I will contain my giddy delight until the appropriate moments. 


Also, several more photos from the day on my Photo page. 


I was also apparently very photogenic today????... there might be a photo of me posted on in the next few days.  I just went in to get a latte with my dad and the next thing I know I'm getting my photo taken.   Mostly I credit all the attention I got today to the hat I was wearing.  It's a good hat.



                                        Tuesday the 26th of October, 2010


Did my first Haunted House on Sunday: The Beast.  Went with Jamie, did a photo shoot with her first and then we went in.  I had a great time.  The attention to detail all through the house was really well done and there's some really impressive staging.  My favorite part was the Werewolf Forest; those guys were adorable.  Favorite quote, "I'm just a lost puppy.  Can I come home with you?"


Went to Union Station to see the Dinosaur and model train exhibits and did some sketching of a statue at The Nelson on Saturday.  Saw the Harriman - Jewell Series : Chloe Hanslip at The Folly Theater on the 15th for a violin recital.


More pieces for sale on my esty shop.


Photos up on my photo page from the shoot I did with Jamie and some others I took at Union Station.  More photos up on my Jewelry page of new pieces.




                                            Tuesday the 19th of October, 2010

Another new piece for sale now on!

Large, bold geometric Closine beads are paired with very dynamic gold plated engraved beads. Ive set them off against some very substantial lovely
Light green Serpentine Quartz sets the stage for this very funky piece. Ive mixed it with Rainbow Obsidian, copper frames, one swirled green handmade


Plus I've added some self-portraits to my photography page.



                                            Sunday the 17th of October, 2010


    More Renn Fest photos up now



                                            Wednesday the 13th of October, 2010


Five Spotted Hawkmoth photo series now up on my photo page: "You aren't the only one who doesn't like to be woken up in the middle of the night."  If a giant moth glaring at you will make your brain hurt, don't look.  Otherwise, enjoy!!!! 


Workshop charcoal sketch.


                                               Tuesday the 12th of October, 2010


So one of the really cool things about this weekend was at one point Challenger No. 3985 came steaming by the art studio at warp speed.  The big windows were open and the tracks were just feet away.  Didn't realize that was the train coming by because lots kept coming and going, but all of a sudden someone said, "oh, steam engine?".  Looked up just in time to see the engine and the steam; awesome to see.  I loved shooting it at Union Station and talking to the guys that were working on the engines.  It was great to see it in motion like that if even for a brief moment in the middle of nowhere New Haven, MO. 


                                                Monday the 11th of October, 2010


Awesome, fantastic weekend full of new friends, learning and fun.  Graydon Parrish did a workshop in the Middle of Nowhere, MO and I went and so did Jamie and Lacey.  There were a dozen of us, plus Graydon and the model.  I'm so happy I went.  I did a little photography on the side as well.

This photo was taken by a really nice guy who owns? works at an antique store just next door with Lori Kiergaard's camera.


I love my friends.  And this is the Middle of Nowhere, MO.  However, very quaint and the river is five feet away.  We were serious art student monkeys.


See? VERY serious. Graydon imparting wisdom of classical figurative artwork and the planes of the human face.  It's all about anatomy. 

Graydon gave a really excellent lecture at The Art Center in Washington, MO Saturday night about 19th Century art training. 


Oh, and I love this cafe in Columbia, MO.  Took Jamie to eat there on our way from Kansas City on Friday. 




                                                Monday the 4th of October, 2010


An update to my Drawings page from Sketchy's last night.


                                                Sunday the 3rd of October, 2010


Walk on over to my Photo page and take a look at the Challenger No. 3985:  World's Largest Operating Steam Locomotive .... I took some other photos as well while I was there too.


Also! Antonette Nicotera and Ross Warnell were married yesterday!


Antonettes's Big Fat Italian Wedding!!! 


    Hammond in his cat Crow's Nest.  He keeps a sleepy lookout.


                                                Sunday the 26th of September, 2010


            These photos and more on my Photo Page


Photo of me in my Renaissance Faire outfit.



                                               Saturday the 25th of September, 2010


Plaza Art Fair 2010

        More on my Photo Page

Support the Humane Society!

This sweet little guy is 5 months old and was found after a car had hit him.  Due to injury, one of his front legs had to be amputated.  He's ready to be adopted into a loving family.  In this photo, he is ready for nap time.  Also, he has very soft ears.


                                               Friday the 24th of September, 2010



My new camera.


Canon EOS 7D


Battery is charging now.  Have a lot of learning to do!!!  yay!



                                               Wednesday the 22nd of September, 2010


Uh, I think I need to check my enthusiasm level when I work out tomorrow; I seriously over extended my right shoulder.  wow, that hurts.  I need an ice pack!



                                               Tuesday the 21st of September, 2010


::sigh::  Trying not to feel sad and forgotten.







                                                Sunday the 19th of September, 2010

I make my way to WaterFire 2010 unsure if it will get rained out, so my trusty adventure hat sits on my head.  Ah!  WaterFire will take place.  I asked the boat people. They know all. 


My current camera has way too much trouble in this low light for the dancers, so I just ended up taking stills from the video I shot with my camera.


After this number, it was announced that due to lightning, the rest of WaterFire was cancelled.  It started to rain as we walked back the house where I'd parked.  By the time I got in my car, my trusty adventure hat was decently wet and dripping. 




                                                Saturday the 18th of September, 2010


Went to see the Hot Air Balloons light up last night.  Pretty nifty!  Took some photos.


And speaking of photos, I've decided which new camera I'm getting (Canon EOS 60D which is coming out soon) and I've narrowed down my list of lens to the top 3 (I know one I'm getting for low light, but I'm deciding between two others now). 


Tonight I'm off to WaterFire!!*


        *(laughs) Thunderstorm cut the festivities short.  Got nice and rained on getting back to the car.  Now, lets see how my photos turned out.



                                                Wednesday the 15th of September, 2010


Lots of exercise the last few days and more of that planned for the future.  Have a lot of tension to work out.  I realized I haven't done any art work in last week at least.  I hope that will change soon, but I just haven't been able to get up enough motivation... or maybe interest... I'm not sure yet. 


I have several paintings I want to sketch out, and somehow, it just never seems to happen by the end of the day. 


However, I've loved the perpetual thunderstorm that's gone on all day today.  Fantastic lightening tonight and beautiful colors in the sky this morning.



                                                Saturday the 11th of September, 2010


Catching up on some music I haven't listened to in quite a while and hanging up costume pieces.  Hopefully this will help with the current mood that has been pervading my week and will inspire me to get some stuff organized and done. 


Last night was nice though.  Photography by Timmy EverLes and music from River Cow Orchestra at Red Door Studio and some interesting photography at Kaw Valley Gallery. 




                                                Wednesday the 8th of September, 2010


Watched my co-workers pick their fantasy football teams after work.  I preferred my pints of Guinness and the nachos I munched on, but it was very interesting to watch.



                                                 Monday the 6th of September, 2010


Spent the day Saturday at the Kansas City Irish Festival; photos up on my photo page


Happy birthday to the Bone duo.


Spent a few hours at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival today with my mom.  Loving my new costume!



                                                 Friday the 3rd of September, 2010


First Friday.  A little bight blue hair, a little rum, a little burlesque, a little sketching, a little music and lots of laughter. 



At The News Room                                        Annie Cherry & Artemus Vulgaris @ Czar Bar


                                                Sunday the 29th of August, 2010


Friday, went out with some friends after work and had dinner at this great little placed called KC Grill and Kabab and then spent the night trying to colonize Rio Grande.


Saturday, toured the Armacost Car Museum in Grandview.  More photos on Photo page.  Then had dinner (see below), drew at Red Door and went to see Ha Ha Tonka in Lawrence, KS.



    Ha Ha Tonka

I wore my vintage 50 frames with no lenses



Today, went to a yoga class (I've started doing some yoga in addition to my other workouts) and came home to find that laundry is demanding to be done or my closet will go on strike.  I'm going to see how long I can procrastinate today before it gets done.






                                                Monday the 16th of August, 2010


New drawings up on my Drawings Page!


Us at Starlight before the show!  I stole it from her facebook page ^_^


                                                Sunday the 15th of August, 2010

Yesterday was FUN!

Jamie and I did:

Re-Runs Warehouse, lunch at Jerry's Woodsweather Cafe, strolling photo shoot of the West Bottoms, photo shoot of an awesome bridge Jamie took me to, and visited the Alcotts Art Center for VIVA LA FEMME!...WAR CRIES FROM WITHIN...ART SHOW.

 Can this girl walk the run way or what?


THEN!  We finally made our way to Starlight Theater to see Beauty and the Beast.  Great seats, nice weather, fantastic show.  Thank you to my Aunt Jayme and Uncle Mike who provided me with tickets and a reason to have such a wonderful and special day with a dear friend.

Lemonade Man, you made our pre-play wait just a little more entertaining and special.  Thanks!

Lemony Lemonade!!

                                                Saturday the 14th of August, 2010


  For Lee Ann Bell

(Doug and Lee Ann)



                                                Sunday the 8th of August, 2010


Newest sketch from Red Door Studio:


                                                Tuesday the 3rd of August, 2010


Photo shoot and mini golf on Sunday.


         Photography Page  I'll be putting some of the photos on my page to go with my jewelry, but some of it I loved just for the photo itself.




Good day ^_^


                                                Sunday the 1st of August, 2010


RED GREEN!!!!!!!!!!


Last night my friend John and I had such a great time hanging out and meeting Red Green at the Westlake ACE Hardware store and then going to see his show, "Wit and Wisdom", at the Uptown Theater.                                    


ACE Hardware store - Red Green said there about 600-700 people all told who waited to see him that afternoon. 


      I made duct tape cuffs to wear that day and asked him to sign one; they went over really well =) 

Got a lot of comments on them while standing in line too.


    John got his overalls signed!! 


The Uptown Theater was gorgeous and the show was fantastic.  My face still hurts from laughing so hard.




                                                Sunday the 25th of July, 2010


So mini golf never happened because a big huge thunderstorm happened instead. 


However, there was a good bottle of wine, a walk along the river and some photography that happened instead.





                                                Sunday the 18th of July, 2010


Updated my Jewelry page to include new pieces and updated photographs on my esty shop.





                                                Thursday the 15th of July, 2010


The Egg is Hatched



Flame                        Fired                                 Finished Silver Egg


                                                Sunday the 11th of July, 2010


              done at Dr Sketchy's.


more on my Drawing Page


Had a lot of fun at Friday's Kansas City Second Friday Art Walk.  Some really good artwork, saw a lot of friends and I had great company to share it with.


                                                Wednesday the 7th of July, 2010


Art of the Car at the Art Institute that was the 27th:


This is an electric car that was built in 1916 A prototype for a car that could fly Frank Zilm's car Boat car? I think this one was my favorite a slice of the show



This is of course Hammond and I took this one at home afterwards.  One of his rare supervised outside times. 





                                                Monday the 7th of June, 2010


Just received my newest hat.  I had it custom made from Gypsy Lady Hats.  It's called The Captain Spaulding .  Love it



                                                Friday the 4th of June, 2010


Dinner Party with Hats just conclude:

I love dinner parties!


Also!!!!  My online store on is up and running  ^_^



                                                Sunday the 23rd of May, 2010


I'm working to open my shop.  I have the storefront open and most of the information filled out.  Now I just need to price my items and make sure they are ready to ship so I can put up the description and photos.


Here's Carmen as promised!  This is her while she was watching television one night while I stayed over.  She knew I was going to do a sketch, but she didn't realize I was actually doing it until I showed her.  Her reaction was "Well, that looks like the old girl, now doesn't it!" So I took that it mean it wasn't half bad. 


There's two other new sketches on my Drawings page as well.



                                                Thursday the 13th of May, 2010


I've been working on several new projects the past two weeks.  At the moment I am house-sitting with Carmen.  I'll post a sketch I did of her while she was watching TV.  Give me a day or two.


My friend Natasha Simms was on an episode of Criminal Minds yesterday! Check out her clip in the episode:


                                                Sunday the 25 of April, 2010


Some new sketches on my Drawing page.  I'm so happily devouring The Dresden Files:  Mouse and Sue were awesome to finally read about!


Have plans to go see a Red Green "Lodge Meeting" end of July.  ^_^ There will be awesome.



                                                Thursday the 8th of April, 2010


So, for my birthday, one of my best friends got me addicted to the Dresden Files, and Jim Butler is signing here in Kansas City on Monday for his new book tour.  Excited!


Found a hairstylist Tuesday, haircut and style Wednesday - it's short and oh so cute. 



                                                Sunday the 28th of March, 2010


So several noteworthy events happened in the last month.


One:  Put together a new studio in the basement for working with silverclay and copper etching.  Have done several fine silver pieces and while I'm still learning, I have several pieces I really, really like and can start making jewelry with.


Two:  Attended the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, MO.  Two and a half days of documentaries, fantastic theaters, and a really nice collage town.  Plus, one of the best vegetarian restaurants I've ever had the pleasure to order and eat at.


Three: Rufus the beloved dog died Monday the 8th of March and will be missed greatly, but the time had come.  He was just shy of 17 years old.


Four: Turned 31 years old on March 10th. 


Five:  Photo shoot with my friend Lacey while she was wearing some of my necklaces so I can start an shop - photos are edited, but I haven't started the descriptions or set the prices yet!


Six: Flew out to Seattle for the 8th Annual Emerald City ComicCon.  Saw a bunch of friends and generally had a very fantastic time. 


Seven: Several new paintings and drawings.



                                                Thursday the 18th of February, 2010


Set up a second studio in the basement for copper acid etching and silver smithing.  I have many designs sketched out!  Very excited.


Art review:


(ARTKC365) Tales Told in Paint: Jenna Tomlin

"Self on the Event Horizon," Oil on Canvas.

Jenna Tomlin
Visual Expressions
(Group Show)

Noon-6 p.m.

Gas Light Gallery and Studio
12 E. Peoria, Suite 200
Paola, KS

Hours: Noon-6 p.m. Monday-Thursday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Friday-Saturday.
Runs through: Feb 26.

Artist's site:

A random sampling of Jenna Tomlin's favorite authors reads like a fantasy/sci-fi Who's Who: C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Ursula K. LeGuin, Douglas Adams ... and the list goes on.

That bent toward the fanciful and othertimely shows up in Tomlin's personal style and in her art, too ... particularly in her drawings and oil paintings. (Tomlin is also a jewelry designer and an art photographer; she wears a lot of hats both literally and metaphorically.)

Tomlin has three oils in the Visual Expressions group show, the inaugural exhibition at Paola's new Gas Light Gallery and Studio. And even if you saw the paintings at Tomlin's December show at Red Door Studios in KCK, a trek southward from the metro area would be a good thing.

(If a weekday trip to Miami County isn't in the cards, no worries. From 6-9 p.m. on Saturday, Gas Light and D'Marie Gallery and Espresso Bar will host Paola's first Art & Wine Crawl.)

Tomlin's art is worth the drive. It's introspective and expressive, heartfelt and thoughtful, calming and challenging all at once. And Amanda Martin, Gas Light's owner and director, has used one of Tomlin's painting to pull off one of the best presentations I've seen in a while.

The piece in question is Self on the Event Horizon, pictured above. It's displayed in a way that reflects both the enigmatic, fourth-wall-testing visual impact of the work itself and Tomlin's comments on the painting:

Viewing and perceiving life is influenced by our genetics, our upbringing, our culture and so many other things, but it all starts with each one of us as an individual and how we choose to react and process every event that occurs in our life.  This painting is about one such event, an Event Horizon.  It's the unknown and how do you expect anyone to react to any one thing they might encounter.  You have no idea what this Self is experiencing, you can only judge by her expression and body language what she has come across in life.

Tomlin's work (all of her paintings, not only this one) embodies that truth: While each viewer is free to make up his or her own work, only the artist knows what's real ... and what is fantasy.



                                                Saturday the 23rd of January, 2010


 I intended my KCPT (BBC on local PBS) first High Tea on Saturday.  I wore my best outfit complete with lace and and crochet.  The theme was British comedy and that there was even pup trivia.  My table got several incorrect, but we had so much fun but it didn't even matter.


Directly afterwards I attended Gas Lights Studio's Grand Opening with three of my oil paintings in attendance. 



                                                    Saturday the 2nd of January, 2010


Farmer's Market was slim to bare today, but there were two kid goats in a play pen being babysat.  Born 6 days before Christmas and full of fantastic baby goat energy and little bleats.  I played with them for awhile while arranging to set up a goat milk pick up time.


  My awesome new boots from NativEarth.  Custom crafted from a cast of my feet and legs.


                                                    Thursday the 31st of December, 2009


My first Kansas City show went very well for a cold, winter, everyone already has obligations and plans event.  I had a great time.


Snow started falling on Christmas Eve and fell through to Christmas morning.  It was beautiful to watch through the window with the cats and I delighted in the glowing Christmas lights we had around the window and living room.  Large, soft, and very cold, snowflakes kept drifting and blowing around the darkened treetops and eves of the rooftop.  Next morning everything was white and bright and unmoving; until the 4-wheel truck with the snow shovel attachment came through, then with some careful maneuvers, the rest of us could move about.  Presents were opened and oatmeal was made (and one large bowl presented to a cold father who had finished shoveling the walk), then a frantic Christmas dinner dish was made and a salad tossed in a small tornado of rush as the noon hour approached and the drive to Uncle Mike's and Aunt Jayme's still had to be done.  Dressed and laden, I and my mother made the surreal drive down the highway, where dry snow swirled and circled the wheels of my car.  My tank of petrol was low on fuel and despite my best efforts at a local station, the pumps were all froze.  So to the merry house of family we did continue, and drink, food, laughter and story thus ensued.  Birds danced and pecked happily at the feeder outside, as the people inside piled high their own plates.  As the darkness grew, one by one, we took our leave of the bright house of family and dear friends to brave once again the cold and the snow.  The daunting hills took shape in the dark and gave no forgiveness for any hemming or hawing.   Too slow was my progress the first time around, and fearful of sliding into my mother who was trying to give my car a push, I went back down and started over.  With the little light softly glowing that warned of no petrol, I zoomed up the hill in secondary position.  Safely home and warming up, I reflected how quite pleased I was with this family tradition of celebration and reunion and how glad I was to be home to enjoy it again.


Also, I love that my new HP Pavilion has a glowing console and touch controls.  awesome!!


Hammond really likes his new Christmas toy .


Posted new drawing from two weeks ago:  Long Pose - Nude Reclining


                                                    Monday the 30th of November, 2009


Check out my Drawings page for new drawings of my Long Pose sessions at Red Door Studio!



You are most cordially invited to attend my first ever

Kansas City Art Showing!


Second Friday Art Walk at Red Door Studio.


738 Armstrong Suite 200

Kansas City, KS, 66101



Look forward to seeing you there and tell all your friends who like art to come by as well!!!!  There’s several other amazing artists who will be showing as well.


Easy directions:

I-35 to 7th Street Exit,

Take 7th Street all the way down to Armstrong (you’ll be driving for about 5 miles) and turn left.

Building 738 will be on your right.  Look for the bright red door and then go up the stairs!


Reception from 6pm-8pm December 11th, 2009


There is street parking, and the meters are free after 6pm




                                                    Friday the 27th of November, 2009


Thanksgiving was awesome and I love being close to my family again. 


Passed my Property and Casualty Insurance test the first time.  yay!  Now there's more I can do and learn at work. 


Dad and I went to see Wicked on the 17th.  I really loved the relationship between Elphaba and Galinda (later known as Glinda) in the play and there was some fantastic singing.  However, there were some interesting adaptations from the novel that had me bulking in places.  Having read all three novels in the series from Gregory Maguire, I probably knew too much going in.  Still, I'm so glad we went, I love going to the theater.


Went to a really nice Gem and Mineral show with Linda and got some awesome beads!!  Made some new necklaces:



I have a show next month - Second Friday Art Walk! Finished my self portrait this afternoon to be included in the show.


                                                   Sunday the 1st of November, 2009


Weekly live model sessions are really helping me focus and improve my sense of proportion and contrast.  Check out my Drawings Page for some of my new drawings from those sessions.


Mom and I went to see a production of Into the Woods at Spencer Theater and while I kind of remembered what the play was about, I was so enthralled by the entire performance that every moment was new and exciting.  The witch was my favorite.  On the 17th, dad and I are going to see Wicked and I am so... very... very...excited about that. 


Last weekend I went to this event called WaterFire that was first stated in Rhode Island (I believe) and is now also being done here on the Plaza in Brush Creek.

  It is bonfires lit on water - a half mile of river has bonfires down the middle, fire dancers, opera singers, jazz being played, Circ de Soule type performers and dancers.  It was really surreal and beautifully eerie.


Otherwise, I'm working on three new paintings and working at getting my insurance license.  I'm planning on taking my test this week.


                                                   Monday the 7th of September, 2009


A few weeks ago I visited the Kansas City Toy and Miniature Museum.  Wild and crazy detail.  Really, super impressive skills involved at every turn. 


Small town parades are awesome, especially when at the very end of the parade is a little carnival setup.  The Parkville parade was everything anyone could hope for in a small town parade with lots of pride and love.  Endless Shiners, two high school marching bands with cheerleader squads, dogs, clowns, fire engines, motorcycles and about 15 minutes of speeches.  Loved it.


Friday evening dad and I went to First Friday Artwalk down on the Crossroads and looked into a few galleries.  The most important task however, was working our way into the Irish Festival to get Comedy Club tickets to Saturday's 8pm show featuring live all the way from Ireland: Ardal O'Hanlon!!!!  If you aren't a BBC nut like myself, you likely will not recognize the name.  Rest assured he is a very famous Irish actor and comedian and I think he's just fantastic.

  Three things to remember.  1) Don't be afraid to ask.  2) Always have a Plan B. 3) Bring your own pen. 

He did a really funny hour-ish long set and then afterwards I talked my way into an autograph (about 4 of us did actually.)  Happy dance commences in

.  The vertical shower has a sense of dark humor.  The fountains were foaming green water over the weekend in honor.


Sunday I dressed myself all up in garb and took myself off to opening weekend of the Kansas City Renaissance Festival.  This weekend's theme was pirates.  There were several purchases to enhance my garb and overall a brilliant time was had with the stories, the musicians, the magicians and the jokes and everything else. 

<-- everything else....   Next weekend I'm going to take my mom and the theme is Joker's Court. 


Today is all about art projects.  Several bits and bobs have already been made and crafted.  I have a new painting I'm working on.  It has a library theme. 


                                                   Friday the 14th of August, 2009


Third week of my new job and I still like it.  The people are nice, the work is decent and I'm learning something new everyday.   Hammond is still breaking out of his shell: loves this house with all the windows, loves that my dad is usually up around 4:30am and is eternally fascinated by the little black cat that wants nothing to do with him. 


I'm off to the Kansas City, KS 2nd Friday Artwalk.  First Friday at the Kansas City, MO Crossroads was so much fun last week - street dancing, techno and live painting, live bands everywhere, little hallways filled with artwork off side streets (there was a series done with tea, coffee and paints that I really liked) and people everywhere. 



                                                   Sunday the 9th of August, 2009


I have lots of photos for you. 


New Paintings


Tulip Forever - first inspired by my friend Sara'a tulips and then the historical influence of the tulip.


Turquoise, Purple and Gold Part 1


Turquoise, Purple and Gold Part 2


  they hang together like so



Thomas Hart Benton's house and art studio that we toured.  I just love his studio space.



Weekend trip to Amarillo, TX to help a friend scout out his new job site and future residence.



High Art TX style??        Got to have the tank.... Revitalization.    Car show!        Little saying signs were everywhere - hidden like a game.        This is where he gets to work now.


Watkin's Mill that we went to on Saturday after a morning spent at the Liberty, MO Farmer's Market.



The Museum              Main Pathway       Sheep!!!                     Back of the house    Chicken coop and garden   Side of house and outside kitchen     Inside of the textile mill

Boiler           An 8 Horse Power Engine (can you guess how many horses could turn this engine?)


                                                   Sunday the 2nd of August, 2009


Painted both paintings last night and by the end was covered in paint and gold.  Will post pictures next week once they dry enough to be moved and photographed. 



                                                   Saturday the 1st of August, 2009


Fist week of new job at the Insurance Agency went really well.  I think I'm going to continue to fit in and have a decent job.  Have a new painting in mind - actually two.  Very similar to each other in Royal Purple, Phthalo Turquoise and Gold and this time they will be abstracts which is a departure from my normal. 

Dad and I have been doing a different Farmer's Market every Saturday since I got back and there have been some fantastic Markets in some lovely little towns and some dinky little Markets with not much to offer.  However, I have now fallen in love with the town of Parkville and dad and I have found wonderful little gems and moments in our travels.  We found one today called the Red Apple Barn with the most amazing view of hills, trees, green and fields and they sold sweet, sweet peaches.  I also now know what a tobacco plant looks like and have discovered they are a very beautiful plant indeed.



                                                    Friday the 10th of July, 2009

I just finished my painting.

This painting is more then just Sea Turtles are at risk because of nets and gourmet dining.  Her environment - her ocean and land masses - are also something else: us.  We have our routes we take, our unknowns we face and our traps that sometimes we run into with no knowledge that they are there, but sometimes we do know.  They can be pretty even.  Pretty little traps that give us small odds of escaping.  The world of this painting is topographic.  We have our islands and coasts with deep waters; it is also a place setting with a bowl, napkin, spoon, wine glass (with white wine) and a candle in its glass casing.  Our struggles and traps are not quite the same as hers, but there are many common threads if you take the time to reflect.  This painting isn't just about her plight - it's about everyone's.  Whatever net you got trapped in, whatever holds you back, whatever got you lost or stole your breath from you this is about that too.


                                                     Monday the 29th of June, 2009


I am now on Facebook.


Bought my paints and am underway for a new painting called Turtle Soup .  It's a commentary on all sea turtles that are endangered and threatened not only because of pollution, demolition of hatching beaches for commercial pursuits and discarded fishing nets but also because there are countries out there to whom sea turtle flesh is still consumed delicacy.  The turtle swims in the open sea through the topographic map that is also a table setting and is now caught in a (still to come) net and a soup bowl. 

My Uncle Russ's 60 and 1/2 birthday was on the 20th - there was a scrapbook that we all helped add to and this was my contribution:

Went to The Kansas City Union Station Narnia exhibit.  This is from the website: "Step through the wardrobe and into the wintry world of Narnia where in the midst of summer, you'll feel the snow on your face and experience the chill of the witch's ice throne first-hand. Based on the C.S. Lewis classic books and Disney blockbuster movies, the exhibition includes more than 150 original costumes, set dressings and props from The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian, as well as newly created educational hands-on activities and videos."  Saw first edition Lord of the Rings book in the recreated C.S Lewis office.  wow! 3500 copies of each were ever printed.  These were on loan from someone; I don't remember their names.  The books weren't reprinted until 1965.  you first have to wait in a little room while the lights dim and then the wardrobe doors open and it 'snows' on you when you walk though.  The exhibit was great, lots of movie props and costumes- it was really well done.  There was a combination of science and the themes from the books/movies to bring the relevance across. 


                                                       Monday the 15th of June, 2009


I need to buy some new colors of paint - small tubes and some linseed oil.  I have a new painting that's all sketched out on my new canvas.  Hammond helped of course.  He's very good at that.  He watches for hours and then offers his advice.  His advice usually starts with you need to rub my ears now and ends with tummy rubs with the inevitable cat fur all over everything. 


First Friday Art Walk over at The Crossroads was intensely fabulous - went with mom and dad - saw lots of really cool galleries and artwork.  My desire now is to have a work space rental so I can work there and then open my space on First Friday's so I can sweat buckets and smile with fright as thousands of people stare at my cherished work and offer critiques and criticisms.  Maybe one day someone would even buy a piece!  I would have to like them first though.  I got lots of ideas and had lots of fun.  We walked quite a bit; more then I thought it looked on the map, but we saw so much. 


Dad and I went to a Scottish Highland Festival on Saturday after our run to the Farmer's Market (we're doing a different one every Saturday.  We explored the Liberty Farmer's Market this week.)  The Caber Toss was our first event and we watched intently as men under 190 lb tried their best to pick up and toss end over end a long wooden pole.  It was fairly exciting and very interesting for 30 minutes.  We cheered when one would succeed and groan when one came close.  Many didn't come close.  Other's tossed hammers, stones and bales of hay .  There was Clydesdale Horses and two Highland calves not doing much of anything, plenty of vendors and clan tents.   A glass of cold Oatmeal Stout accompanied a nice sit and listen to music on stage for awhile before one last walk around.



                                                        Monday the 1st of June, 2009


My list of things I'm doing today:  Buying Rufus his very specific canned dog food, going to the gym to use my free pass and then joining, calling my beloved comic store in Tacoma (Comic Book Ink) and having them ship my last folder of new comics and scanning in my list of comic issues I have that I don't need to e-mail to Jennifer (I promised her my double issues of Strangers In Paradise and the Volume 1 PB of The Maxx).  Hopefully internet will fix and stop being squidgy so I can download my car insurance form I need to fill out and I can go to The Pitch online and figure out what's what with the Crossroads Art Fair in Downtown KC this Friday. 



                                                        Thursday the 21st of May, 2009


What is matter made of?  Atoms.  Neutrons, protons and electrons (to start with anyway; I won't be going into quarks here).  Electrons are the fluff of negatively charged particles surrounding the protons (positive charge) and neutrons (neutral charge), but most of the atom is empty space just like the Galaxy.  The negative charge of the electrons is what prevents objects from passing through each other (why we are able to walk across the floor but not through the wall).  If you have one proton, you have one electron, your atomic number is 1 and you are hydrogen on up to 92 protons and electrons in which you are now uranium (leaving out the other man made atoms).   So once you have your hydrogen, how does one get helium and so on?  In the deep of a star at 40 million degrees, hydrogen atoms come together so fast that the repulsive force does not have time to act the and the short range nuclear forces are engaged to make a helium atom (now with an atomic number of 2) and when that star has gone though all the hydrogen atoms (barring whatever matter has not escaped into space) we come to the next stage in the star's life which now depends on how much initial mass there was in the beginning of it's life.  In some stars (like our Sun in 5 billion years) the helium rich core will actually begin a second round of reactions and we'll get carbon and oxygen atoms but then those reactions will be depleted and the star will expand  and pulsate expelling matter into space and slowly heating up one last time and cooling into a small white dwarf massively dense cooling into space.  Atoms made in the interior of stars are often ejected back into the interstellar gases from whence they came.  The life span and life path of a star depends on the initial mass of the star when it formed.  Stars that go through red giant phases  have most of their outer atmosphere blown away back into space, supernova explodes most of their mass and from those atoms returned to space, the next cycle emerges.  The death of a star gives birth to a new batch of stars and with it, a new batch of stars.  In the massive stars, the successive addition of further nuclei build on successive layers and we have iron and silicon atoms emerge which are swept up in elemental interstellar gas clouds and collapse into planets and stars.  Our DNA, a miracle of atom formation, is made up of star stuff.  Intelligent life on this planet recognizes that we are made up of DNA and atoms, we have learned this and passed it on in books and stories.  This story has been in my head for quite awhile and the past few months a painting emerged that I finally got painted on Tuesday.  I call it StarCreatures.  It's all about atoms, stars and the miracle of intelligent life. 


                                                        Sunday the 17th of May, 2009


Updated my Comics Page for Emerald City ComicCon 2009.


                                                        Thursday the 14th of May, 2009


I live in Kansas now.  I grew up in Kansas, and now I'm back; back even in the room I lived in when I went to High School.  A lot has changed in those years, but it's still an odd sensation being back and knowing this isn't a vacation.  All my stuff is here, and that's a big cue for my brain...and Hammond is here.  He likes it.  Not to sure about the small black cat that runs around sometimes and says the most vulgar things about his inhabiting the house as well.  Holmes will just have to learn to deal.  The elderly Rufus doesn't really seem to remember and when they did meet, it wasn't a big deal for either of them.


I would like to say a few things about the drive - we will call it a drive for now, but it was more like an endurance trial - Wyoming is excruciating.  Scrub everywhere you looked and not a tree in sight.  There were some freakishly immense wind catchers at one point. 


Otherwise the drive was drivable.  Hammond demanded the AC on the second day for several hours before I realized what it was he was demanding.  Drivers on the open road are almost impeccably polite.  Turn signal to pass on the left and turn signal to pull back into the right lane, people switch lanes to give merging people plenty of space; as soon as city view comes into sight all that lovely polite goes to the rubbish heap.  This would have been Omaha, Nebraska which is when we got cell phone coverage back as well.  I believe we lost cell phones somewhere in Idaho which means we didn't have coverage for about 1500 miles out of 2000.  However, I did love all the hawks that flew overhead and we passed though the Cascades and the Rockies which offered fantastic panoramics at points.  There were some wonderfully deep canyons, steep tilted rock formations, multihued rocks and rushing rivers and creeks.  That part was nice. 


Leaving Washington was an interesting experience.  I don't mean the boarder down into Oregon, which did lend an odd sensation, but the weeks and months leading up to my departure.  At first it was all just about packing and the almost theoretical time table of leaving with friends and co-workers.  Then last weeks were jam packed with leaving parties and last dinners or dances.  I actually think things started to come to a finale around my birthday with the anti-climax being the 5am driving away from the Prospect house on the 6th of May.  There's several people I really miss and they were the hardest to leave.  However, this move does afford me lots of new opportunities and I plan to take advantage.  I want to take some classes, paint a new series and I have this weird children's book in my head I want to get out, cook to my heart's content (which I've already started doing to my parent's delight) and I don't know what else. 


                                                        Sunday the 22nd of February, 2009


Sara and I went to the Port Orchard Pythian Installation meeting on Saturday.  It was something neither of us really wanted to do, but I went for her, and I think she went for me and we both felt we ought to go and support another temple because they did the same for us... well, after arriving and a several hour delay, and lots of chatting with everyone and most of our Sisters showed up, we had the ceremony and then proceeded to picnic indoors.  Frothy punch with ice cream (that tasted purple) two kinds of potato salad (one with pickles and such, one with a mustard base, neither of which kinds mom or I make when we make potato salad) and well, sandwich stuff and pasta.  We had a nice time and when we left we both expressed to each other how intensely we realized how important diet and lifelong exercise is.  Really important.  Cause... wow.


And you totally need to check out Zoë Keating on You Tube.  She's a whole cello orchestra in one woman and a MacBook.  If you watch the videos, you'll see her sampling herself and it's just mind blowing and awesome.


                                                            Friday the 20th of February, 2009


I was standing there looking at sandwiches, morning the lack of mozzarella and tomato, and turning to look at potential cucumber sushi, I had this sudden thought of experiencing new foods with my dad and maybe making our own curds and whey just months from now and I smiled all they way home thinking of all the great stuff we're going to get to do together. 


Then I got home and turned on a documentary on the Nazi Concentration Camps and that was that.... Actually, I think I appreciated the fact that I get to go home and see my father and family and having dinner within easy reach more even though I had tears in my eyes listening to the stories of the survivors thinking how sometimes the fragile balance becomes broken and how insulated I am.  And how grateful. 


Did I forget to mention my housemate thinks it's outrageously unfair that I made her live-in boyfriend pay 1/3 of the utility bill?  Yes.  Apparently when he turns on a light or water tap, it comes from beyond the mortal realm and not the power company.  I believe my response was somewhere in the vicinity of "that's crap, he pays 1/3 so stop complaining".  She tried to get sympathy at work and got laughed at by every single person there.  Since he has no money, or income, she got to pay for him again.  Yup. 


                                                             Sunday the 15th of February, 2009


Noticed for the first time that Hammond actually seem to like looking at my David Mack ink sketches not just batting at the frame (which he does a lot).  I was watching NUMB3RS this morning and looked up to find him staring intently at the Tigerlily sketch.  I expected him to start trying to life the frame from the wall which is what he seems to like to do after staring at it, but I think he actually likes what he sees. 


Saw Jonathan last weekend and we generally caught up over dinner.  Spent about 3 hours over dinner and sitting in my car.  I had a nice time and I believe he did as well.  He said he did and I'll take him at his word.   I'll call it bitter-sweet.  I think I can call us friends again, but I know there's still hurt there. 


Have been packing some more - have quite a few stacks piled high which the cats explore at every opportunity, leaping and sneaking and sometimes put into time out.   I want to get as much as possible organized and stored ASAP just because I have the feeling like if I don't, something will go badly wrong.  This is besides wanting to do the perfect pack, which I thinking I'm doing a pretty good job with- shelves are empty and walls fairly bare.  Glass vases waited for a cold storage container lined with Styrofoam- score!  Sara and Phil already said they wanted my pretty bricks and hand painted flower pots since I don't really have the desire to pack them. 


Last Saturday Sara had a Red Dwarf season 1 marathon with a slurry of curry.  I brought some Thai curry and she brought some Indian curry and wine, then about 7 of us flopped (some gracefully and some not) in front of the television set for 5 hours of laughs.  I don't think I realized just how much Guppy loves curry until he popped into the kitchen every 5 minutes to ask if we could eat the curry yet.  I went to Le Le's Thai and Vietnamese and Sara called into Gateway to India.  So yum-tastic.  I ate a little too much, but it was spread out over about 6 hours, so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.  Leftovers were devoured later in the week and inspected by Hammond and the newest addition to the house, Jack, a little white Sphynx kitten.


                                        Saturday the 17th of January, 2009


Changed up my Jewelry page - realized it was outdated looking. 




This weekend, fixed a bracelet that's needed fixing for 8 years, finished a necklace, and have continued with packing.  Work provides pretty much everything I need (boxes, packing and wrapping material), which is awesome.  Gone though most of my books and nick-knacks and then I'll start on other stuff, but this is going to give me pretty good idea of what I have to work with in terms of volume.  I have several more months, but since this is a 2000 mile trip, I'd like to get it done as efficiently as possible.


Casper (Jenn's youngest cat) passed away this week and so we've been dealing with that loss.  The others have been more cuddly and frisky since then. 


                                        Sunday the 4th of January, 2009


Christmas was quiet and New Year's odd.  Christmas I spent by myself but went to a Christmas party the Monday before and another party the weekend after.  New Year's I went to the Elks; ended up meeting some new friends and had one nutter of a guy come up to me as he was leaving to inform me that he had taken a photo of me and it was very beautiful as was I.  He was a little drunk. 


I've also make the decision to move back to Kansas to be close to my family.  I've always missed them, but now seems the right time to move back and be with them again.  Work already knows and I've started figuring out what and how to take everything back.  I've already told work and Sara (and Jenn is co-worker and housemate).  Hammond will have to endure the pack, drive and then Kansas. 


Finished re-reading the Harry Potter series.  Started on Christmas Eve and finished on the 3rd then moved on to read Beowulf on Sunday.  Jennifer got me a most excellent version for Christmas.  I'm still in the middle of 3 other books and I really should finish those before I move on to The Dead Sea Scrolls, but it looks so interesting.  Of course, now that I've started to pack up some of my books, I get distracted by every other book.  At least I've given myself time to account for all the distractions.  Sometimes I bring a good to the gym so I can read on the bike.  An hour seems to go by much quicker that way.  Sara wants to get me into the pool and I think next Friday we're meeting up.  I just haven't felt ready to get back in a suit.  But all the weights and cardio have made a difference, and I know swimming is a great workout, plus lots of fun.  I just need to get a cap for my hair and make sure my goggles are still good. 



                                        Monday the 15th of December, 2008


Dec 9th:  Came home to find a father safely arrived in the room all prepared for him.  Dinner was had at Silk Thai where we laid out thoughts and potential plans for the week.  Looking forward to father time because work is crazy this week with the remodel project.  The lobby wall is being taken out and redone and the outside is eagerly saying it's hellos.

Dec 10th: Early morning rise for a walk though Point Defiance trees and a breakfast of waffle at Antique Sandwich Co.  Landscape was obscured in fog and wreathed in the tendrils of little clouds.  It's been so long since I had an early morning winter walk I had forgotten what it was like.  Lots of little birds flitted around and sang their early morning songs.  Fantastic way to start the day.  Dinner wasn't put on any pedestal tonight.  Too hungry to change out of scrubs so we decided to go to Shari's.  It worked out just fine because they don't care what you wear really, they are open 24/7 and serve pretty much everything even if it isn't great food. 

Dec 11: Had breakfast at a little cafe I've driven past but never been in: The Old Milwaukee Cafe where they serve only breakfast and are only open until 2pm.  Really nice breakfast and good coffee.  When I got home from work we went out to Europa Bistro for some yummy Italian food and the headed over to The Mandolin Cafe for some hot chocolate.

Dec 12:  Vacation Day! Dad and I took a wind whipped bus trip up to The Museum of Flight in order to wander around and do all the Flight Simulators.  When we first walked in we decided to follow a Docent who gave a 20 minute talk about DaVinci and the Wright Brothers mostly and from there we headed over to the simulators.  The X-Flight Simulation was really fun but we couldn't figure out who was actually the pilot and we crashed only a few minutes into the full on simulation and that was the end of our flight.  The big pod WW2 Simulation was a story flight; all pre-programmed.  We flew over Iwo Jima and let our ship know coordinates and battle moves.  The glasses we wore made it 3-D and the pod moved according to the way our plane was flying.  I liked it because we actually got to 'fly' longer then we did when we were actually flying in the other simulator.  Went up to the WW1 and WW2 rooms.  Very interesting stuff, but I liked the WW1 room the best.  I loved all the interactive stuff.  There was a lunar landing room and a station where you could try to land your pod.  Dad and I both crashed.  Fell asleep on the bus ride back.  Stopped off the The Black Water Cafe for coffee and a cookie before heading home to finish warming up. 

Dec 13th:  Took the bus to Seattle.  Walked up and down the new and really awesome Seattle Public Library, walked across the street for hot drinks to keep out hands warm while walking to the Seattle Art Museum.  I always like walking around SAM.  Always something going on, some new little exhibit and dad and I had a great time exploring.  I pointed out several of my favorites but couldn't show him the surreal paintings I love because a really good Edward Hopper exhibit was using those rooms instead.  Then we had lunch, tried to take the MonoRail to Seattle Center, but it wasn't working.  Dad has never seen it working all the times he has been up there.  It's a jinx.  So we walked over to Pacific Science Center where we took took a confused route to the Lucy/Ethiopian Exhibit.  Once we got in however, wow.  I realized that none of my classes or really anything else I've read covered anything about Ethiopia and it's rich history and historical importance.  I think this isn't limited to my experience however and that this exhibit is really important for getting people to recognize the people and history of Ethiopia.   Then we got to see Lucy.  I got a little teary eyed for a second.  They also have a recreation of what she probably looked like. She's very pretty. 

Here's an interesting website: eLucy. You can 'meet' Lucy here and take a look at the bones and why she's so important.

Dec 14th:  A day to decompress, finish laundry, and see a movie.  After de-snowing the car we took lunch at Pomodoro's, then walked Proctor looking inside shops and debating if we wanted hot chocolate.  Eventually we decided against and came home to print out dad's boarding pass.  We ventured out into the snow once again to go see The Secret Life of Bees at the Blue Mouse Theater. 

Dec 15th: Got up for a coffee and light breakfast at Starbuck's before heading to the bus depot so dad could catch a bus to the airport.  A very, very early bus apparently.



                                        Saturday the 6th of December, 2008


Thanksgiving Weekend:

Drove to Shelton Friday after work and waited for the caravan to arrive to guide us to the cabin.  Listened to NPR talk about Fantasy/Sci-Fi and Philosophy for an hour.  It was a great hour.  Night time. Got to the cabin and made my hellos.    Eventually we got around to playing Pictionary.  Saturday after a big breakfast I took Barnacle  for a walk around some of the property .  A shed that's said the be haaaaaunted  -->  A stream that runs just to the side of the cabin  -->.  One snail -->

Lots of ferns and trees  -->.  Evidence of beavers, but no actual sightings.  Thanksgiving feast was later that afternoon followed by some of us watching movies and others playing Risk.  Pumpkin pie was made from a real pumpkin that once was canvas to a painting of Charlie the Unicorn from Halloween.  It was tasty.  Sunday was just a few people - most everyone else had gone home.  Came home Sunday night.  I had a lot of fun, but it was also very stressful.  I think a lot of that was catching and absorbing the family undercurrents. 


I've finished making up my studio for dad's arrival.  Hammond's approved it.  So I think we're set.                 


                                        Sunday the 22nd of November, 2008


Picture of the day:

  Hammond bringing me the ball to throw again.



                                            Friday the 21st of November, 2008


I joined the Elks Lodge Tacoma Temple #174 on the 12th.  I can't say much of anything about the ceremony, but I would like to say that it was really very nice and especially that it was incredibly eloquent.  So I have a lodge/club for drinks and networking and a gym attached, a bowling alley and a swimming pool ect.  It's nice.  I bought running shoes so I can go work out on treadmills and weight machines.  I already know several members and realized I probably know more.  Plus, lots of historical context and stuff.  Much stuff.


I have been cleaning out and rearranging my studio for my dad's visit so he has a room to sleep in.  The shoes he left here are very excited.  I'm pretty sure we both have lists of activities.  I took a Friday off so more could be added to the schedule. 


So next week is a short week because of Thanksgiving.  The actual day I'm spending in tranquil me time and Friday after work I'm driving up to Sara and Phil's cabin to spend a Thanksgiving holiday weekend with their family.  I'm looking forward to this.  I'm also realizing I need directions because I don't really know where it is.   At all. 


Last Friday I went to a Bead Show at the Tacoma Dome.  Pretty shiny happy.  Afterwards, I drove to the Python Temple to sell bottled water and cookies to people waiting to see a concert which we then went up and watched as well.  The group was called Uncle Bonsai.  I would akin them to Lullaby Baxter Trio for type of music sung.  I enjoyed it. 




                                            Saturday the 1st of November, 2008


Ok, so I've been busy with work and beading projects.  I've also been considering the fact that Christmas is coming up sooner then last I thought about it.  Halloween came and went with costume fun and friends.  I did upbeat gothic witch for work and all in black witch for the party. 

Hammond has really bad chin acne and consequently some ointment gel to help clear it up.  He hates it.  I asked Jennifer to shave his chin it got so bad.  The defurred chin takes the gel better and so it's starting to clear up again.  He still hates it. 

Spent several hours at SAM last weekend sitting in the surreal paintings room and going through the Beads from Around the World exhibit.  Lots of inspiration.  In the Modern Art room there's this on painting dedicated to Picasso called "On the Wall" by Sean Landers.  There's a letter written to him from the artist in the painting and the last two lines read "Never let me take for granted my good fortune and help me every day I live and every canvas I stretch to better myself and my art.  I so want to be what I know I can be that I will, in fact, die trying."  I like those words. The surreal room is still my favorite featuring several: Morris Graves, Mark Toby, Leo Kenny & John Covert.  It's not cozy like several of the rooms at the Nelson that I love so much, but it works. 



                                            Sunday the 28th of September, 2008


Went to a re-opening of a doggie boutique yesterday with Sara and Guppy.  New doggie fashions on display along with provided Mojito's and Pomegranate Martini's.  Saw lots of dogs and several of our clients.  Then we wandered down to a fantastic little cafe that I've been wanting to go to for awhile and it completely met my cafe desires.  We had several lovely cheese plates and  glasses of delicious wine.  Thought of my dad when we sat down.  I'll have to take him next time he visits. 


Also, there's nothing like a good hand wrestle with a little squirrel to brighten a grumpy day.  Jennifer is rehabilitating him - we've had him since he was about a week old so I would say he's about a month old now.  One of our clients found him and kept him for two days; he was very weak when he came to us.  As soon as he is big enough to deal with other squirrels, he will be released.  Right now he is learning about the wind and grass in his outdoor cage, but he comes in for most of the day and nights. 


**note*We actually do know how to care and deal with baby squirrels.  This is NOT a job to be taken lightly or easily.**



                                            Sunday the 21st of September. 2008


Took Sara to Seattle Art Museum yesterday - we walked and talked, had lunch, saw the art works, had a snack and took the bus back.  We had a really great day and I totally need to take Sara to SAM more often.  When she actually has time in her insane schedule, I will.  She's a lot of fun to go to the museum with.  I also introduced her to the concept of gelato.  She had a scoop of mango and blueberry.  I decided to go with a latte. 


                                            Sunday the 14th of September, 2008


Pythian meeting was had on the 8th - first one since summer break.  I'm also working on joining The Elks so I can make connections and join the gym.  Resume is also updated and being sent out.  I'm working on the assumption that a better paycheck will make life just that much easier to live.


Otherwise, there has been cheese, tea and the watching of DVDs while I work on the computer because there really isn't on TV anymore but I've heard that House is new this week and Jennifer and I are pretty interested in that. 


Still working on figuring out how I want to do my tulip flower - I pretty much know, but not entirely.  Also I figured out the tool I need for another painting - a ruler.  Who would have guessed?  The ability to draw a straight line - very helpful.


                                            Sunday the 7th of September, 2008


Yesterday saw the cutting of some of my hairs.  Sara, Karen and I went to Left of Center in Auburn to have trims and styles done to our hair.  Afterward there was some munching of luncheon.  Later on that night Sara, Phil and I went to Hell's Kitchen to see a band called The Petting Zu because they both know the lead singer and lead guitar (we were on the Guest List).  It's hard for most girls to pull of funky metal, but Jamie did a great job and the rest of the band was really awesome. 


Today I got up and decided I needed some new books to read, so I headed over to Tacoma Bookstore and browsed.  Am now enjoying a new Asimov and have actual other books to read that I haven't already read twice over.  Then I decided to hop on a bus and go up to Seattle to see SAM's Impressionist exhibit.  Really well researched and put together.   It was all about the connections between the modern Impressionists looking to move forward and set their own style and the connections they had with past European masters - the inspirations and the rebellions, the criticisms against the Impressionist and the admiration for them and vice versa.  There were Renoir's, Manet's, Velazquez's, Monet's, Cezanne's, Fragonard's, a Aert van der Neer (Skaters on a Frozen Canal by a Village), ect.  There were easily 100 pieces.  The earliest piece being a Raphael Santi sketch from 1510 and the most recent being a Renoir; Nude on a Couch from 1915.  Wandered around the rest of the museum for a little while afterwards looking for old favorites (some of while had been taken down) and discovering some new favorites and glowering at such things as White Canvas with just a little Yellow around the Edge. 

Then I wandered down to Pioneer Square, bought lunch and a coffee - drank the coffee while window looking and was standing looking at some wicked boots when one of the guys came out to eat his ice cream and we got to talking about boots and clothes.  The store sells men's utilikilts and men's boots with lots of steel and straps, and I wanted to try on a pair just because.  I stomped about like a five year old girl in daddy's steel toed boots for a minute.  The guys and I talked jobs and schools and he saw the book I was reading (Asimov) and I started talking Science Fiction and we started taking geek.  I tried on a heavy black utilikilt and it looked really awesome.  Did not buy anything, but had a lot of fun.  Left there and found a little secluded spot to eat my lunch and then I rode the bus home.   



                                            Saturday the 16th of August, 2008


Have been doing quite a bit of painting today.  Feel very good about it.  Working on two paintings now.  One is the Tulip painting and one is At World's End.  That last one was one that I rushed to get to some kind of finish and was never happy about.  It's been worked on to some end, but I kind of just needed to almost totally redo it while keeping the spirit of it alive.  I'm getting to the point where I'm starting to become pleased with the results; now the paint dries.  The Tulip painting is nearing some completion;  the leaves, stem and bulb are looking good.  The paint again needs to dry before I will work on the petals or roots.  


Have started rereading Watchmen.  Finished watching The Deep End.  What in the world does the woman say to her husband at the end?   But I like seeing the lead actress in something that leaves her vulnerable.  She's interesting to watch and all I've known her in have been Powerful characters (The White Witch for example).    


Tomorrow I'm going to Hemp Fest in Seattle with Jennifer and several of her friends.  I think the plan is to drive to Bremerton and then take the Ferry over.  Have never been, but it should be fun and I'm looking forward to the Ferry ride. 



                                            Wednesday the 13th of August, 2008


My friend's/co-worker's daughter Brianna tuned 14 on the 2nd and Jennifer and I went to her birthday party.  Went out to lunch with Gary beforehand and we had the worst food ever prepared at this beautiful little Chinese buffet restaurant.  We left after an hour having barely touched any of our food, hungry and nauseous at the same time.  Arrived at Bri's house just a little, but I don't think it mattered much.  We spent time inside and outside at a picnic table chatting and eventually opening presents and having burgers ect.  Had lots of fun hanging out with everyone and no, there wasn't anyone her age, just us old people.  ^_^

<-- earrings I made for Bri


Busy week at work last week and this week we are interviewing for one of out Assistant positions that just opened up a few weeks ago - our going away party for Kendra was last Wednesday at Guadie's.  Dr J was awesome and picked up the tab for everyone.  I spilled salsa on myself twice before my Margarita had even shown up so I swore off the salsa for the rest of the night.  Dr Moore's last day ever is going to be this Monday because she's filling in for Dr J as he takes a quick break from work work and then she leave forever off to Virginia.  Really going to miss her, but at least for the sanity of Dr J and the rest of us, we have a really awesome relief Dr coming in quite a few Tuesdays and Fridays.  She's very cool and very good.


Keep trying to take Sara to the Seattle Art Museum for the Impressionism Exhibit, but the women keeps being insanely busy.  However, I am determined at some point.  I made more headway in the painting her tulips inspired though over the weekend.  Once the paint dries again, I will be working more on the final piece of the painting.  Sara had me watch The Hours a few weeks ago and then asked me what I felt at the end.  My answer was, I cried at the end for their grief and relief but I felt happy at the same time.  Now she has we watching The Deep End.  I'm about 20 into the movie but broke away to watch some swimming. 


Really into watching the Olympics, and I keep trying to work on other things at the same time so I don't just get glued to the TV.  It's hard sometimes.  Very distracting. 


                                            Monday the 28th of July, 2008


Linda and Popo came to Seattle on the 5th to catch their cruise ship to Alaska, but it so happened that they had an evening to hang around in Seattle, so I got to go up and hang out with them for a bit.  Showed them around Pike's Place where we caught a bite to eat and found some yummy ice cream in a little chocolate shop in Post Alley. 

<-- Popo and me


Jennifer (housemate) went down to California for a 10 day visit and the cats became very, very needy.  They need more then one human in the household I think.


Jennifer (old roommate) came and visited me from California this last week.  We hung out, went out to eat with our old friend Carl one night, went out to see Dark Knight another night and caught up with each other's life in general.  On Friday after work, we started our drive to Mt Hood down in Oregon.  On the way, we stopped off in Olympia for dinner and coffee.  Our visit to random Starbucks yielded my friend Gary, who while does live in Olympia, there should be no reason for him to be in random Starbucks at the same time as me.  So yay, I got to introduce him to Jennifer and we stopped and chatted.  Happy chance encounter.  Go universe.  Mt Hood is beautiful.  After dropping Jennifer off at her family reunion in the middle of nowhere that had a suspicious number of people populating it, I drove back down and stopped off on the side of the road for a quick walk in the woods.  Found a perfect little spot with lots of tiny little trees that were quickly repopulating a clearing.  I had my perfect moment of wind, sun, birds and insects and nothing else.  No other sounds - no sounds of people, only wings and wind.  Beautiful. 



                                            Saturday the 22nd of June, 2008

awwww, hey look, it's me!!                                    


Last night was Jennifer's birthday and we all spent it at City Lights playing really bad games of pool eating fries and drinking Spider Bites with Sour. 


                                             Tuesday the 17th of June, 2008


Night of June 17th was my friend Mike's Birthday Roast and was a real Dean Martin zinger.  It was held at Guadalajara's an hour later then intended because we couldn't stop talking long enough to go sit down and then someone needed to go get a drink and didn't that just sound like a good idea to someone else too.  It works only because we love. The Roast lasted about 2 hours I think and Joe started the dance off with some awesomeness I didn't expect and it just got better with each subsequent Roaster (except at one point where there were watermelons in Equator and mice involved, unfortunately I just didn't understand where the guys story was going.  Or where it had been.) Shared stories with people, met Mike's mom and hung out with Joe and Gary.  Gary knew my Charlie the Unicorn comment which made me so happy.  It was cute.  After the Roast was complete, I decided to not close down the bar as I had to work the next morning up in Seattle.  


That Sunday after work, drove over to Joe's to watch Really Bad Movie Night.  Hell Goes to Frogtown was the title and it was really bad.  It was something like a lame porno plot with mutant frog people, only the actual having sex on screen has been left out.  An experience was had by all.


Finally used my O&Co giftcards this last Sunday at work and bought a nice bag size of delicious product.  I'm planning an hors d'oeuvre kick back on the front porch with a glass of wine and several good friends.  So far I've heard lots of "Yes!, when can we do this?".


To my dad: glad you got my song ^_^  I may not always call, but I think about you every day.


                                              Saturday the 7th of June, 2008


Sara lent me season 2 of Deadwood and I have to say it's all very exciting and full of hoopla. 

I took Guppy to go see Prince Caspian last week and I loved it, loved it, loved it.  Guppy and I talked Narnia all the way home.

Updated my Comics Page to include the Convention report (now with pictures).

Last Saturday I walked around the Seattle Art Museum for a few hours to see some of the new rotations and old favorites.

Had an interesting week at work; got bitten and scratched, but I feel no ill will - Kobe the cat was in quite a bit of pain and I was there holding him, a baby pigmy goat named Billy came in with an umbilical hernia and we spoiled that baby with all our attentions, lots of puppies and two very cute white rats named Josh and Jeremy.

Last night Sara, Mary, Jennifer and I got dressed up and played pool all night at the Temple and then Jennifer and I proceeded to have fun running around taking photos.


                                              Monday the 26th of May, 2008


The Comic Convention was awesome and wonderful.  I met Brian Haberlin (amazing writer), 'Moritat' Norman (ElephantMen artist), Tim Sale (the talent behind Heros paintings), Richard Starking (ElephantMen writer), J.Michael Straczynski (amazing writer!), Bill Willingham (Fables), Jamie Bamber (Apollo from BattleStar), Wil Wheaton (yay!), Julie Benz (Darla from Buffy/Angel), Andy Ownes (artist on Buffy Season 8/Fray) The clown behind Angus Oblong (who was wearing fantastic clown makeup) and the guys at Konsequential Studios (again). 

I got autographs from Wil, Julie and Jamie and heard them speak at the Q & A's.  Really enjoyable.  Wil talked about his childhood, blogging, being a geek and loving it.  Julie talked about her recent movies (Rambo for example) and mentioned how she is now wanted by the Burmese government. Jamie of course was asked all about the final episodes of BattleStar Galactica and and had the audience cracking up the whole time.

Brian Haberlin signed my Man Hunter issues and Trade.  Tim Sale did a really quick sketch of Hiro with his sword for me.  Richard and Moritat signed ElephantMen for me and Moritat did another sketch for me (and he remembered me from Comic Book Ink 2007).  JMS signed my Midnight Nation Trade, Rising Stars Trades and my Book of Lost Souls issues, plus then I also went to his Q & A panel.

Bill Willingham was fun to talk to while I was standing in line, now, I don't read Fables, but I was getting several signed for Jennifer and he loved that I was doing that.  Andy Ownes signed my Buffy Season 8 and Fray issues and then pointed out the guy who did the coloring (Dave Stewart) on the issues as well, so I got them signed by him as well. 

Jennifer (housemate) was really excited over the Oblongs when she saw they were on my program guide, so I picked up a little piece of original signed artwork for her.  The guys at Konsequential Studios had 2 new issues out since last year and I picked those up.  Picked up at lot of free posters, comics and bookmarks around the room and from promotional booths.  Most of it I made into a present package for Stephanie's three kids.  I also bought them each 3 little prints signed by the artist from Artists Alley.  They featured animals - one was birds, another was lizards and the third was cats with a silhouette of a mouse in top hat in front.  The artist lady was wearing a huge demonie looking bird head costume. 

2 days of geek and I had such a blast.


The following weekend saw me flying back to Kansas for my cousin Shannon's wedding.  It took place at The Elms Spa and Resort in Excelsior Springs, MO.  I was bad about taking pictures of the wedding, but I got pictures of Rufus and Holmes while I was home! It was entirely too short a visit, but I got to see almost all of my cousins and my aunts and uncles, plus there was lots of dancing and talking.  Mom and I went swimming before the ceremony - a hot springs tub and a lap pool (that was over chlorinated by a half).  Had a quick lunch at The Mills where my mom, dad and I had flashbacks to our own small town and farmhouse; realized mom left her outfit at home, and then there was a quick shopping frenzy at a little consignment shop that was highly geared towards the 15-25 crowd. However, mom and I picked out a really cute outfit for her and we made it back in plenty of time for a drink or two.  The ceremony was stunning and bubbles were blown after the couple - colors in white, red and black.  The reception was lovely and there was lots of mingling and chatting all night.


This weekend, bought a few pieces of basics for my wardrobe, went out with friends to play pool, did laundry and on Monday caught the tail end of a BBQ. 



                                              Saturday the 3rd of May, 2008


Ok, so nothing written for the month of April. 


 So for this month for far-


                                              Saturday the 29th of March, 2008


Last night Gary and I went to Bento and ate a whole table top full of food - it was all very fun and very yummy.  Showed him my studio/gallery and we watched TV out of the corner of our eye while talking to Jenn.  Then tonight Jenn is taking me out to a drag show that her ex-girlfriend is singing at.


Let's see... work is going well.  Studio is all set up and I'm back to painting.  Have some new beads I bought at a recent bead show last Sunday and am designing several new necklace/earring sets and I have those set out to work on.  I have a stack of books I'm reading though.  And I'm slowly working on updating my wardrobe - my first step was a really cute Easter dress for my birthday and a new pair of shoes.   I figure one new thing a month and keep weeding the old stuff that doesn't it well out for GoodWill.  When I go to interview for positions, I want to be able to present myself and then have something to wear other then scrubs to work.



                                              Thursday the 27th of March, 2008


So last night had me at a 100th Monkey party with a really tight band inside a church that reminded me more of a 18th century English manor.  Very in the spiffy end of things. 


Last weekend had me at my friend Joe's birthday party (another band was playing that one) and the theme was White Trash which I didn't know about.  I brought Jennifer with me so she could meet my friends.  I think she had a good time despite only knowing me.  I have good friends, I don't think she was lying.  Odd yes, but good mates. 


I got two of my easels back finally and now have the studio all set up.  In fact I have a drinking buddy of mine coming over tomorrow to take a look - we've talked about my paintings before and he keeps asking to see them, so at the party last week we exchanged numbers and I called him Tuesday to invite him to the 100th Monkey.  He couldn't come due to work (nurse w/ 12hours shifts) but he asked if he could come over this Friday instead. 



                                              Sunday the 16th of March, 2008


So the show up around 3pm party started off as the lamest thing ever - it was at least 5pm before anyone showed (people kept calling to say they were sorry they couldn't make it: death in family, broke up with boyfriend and moving out of shared apartment...ect) and then it was just 2 people.  All the effort of the last month seemed wasted and all the food we prepared was going to waste!   Joe called and said sorry he had moved his party back a week so it wasn't a shared party after all and everyone wanted to come but they were still at work.  So to make up for it, he was going to come by later and take me out for a drink at Guadalajara's that night when he got off work.  ok.  An half an hour later a third person showed up.  We started up the BBQ and started to eat and have some drinks.  About 6:30pm about 10 people arrived and then it became a party - mostly Jennifer's friends.  Joe came by about 8pm and it turned out the about 30 people showed up at Guadalajara's for my birthday.  There was food, yummy fruity drinks and Karaoke.  Mike signed me up to sing Peggy Lee's Fever and I got much applause and many cat calls.  A lot of people got up to sing and there was even some really hysterical dancing.  I laughed so hard the entire night; I had so much fun.  I even got some presents and balloons!  Jennifer had fun here at the house and I called and told her the one drink had turned into something much more.  Mike drove me home around 1:30am and I just crawled into bed with Jennifer so I didn't have to climb the stairs.  Very tired.  And we still have lots of food left over.



                                              Sunday the 9th of March, 2008


Had our Open House yesterday at Jones Animal Hospital and I suppose it was a good success.  I thought there would be more people showing up, but apparently the 75 people we did have showing was a good number.  It was a carnival theme, so there was a popcorn maker (which I was in charge of and now have a nice little burn shaped like a leaf on my right hand), lots o games with prizes, a freak show room, and a general showing off of our rooms and equipment.  Afterwards a group of us went out for dinner cause it was a long day and it's my birthday on Monday.

Phil and Sara are working on our backyard right now - they left all their junk (chicken coop, recycling, garbage, dog crap, wood piles, brick piles ect) there when they left with the promise of getting it cleaned up so we could have the backyard to actually go out into.  Well, Jennifer and I are planning a party on the 15th for a house warming/spring celebration/Ides of March/several birthdays and I gave them an invitation to the BBQ.  Since we had been promised our backyard by the end of February, they are now working on it for us, for our party and while they do that, we are getting the insides of the house ready.

Also, I broke up with Jonathan. He's a great guy, I wish him very well with lots of love, but there was too much unsaid and without realizing it, we grew apart and communication fell behind. That's all I'll say about it. 



                                              Monday the 18th of February, 2008


Got back from Las Vegas last night.  Spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday celebrating Jonathan's 30th birthday with his family and some close friends.  I think the next time I go, I want to see some shows, but for my first time in Vegas, it was beyond awesome.  (But I have to admit, watching someone play Black Jack isn't very exciting.)  We stayed at the Venetian, but we also explored Harrah's (mostly in search of the $10 Black Jack table), Circus Circus (to play some arcade games plus I watched some cool trapeze artists),  Caesar's for shopping and a peek in the casino and The Mirage for a look at their fish tanks.  I was so all about the food - I think I gained 10 pounds in pastry, coffee and all the other food we had, but oh... it was so good. The dinner we had Saturday night for Jonathan's birthday was fabulous; we had a private room at a really wonderful Italian restaurant inside the Venetian overlooking the plaza and the Grand Canal where there were Opera singers and other performers.  Oh, and did I mention how scrumptious our room was?  Very, very wow.



                                             Sunday the 3rd of February, 2008


Went to a wine party in Olympia to celebrate my friend Gary's graduation from nursing school last night.   Good times, lots of wine. 


Have spent today doing more organizing.  Brought my filing cabinet upstairs - finally - and in doing so also finally got all those papers I need to keep all in one place.   Looks so much better. Art Studio is almost finished!  Now I just have to get my 3 easels back from the movie set.


Pinky and her tumor  Abby, our hospital cat loves coffee (she really does love coffee).



                                              Wednesday the 23rd of January, 2008


My darling friend Steph went in yesterday to be spayed and Jennifer and I went over to see her in the hospital last night to see how she was doing.  I think the answer was: hungry!!  In other news we are adopting a little rat named Pinky.  Pinky had a tumor removed today and no one wanted to take him home, so Jennifer and I are.  She is very sweet and adorable.  The tumor looks like a brain (a very smooth one though) and Jennifer named it Brain.  dadadum...ting!


Went up to Vancouver, BC over the weekend to see my long lost friend Danielle.  Julie, Stephanie and I all went out to dinner with her and we laughed ourselves silly.  It's been five and a half years since the four of us have been together.  I missed her so much and could never figure out what happened that we drifted apart and lost contact with her.  Well, we got busy and stuff was happening, but that's all crap and we found each other again!!


                                              Wednesday the 16th of January, 2008


Saturday Jonathan and I went out or the first time in almost a month since he's been in Denver for several weeks and then right after he went home, Jennifer and I got a call from Sara and we all went out to the SilverStone for drinks and dancing.  Strange, yet fun night out. 

Monday was all about playing and cuddling with a bobcat kitten and the death of a beloved patient.  All before 9am. 

This weekend is going to be all about going up to Vancouver BC and reuniting with an old friend. 



                                              Tuesday the 1st of January, 2008


Congratulations to all those who made it to a New Year.  I personally wandered around First Night Tacoma with Sara and Guppy where there was lots of open houses and shows.  Fireworks went off at midnight.  I was pleased with the whole shebang.  Had today off from work and I just slept in and relaxed and did laundry. 



                                              Thursday the 27th of December, 2007


It snowed here on Christmas Day (smile).  I watched the big, fluffy flakes float down from the sky with Hammond for about 30 minutes out the upstairs window.  Later that day I went over to Sara's new house for dinner and the eventual meeting of Phil's long lost son and new grandbaby.  Good times.


                                              Monday the 24th of December, 2007


My Seconds party was so wonderful and full of love and laughter.  3 paintings have sold so far.  yay!!!


Work is going well - around the holidays everything gets nuts, but it's going just fine.  We had our office Christmas party on the 18th.  Wasn't expecting much, but it turned out to be fun and we all got really nice gifts besides our Secret Santa gifts. Finally also my O&Co gift card which was really nice.  I finished up my Christmas shopping last night! Sorry to those people I'm shipping presents off to - I love you and so you're all getting New Year's presents instead of Christmas presents.


The house is still slowly being unpacked, but it will probably be another few months before everything is unpacked. There's just so much stuff between the two of us!


Saturday was Joe's Solstice Party - the theme was Wear the Worst Christmas Sweater You Can Find (mine was a really bad oversized black sweater with an embroidered snowman who had a halo) and our White Elephant gift exchange theme was Bring a Really Bad Gag Gift (I brought a cowboy statue).



                                              Saturday the 15th of December, 2007


New heaters are being installed by Sara and her father and I'm doing my part by staying out of the way and supplying coffee.  I offered eggs, but everyone passed.  We have so many eggs right now.  I think the darling chickens have supplied us with at least 3 dozen eggs at the moment and that's with us trying to eat a lot and me giving some away.


The Seconds wrap party is tonight and I'm excited about that.  I may or may not be getting my art supplies back - there still needs to be a montage shot of my hand painting apparently.  I'm not sure when this is going to happen but I'll be needing my stuff back before that happens - I don't even know which painting they want me working on or if they want a variety of paintings.  They just need someone who knows how to paint...painting.


In the mist of work and other stuff I have some kind of sore throat crap thing that's got me all croaky and achy.  It sucks.  I have a headache from all my coughing. 


The new house (well, technically old since it is over 100 years old) is coming along and so far it's really nice living in a house.  I do miss having a bathroom right around the corner from my bedroom though.  oh well, it's a good house.  I'm enjoying living here.  Plus it is nice to have someone else to talk to at night if I want to and Hammond loves chasing the other cats around the house.  That's amusing to watch.


                                              Thursday the 13th of December, 2007


Work has been going and doing its thing.  We are still unpacking the remnants; not much left, but there's still a few boxes and organizing that we haven't gotten to yet.  It's just so nice to not have to in order to function, that we're kind of letting the rest go for now so we can rest. 


                                               Tuesday the 27th of November, 2007


Everyone go see the trailers to the movie Seconds that I worked on (my paintings and some sketches):

They are up on YouTube, but the link there on the right hand sidebar.


                                               Monday the 19th of November, 2007


Last night I took Jonathan to see the movie set of Seconds.  It was so much more then I had hoped and I was so happy and proud of everyone.  We watched several pickups being shot, and wow was I blown away.  I'm very excited to see the full film!  And evidently my paintings are going over very well and several of them now have price tags.  The idea of which utterly shocks me.  I wasn't expecting to have to think about pricing for a few months.  Also, the concept of selling one of my paintings is so strange; I understand the concept and agree that this is the end goal of my work, but, the actual agreeing to sell is totally different.  There is a large part of me that doesn't want to sell; it's very hard to sell something that you love and put so much blood, sweat and tears into.  However, this is apparently, what I am going to do.  There are 4 paintings that prices have been asked of and at least 3 will sell before the film unveiling.  This is something I will deal with for every piece I sell, but that's what children do - they grow up and leave you to become part of the larger world and that's my hope for my paintings as well.


Now all I have left to do is pack and move a few blocks.  Then I have several paintings I want to paint.


                                               Sunday the 18th of November, 2007


The movie is shooting and my paintings are going over quite well.  My dad and I had a wonderful time while he was here; we went to Point Defiance for walks, Fort Nisqually on their free day to poke around, climb a tower and watch the smithy, The Antique Sandwich Company for several meals and cider, the Recycle Plant because I had intense amounts of recycling to be taken in and sorted, Jones Animal Hospital to see where I work and meet Jennifer and dinner with Sara, Phil and Guppy.  There was lots of play time with Hammond and the two of them bonded over early morning window watching.  We didn't really 'do' a whole lot, but we did spend a lot of time together and that's the really important part - we had a really wonderful time together.  We even swapped mystery books!  My Rule of Four for his Still Life.


                                            Tuesday the 6th of November, 2007


You should check out my Mixed Media Page and see what I've been working on like a mad woman for the past many weeks. 

Just in time for my deadline is my producer picking everything up and taking them to the set and my dad's all set to arrive for a visit!!  Yay visit!


                                            Friday the 19th of October, 2007


Hammond is munching on my toes, so I figured what better time to update my blog.  Mostly, there has been work and painting.  Jonathan took me art supply shopping at Danial Smith and made me a very happy girl.  My deadline is the 5th of November.  This is me freaking out just a little.  Which is one reason I haven't been updating.  Late nights and with work being busy I've had to come home and sleep off massive headaches or try to paint as much as possible and my time is running out!  meep meep meep.  Also, it's very probable that a friend and I will be moving into a house together come December.  

My dad's going to be visiting me too!!! Right after my deadline - so maybe I'll be able to clean up my apartment again ^_^  just for him ^_^


                                            Thursday the 27th of September, 2007


100th Monkey Party last night was so amazing.  Sara and I had way too much fun.  We were very pleased.

I can now say that I've shown my artwork at The Tacoma Art Museum.  (there is much glee)

I showed my Ascension and it was very well received - several cards were given and several received. 


                                            Saturday the 22nd of September, 2007


Tacoma to Heron Island: Our Trip


Started off at The Ram Dock Point Defiance Park: Rounding the Point  Tacoma Narrows Bridge Karen!


Passing under Tacoma Narrows: The Two Bridges (Old and New)


Putting Up the Sails Island in the Sound: Actually Fox Island


Sea Lions and Some Herons on a Buoy: A female lion swam after us for a little bit and that's her in the last photo - upper right. 


Guppy reading gaming reviews to us The Island Prison Seals Napping across from the prison island


Zittles: Or Where We Stopped for Lunch Sara and Guppy landing the buoy for a tie off.  We reached Heron Island where Sara was given a buoy to tie her boat to for free, hence the sailing trip. 


Karen and I had been set ashore with all the stuff we were packing out.  We see the Ferry we have to take to get to the Mainland.


Oh look!  A young buck nibbling on someone's lawn. We get a ride. We all get to ride.  Thank you Malcom! 


The Pink Princess Mary So pretty; what a fabulous day on the boat.  We take the ferry back to the mainland.


We wait to be picked up and taken home by Phil. We make Water Art with sticks.

We finally go home.


                                            Friday the 21st of September, 2007


Sara just invited me to come on a sailing adventure with her!  We're going to take her boat to it's new mooring home about 5 hours south (by sail boat) and I'm packing a bag ^_^ 


I was warned that anything could happen - like running out of gas - so I should be prepared.  Very exciting.  I should also bring some food. 


                                            Saturday the 15th of September, 2007


Feed Sara's chickens this morning (I got 3 fresh eggs out of the deal this morning) and then had a two hour breakfast with Jani.  She also gave me some books she didn't want to move, but didn't want to just 'give away'.  I now also have a cool spice rack. 


Last night I went over to Joe's and watched Ghostbusters I and II with him and a bunch of friends.  Hysterics ensued.


                                            Wednesday the 12th of September, 2007


Apartment clean and getting cleaner.  Landry is done.   Dishes are done.


Hammond is wearing his halter pretty well now --> Pretty in pink and about to tackle a twisty pipe cleaner.

the CloseUp  I am So Cat Normal Kitty Pounce Face


Went sailing with Sara, Jenn, Melissa and Stacy from work last night.  Lots of fun and we even had about 20 minutes of wind! Real sailing time! 


Planted some catnip seeds, so we'll see if they grow.  Hammond doesn't seem to keen on catnip.  I bought him some dried catnip and he ignored it. odd.


In sad news, Jani is moving to Texas.  Good news for her, but I'm sad to see her go - I'm going to miss her.  We're getting together this Saturday for coffee and catching up. 


                                            Sunday the 9th of September, 2007


Went to Bumbershoot last Saturday which was claustrophobic with crowding at first and then as it thinned out got much more fun.  Was able to get a Mainstage pass (limited supply due to capacity)  and went to see Gym Class Heroes and Panic! At the Disco.  Also saw this amazing band I had never heard of (which is why I love Bumbershoot) called Gogol Bordello.  They do a wicked gypsy two-step rhythm infused with ska, punk, rap, reggae and twang and the whole crowd was jumping around and dancing wildly.  Much fun.  (some photos to come in the near future)


Yesterday saw a cleaning frenzy in my apartment including 4 loads of laundry.  There is much improvement and Hammond is pleased.  You know the mess is getting out of hand when your cat starts to try to scoop the mess into one pile instead of many. Now all that is left is some winter laundry for storage, moping and vacuuming.  He hates it when I vacuum.  The DVD player is inhabited by genies to be played with and the vacuum by demons to run away from in terror.


I bought him a harness and leash because he wants to go outside so badly.  It's going to be a very slow process, happily he's very nice about letting me put on the harness.  It's the whole leash thing he doesn't get yet.  It doesn't help that I live on the second floor and navigating the stairs are terrifying right now.  I get that.


                                            Wednesday the 29th of August, 2007


There was a happy day of Renaissance Festival over in Gig Harbor with Jonathan (bought a feather for my hat too!). 


Sara and Phil had a ring blessing ceremony last Friday which was pretty cool and then here was a party afterwards in which there were lots of people, drinks and dancing at a local bar/club.  Good times.  Jonathan even managed to come down for the last leg and so met some of my friends (and co-workers) which was also very cool.  Did I mention there was dancing?  Oh yes, quite a bit of dancing and Jonathan even managed to do a bit of leg limbo (I give credit for the 3 minutes of trying).  Quite the revelry.


Haven't yet decided which day I'm going to Bumbershoot - I have Saturday and Monday off, but oh! which to choose!  I'm thinking Saturday actually because Monday Sara might have her boat in the water and I'm invited!!


Am in dire need to doing laundry. I fear there is danger of being overrun by dirty clothes.  Nothing new there - really. 


Pursued one of my favorite bookstores the other day with a friend of mine - one of Sara's sons - Guppy.  He needed some new reading material and I happily stepped in for the chance to start several new chapters of my own for a bargain price.


                                            Friday the 3rd of August 2007


The Simpson's Movie is hysterical and I was singing Spider Pig all the next day.


Work is busy, I still love it even when it bugs me.  I actually get to learn information and pass it on to people instead of having to always turn it over to an assistant or tech.  This means of course that I'm having to learn a lot and learn it fast. 


Went to The Highland Games over at the King County Fairgrounds with Jonathan last Sunday.  That was fun.  We watched log tosses and all sorts of Scottish dogs were running around doggie courses.  There were lots of bagpipes and drummers, kilts and clan tents. 

  Wicked Tinkers!!!!!!!  Highlight.    Just about to toss the log end over end.


                                            Monday the 23rd of July2007


July 4th weekend: Flew to Bethesda, Maryland for the 4th and stayed till that Sunday visiting Jonathan's brothers (Ben & Justin) and their wives (Janet & Megan) for a fun holiday weekend walking around Washington DC.  We also took a day trip to Annapolis for a sailing tour which was really awesome. 

Went to the National Gallery of Art, The American Art Museum and the National Portrait Gallery Took pictures in front of The National Archives, but didn't have a chance to go in On our way to the Lincoln Memorial we walked though this little part with - this is a World War memorial Lincoln Memorial was crowed as usual We walked though the Vietnam Memorial  Looked over at the Jefferson Memorial  Ben and Janet took us all up to Annapolis for a sailing trip on the WindWood II      On our last day Jonathan and I went back to Georgetown for one last walk around and we walked down to the Potomac to watch the rowers  This is the very last stop - it's an old stone house with a really nice garden in the back.



This last week at work has been a long one.  Monday was terrible (started my day off with an accidentally murdered dog by police raid where they got the wrong house) and ended with me going home to a glass of wine.  The week ended pretty well though.  Jonathan brought me my very own copy of the new Harry Potter at lunch on Saturday.  Sunday I unexpectedly had nothing to do and so started to read my shiny new book at 12:30pm; I realized at 10:30pm that I had been reading all day and decided to finish.  I finished at 12:30am twelve hours after starting.  It's just a darn good read and I couldn't stop reading.


Tonight I had a lovely dinner at Pomodoro with my long time friend Mary Messell (who is not a Messell anymore, but still a Mary) who is visiting Washington/Tacoma on a short vacation trip. I met her husband, Ken, and she met my cat, Hammond. We talked about old times and got caught up a little on old friends and family.  We had fun.


Jonathan took me to a Rush concert Friday night (traffic was so bad we missed the first hour of the three hour concert - one hour to get the last 7 miles) and followed them down to LA to see their concert down there.  He and Jennifer FINALLY we able to have lunch and they left me several rather adorable messages while I was at work today.  Rush puts on a really amazing concert - I had such a good time.  The music was just phenomenal and the video and lasers accompanying were brilliantly well done.  He bought me a tour shirt afterwards too.  It's cool.




                                            Friday the 29th of June, 2007


I love my new job.  I fit in very well and even though it's really busy and I'm learning a whole new system, so far it's really good.  Plus I love seeing all the puppies come in.  Dr Jones (who owns the practice) is getting married this Saturday and everyone is going to the reception and that should be lots of fun.  I have no idea what I'm wearing. 


My friend Julie also asked me to do a bunch of paintings for her debut movie (she wrote the script and is part of the production staff).  The movie is about a young painter/artist and I'm in charge of painting a hella lota paintings to fill up her walls Narnia style. uff


Life is not quite so crazy busy, which is just a farce, because it's still really busy, but there's just more of a schedule to it.  eh.  This is still good.  Right now, I'm happy.



                                            Thursday the 14th of June, 2007


A lot has happened, but at the same time, not much has really been happening. 


Highlights:  NEW JOB!!!  A job that I think will be fulfilling, and is a nice easy commute.  Jones Animal Hospital.  I'll be working the front desk like I was at MetVet, but this place is really busy and has been around for 50 years.  It's very much a family environment - plus my very good friend Sara works there too.

Actually I have a really nice part time thing going as well up in Seattle working at O&Co - which Jennifer recommended me for the position as she works at the same company just down in LA.

Police Concert!  June 7th at the Key Arena.  They decided to do 2 Seattle shows, which turned out to be really awesome for the thousands who didn't get first concert tickets.  3 encores to boot.  Played all the songs I wanted to hear (Message In a Bottle, Roxanne, Don't Stand So Close To Me, Do Do Do-Da Da Da and Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic) and played them damn good too.  Sting sounds great and Andy and Steward were amazing.   Walking In Your Footsteps had a lazar light show of dinosaur skeletons walking around all the walls and Roxanne had everything lit up in red lights.  Really cool stuff.


Prom is going on all over the place.  Every weekend I see dressed up teenagers walking the streets of Seattle.  I remember Prom.  It was fun.


Otherwise, lots of work.  Not much laundry.  I keep getting quarters earmarked for the occasion, but then I inevitability end up using them as bus fare because I refuse to drive to Seattle for work. 


Hammond is full of bounce and keeps secreting all this toys away.


Jonathan is taking me away to Maryland for July 4th to visit family (his - more specifically his brothers and their lovely wives).


I keep generating a list of stuff from O&Co that I want to buy.  For myself and friends.  I keep having to stop myself.  It's just so yummy.   But first I need to build up my cash supply. 


Saw Oceans 13 - funny movie, enjoyable stuff.  Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End - also fun and slightly strange. A fourth movie is SO being made, my goodness the cliff hanger.  Spiderman 3 - really good special effects it had a good conclusion. 



                                            Sunday the 27th of May, 2007


My art show is down as of the 15th. 


Flew to Kansas on the 5th for a weekend visit for a visit and took Jonathan with me.  First thing we did was say hello to Rufus (who had just gotten a shave) after we got back from the airport and dinner (dinner with Uncle Mike and Aunt Jayme - yay!).  Thunderstorm arrived that night and it was really nice to got to sleep with thunder and lightening.

The next day there was a big Family Party and almost everyone was able to come!  It was so great.  ^_^  That was Sunday.  Another thunderstorm that night. 

Monday I took Jonathan out to visit my old farm in Gardner, KS.

  The farm is now owned by a really nice woman (with husband and small child) who is dedicated to reviving the farm (after a decade or so of neglect) and making it into a working Organic Farm.  She even has goats!  I was very pleased with the way things were going.  The barn is now a barely standing shell of a thing, but that isn't surprising.  It's old and not repaired.  The pasture is still mostly grown over, but about 7 years ago there was a pasture fire and that helped get rid of many of the weedy trees that had overtaken everything.  She has about 5 horses, chickens, cats and a really awesome shaggy dog.  There's several small gardens and I'm sure she'll expand those later.  She's really into the history of the farm and has done lots of research - our house and farm is an original Homestead farm and house and there's lots of history to be had.  Even our trees are rare and old.  I love my old farm.  I'm really happy there's someone who lives there who loves it even more then I do.  

Drove into Gardner proper for a quick look since I hadn't driven through town in well over 15 years.  The outskirts are really built up, but the small little town of red brick buildings I remember along Main Street is quite intact. 

For dinner that night, mom, dad, Jonathan and I went out to The Plaza and a walk about. Since the Nelson was closed, we just walked around it and I got my first view of the newly completed addition to the museum.  I'm not crazy about how it looks next to the old world looking stone monument that is the original Nelson-Atkins Museum.  We all decided it should have been build across the street (on land also owned by the museum) and have housed modern works of art with tunnels connecting the two buildings. 

We flew back early that next morning.  Hammond was not amused that I had been gone even though my friend Sara and her son Guppie had done a wonderful job of coming over and looking after him.  He was a bit clingy for a few days but seems to have gotten over it. 


So, I've been interviewing at several places in Fife and Tacoma, some sound really quite nice and some sound only ok.  At the moment I'm working in Seattle at O&Co's Pacific Place store (their sister store is L'Occitane).  I really like the shop, I love what we sell and the people I work with are pretty cool, but I'm not crazy about the commute (even taking the bus).


                                            Saturday the 28th of April, 2007


Alright, have a virtual gander at my show. 




                                            Sunday the 22nd of April, 2007


Just in case you were interested.  This is my showing.



Oils on canvas


When I was in high school, I had the opportunity to study our resident Orca pods with Ken Balcomb on San Juan Island.  One of the young and frisky males of J pod was the inspiration for this piece.




Oils on canvas


Homage to the huge and wonderful (and very temperamental) bull moose who used to live at Northwest Trek, but who sadly died several years ago during the huge storm when a tree fell on his head. 




Oils on canvas


Intelligent and interesting, if not slightly destructive to your garbage can at night, raccoons are full of quirky personality. 



Bison Bull

Oils on canvas

24 x 24

The big boulders of the grassy plains; once they roamed so far and wide they were even to be found here in the Pacific Northwest.




Oils on canvas


Wolves are a controversial species – are they a threat to your livestock and are your children going to be eaten on their way to school?  Or are they beautiful and powerful hunters with a very important impact on their environment?  I prefer the later argument to their preservation and re-introduction into the wild.



Ghost Dog

Acrylics on canvas


An illustration cover for a short story about a beloved dog who comes back from the beyond to watch over his family and protect them from harm. 



Lambs at Play

Ink drawing with nib on paper


My cat Hammond also helped me draw this – he added in the grass in the right corner. 



Grizzly Bear at Rest

Ink brush with touch of watercolor on paper


Relaxing on a warm and sunny day against a handy tree.



Tiger Sniffing a Flower

Ink brush with touch of watercolor on paper


Smells good, wonder what kind of flower it is or how tasty it is?



Dragon on the Wing

Ink brush with a touch of watercolor on paper


Catching a delicious updraft of wind, dragon loops about for a 360 view.



Lynx at a Puddle

Ink brush with a touch of watercolor on paper


I know I look soft and cuddly, but really, I’m not. 



Dragon Bonsai for Earrings

Copper and polymer clay shaped and designed – capable of holding several pairs of *earrings. Functional Artwork.


*Earrings (also made by artist) displayed on Dragon Bonsai are $20 each.


Dragon Seahorse Sculpture

Copper and polymer clay make up this ethereal creature floating through a bed of citrine and peridot seaweed.  Moonstone accents.  Hangs on a strand of light and airy seaweed or you can choose to sit it on a table or shelf.



Coyote Spirit

Ink on paper


There’s always some mischief to get into.



Elk in Wooded Abstract

Watercolor and Pastel on paper


My antlers are better then yours.



                                            Saturday the 21st of April, 2007


Night On The Town Celebrates Spring!


Met Vet welcomes emerging Tacoma artist Jenna Tomlin. Jenna moved out here from Kansas a few years ago to attend college, but the wheat fields have never beckoned her back! Her love of the Northwest is evident in her work, and is sure to please. Join us Thursday evening, April 19th, between 6-8pm. For those of you treating yourselves to the Night On The Town festivities, we will be featuring a surprise gift for your garden!

Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital



My reception was small, but there was a lot of great feedback and some rave reviews.  There's 15 pieces in total, but I didn't have time to take pictures, so unless you were at the reception, there's 8 pieces that haven't been seen on this site. 


                                            Tuesday the 17th of April, 2007


My show is hanging tomorrow!!!  Thursday evening is the open and reception at MetVet.  6-8pm.  Hardware is install for the canvas paintings and my other pieces on paper have frames so that they can hang properly. 


                                            Saturday the 7th of April, 2007


I have been painting this week - finishing paintings actually.


Moose    Ascension    Orca


I have a pointillism piece in mind to start on now.  My first show is the 19th!!!  I have 2 pieces I want to finish for it and then I have to install the hardware so everything can be hung properly. 


                                            Monday the 2nd of April, 2007


The Emerald City ComicCon 2007 made me a happy person.  For a full review and lots of pictures >> Comics Page.  Top of the page.  After the convention on Sunday, I called up Jonathan to make dinner plans and we headed over to Bellevue for dinner and a showing of Blades of Glory which made us both laugh so hard my sides hurt.


                                           Monday the 26th of March, 2007


The Alaskan Way Viaduct Tour photos as promised.  9:30 am Saturday morning (coffee provided) - a bunch of us civilians put on hard hats and vests and off we went on short educational walking tour with 3 stops starting at 1st and Columbia. 



Link to some Bodies (in Seattle) photos


                                           Saturday the 24th of March, 2007


Last week Jonathan and I went to see the Seattle Bodies...The Exhibition Exhibit.  Really well done, not an Art Display at all, but a really respectful, elegant and educational display of human anatomy.  I recommend anyone go and see it if you can.


Got my shiny laptop back from Gateway Friday.  New keyboard and new whatever else - it works and that's all I care about. 


Today we both had tours of the Seattle Viaduct.  It's closed every 6 months for a full inspection and they give public tours you can sign up for (if you know about it).  It's really cool to hear all about the maintenance and the earthquake damage and future plans.  Photos will be uploaded tomorrow when I'm more awake, it's too late tonight for a full on photo mull.  After the Viaduct tours (we had separate times) we headed over to Pike's Place for lunch and then Pacific Science Center to have a look at the Grossology display.  We were mobbed by kids so didn't stay long.  Plus my meter was running out and I wasn't interested in getting a ticket.  I think we're planning on a long Thursday lunch of the science of gas and snot. 


After dinner, I took Jonathan to my friend Joe's birthday gathering.  So he got to meet some of my long time friends - I haven't seen most of them in 2 years and that's just not right.  Good day. 


                                           Tuesday the 20th of March, 2007


Promised pictures!

                      Birthday at The Melting Pot - eaten dinner and desert.


    Hammond watching me type on the backup laptop.


    Moose (bad picture - sorry)


    Ascension (need to get a better shot in better light -again sorry)


                                           Tuesday the 13th of March, 2007


So, my birthday over the weekend was fun; as mentioned, Jonathan and I went to The Melting Pot and ate lots and lots of food.  There was cheese fondue with apples and bread, then salad and immense amounts of veggies (plus meat for Jonathan and tofu for me) for cooking in the broth fondue.  We decided that even though we had just eaten about 5 pounds of food, we needed the chocolate fondue as well so we ordered a white/dark chocolate fondue with fruit, brownies and cheesecake to cover with yummy melted chocolate.  I took pictures - I'll have to get them up soon.  Dinner lasted 3 hours. Apparently having a 4pm reservation was a good thing.  After digesting for an hour, we went over to Chopsticks where not many people actually showed up, but where we still had fun for awhile anyway.  Didn't think to ask if there was a cover on the weekends and it turns out there is.  Also, it was REALLY loud.  So after a few hours, we walked over to O'Malley's to have beer and an actual conversation everyone could hear. 


Also, I finished Ascension and I'll be downloading a picture of that tomorrow and put it up.  I've been working on a painting of a Moose as well and I'll put up a photo of that too.


Have a 2nd interview with SCS, the company I interviewed with two weeks ago, lined up for this Thursday as well.   


                                                Friday the 9th of March, 2007


I'm a mean, mean person because I forgot that Jonathan was awesome and got us tickets to this really amazing play last week called Proof at Tacoma Actors Guild (which announced suddenly Thursday that they had to close permanently because of cash shortage) about a brilliant math Professor's daughter who is dealing with her father's recent death, living in the shadow of his genius and trying to prove her own worth as a mathematician while trying to take back the years she had to give up University (and life) to care for him while he deteriorated mentally.  It was really good.


Last night, Jonathan and I went up to see his housemate Jeremy perform at Tula in Seattle (where we saw him last time). 


Tomorrow we go to dinner at The Melting Pot - I just made reservations and managed to get us in at 4pm.  Good thing I called tonight! 


                                                Wednesday the 7th of March, 2007


Hammond is now neutered!  He took it pretty well actually.  I brought him home Tuesday afternoon and the first thing he did was play with his jingle ball toy - I think he might have still been high on medication.  As Roo can attest to, I found the evening highly amusing. 


I've been planning out my birthday party for this Saturday - Jonathan and I are going out to dinner and then I've been telling everyone to meet me at Chopsticks on 6th Ave at 8:30 for drinks and general shenanigans. 


I don't really remember anything eventful that's happened since last I wrote - I've been mostly obsessing over the ComicCon that's coming at the end of this month.  Then I went shopping with Jani the other day because I wanted to buy a birthday dress and platform boots for this Saturday.  I did a good job in the end - I'll have to remember to bring a camera.  Prom dresses were my inspiration for the event.  Went to see Ghost Rider for the hell of it and I had fun watching it.  It isn't anything special, but I did have fun watching it, which is what I wanted.  I'm waiting for The 300 to come out and I'm very excited. 


Oh! My friend Jani told me what my birthday present is from her - she actually managed to get several tickets to their second show here in Seattle (sold out in 15 minutes) and she is taking me with her!  woohooo!!!!!


                                                Tuesday the 27th of February, 2007


Missed my interview at the Humane Society by a hair which annoys me - they placed the position right before my temp agency hoop jumping, darn them.  I have an interview with some refrigeration company for a position at their head office this Wednesday though. 


Went out to try my first batch of jewelry consignments to retailers on 6th Ave, but they either weren't open or weren't interested.  I have several other places I want to try, but other then that I'll have to do more research and find out who actually does consignments that I don't know about yet. 


                                                Wednesday the 21st of February, 2007


Had my eyes checked out last week - everything looks good and I have the same prescription as last year.  I like that.  Have to remember to go and pick up my contacts though - I keep forgetting. 


Monday was our 2 year anniversary and it was a strange day.  We both had those long, annoying days at work that really suck and the gray rain didn't help me any.  Plus I discovered my cat really did mess up my laptop by overheating it - he slept on it all night the night before and I woke up to the alarm going off.  My laptop seems better now, but Monday it wasn't responding to my commands and I couldn't order the present I wanted to pick up before leaving, and that sucked as well.  It was, however, a really nice dinner at Cafe Flora.  I'll just have to give him my card and present later.


But check out the flowers I got!    A perfect lunch surprise. 


So I started Jury Duty yesterday, but they didn't need me when I arrived and sent me home as soon as I arrived.  Went back today and I waited to figure out when I could tell them that I couldn't afford 2 weeks of not working and what could I do because my employer wouldn't write me a letter - so finally I just raised my hand during Q&A and asked and they got miffed that I didn't tell them waaaaay back when (but there wasn't any place for me to tell them that I could figure out) and 5 other people raised their hands with the same problem.  I was dismissed.  I actually want to serve, but right now, I just can't. 


                                                Saturday the 17th of February, 2007


Wednesday we celebrated a guy getting his head chopped off thus becoming a saint and the more recent meaning of Hallmark's Buy Stuff Day.  Ok, ok, I did buy a card, but it was a really cool one.  Jonathan and I managed to get reservation at a nice little place call Old House Cafe.  Really nice dinner, plus it even came with little gifts on the table.  Candy sugar hearts and (what we thought was chocolate) a little rhinestone covered picture holder. 


Today is Jonathan's birthday and I need to go get ready for that.  He wants to go to the new Olympic Sculpture Park which should be perfect today and then who knows what else, but there's plans of people meeting up at an Irish Pub this evening. 


And Monday is our 2 year anniversary.  Crazy. 


                                                Sunday the 11th of February, 2007


Jonathan bought me my Christmas bookshelf last night!  I'll be putting it together today ^_^

* PS.    Bookshelf assembled              Bookshelf adorned    


Took a better picture of Ascension.


My Art Walk at the First Congregational Church has been pushed back a month - good news for all actually.  I can finish the ones I wanted to do for this show and Sara can get the railings hung and the news out more. 



                                            Friday the 9th of February, 2007


Ascension -  the start of it anyway.   I know the figures are a little fuzzy; they are supposed to be a little smoky looking, but the photo did come out a touch out of focus.  I'll work on it some more when the sun comes up.   *this photo has been deleted and replaced by a much better picture.  Link above.



                                            Tuesday the 6th of February, 2007


Filled my taxes.  woohoo.


                                            Saturday the 3rd of February, 2007


He tested negative for feline leukemia and FIV!  yay


Ooooo... and I've been selected for Jury Duty.  How interesting.


Jonathan and I went to see Pan's Labyrinth.  Fascinating movie - gritty, beautiful, haunting, horrifying and just doused with sorrow and lose. Jonathan and I both had different moments that made us cringe and look away.  There was an interesting mix of liberation in this movie - physical and mental - but it doesn't really end in triumph with a winner.  It ends and we hope for the better for those who survive.  It's all a test of spirit and will; in the end, do the underdogs and innocent really get their deserved applause for their actions and suffering?  Does the girl really become a princess again or does she just die?  Maybe it doesn't matter; maybe with her last breath all that matters is that she believes she is the princess again.  Also, I loved that it was all in Spanish. Extremely good movie, but hard to watch because it really draws you in.


                                            Thursday the 1st of February, 2007


Specs:  Abyssinian Mix - Ruddy coloring - about a year old

Came to work with me today to get weighed - 8.95 lb (meow meow meow)  There's a picture of us on our webpage now - scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

We have a tech appointment tomorrow at the clinic for a blood draw because I need him tested for Feline Leukemia.  Then he'll get neutered probably next week.  He gets along with everyone - even the dogs and cats he met!


                                            Wednesday the 31st of January, 2007


His name is Hammond  *sigh*




This is the lovely stray cat that wouldn't go away Monday at the Clinic and I took him home over lunch so I could take him to the Humane Society the next day when I had time - too late, I inadvertently named him the next day and bought a bag a litter.  He's such a good cat and we get along extremely well.


I went to Canada over the weekend - more correctly, I drove up after work on Friday and spent Saturday with my friends (Julie and Steph) and drove back down Saturday evening so I could go to work on Sunday.  Not much sleep to go on, but sometimes it's well worth it.  With three different schedules, we had to plan this on out about a month and half in advance, so even though I wasn't feeling all that well (had a migraine or something + fever + cramps the night before) I went anyway.  I had a great time too! 


                                            Monday the 22nd of January, 2007


I was informed that I have been lax in my blog duties and it turns out she was quite correct! 


Well, my mom was here, we were snowed/iced in for quite awhile and she was actually here for two days longer then first scheduled because KCI was also all icy.  But!  This allowed us to go to the Museum of Flight  to see their Leonardo di Vinci exhibit and have another dinner with Jonathan (with a visit to the Clinic to kennel the cats afterwards - I kenneled, they played with cats).  We didn't really get out like we had hoped, but nevertheless, we had a great time just hanging around local neighborhoods and my apartment (of which I kept warm, just for her).


I started a new painting while mom was here and this is what it looks like now.  It isn't done yet, but it's getting to a decent point now.  It's one of the pieces that's going to be shown at my April Show at the Clinic.  Sara asked me to do another show at her church next month and I'm working hard on preparing that show too.  I'll be their first featured artist as they join the great Third Thursday Art Walk Tradition.  I have another painting I just started of a moose and I have 3 designs I'm working on to perfect before transferring to canvas.  I'll need more canvas soon!


I'm also working on taxes and a presentation to local shops to see if any will do consignment for my jewelry.  Plus sending out resumes. 


                                            Tuesday the 9th of January, 2007


My mom is flying in from Kansas today.  Everything is almost ready.  Just have to do another load of dishes and take out the trash before I go to pick her up.


* Picked up and we had dinner at Shari's.  Breakfast for Dinner. 


                                            Sunday the 7th of January, 2007


Finally bought my 2007 calendar. 

Went to see Night at the Museum yesterday with Jonathan.  Enjoyed it.  Exactly what I expected to see, no surprises, but nicely done and really cool special effects with all the animals and statues coming to life. 


                                            Tuesday the 2nd of January, 2007


Went to the Eagle's Club with Sara and Phil for New Year's fun and celebration.  A live band, good food and lots of mini wine bottles.  It was quite fun and we got home late. 


                                            Wednesday the 27th of December, 2006


I must say, that was a really smashingly wonderful Christmas. 


Flew out on the 23rd - a Saturday - with the foolish idea that by this time Denver Airport would be cleared enough that my flight would basically be on time.  My flight was initially scheduled to leave at 8:25pm and that was roughly the time flight 848 was leaving Denver to come pick us up.... therefore, I did not arrive in Denver until 3-3:30am Sunday.  However!  I did arrive!  It just took a while.   I did finish reading Catch-22 while waiting though, so that was something to be sure. Jonathan picked me up and took me to IHOP for some food because by that time food had been a long way away for me.  (attendant offered me a choice between Cheese Nacho Doritos and Original Sun Chips... woopie)  Ben (Jonathan's oldest brother), Janet (his awesome wife) and Anne (9 months) had already flown in; they just missed having their flight cancelled, so everyone was really happy they managed to make it.  I have to say though, that while the feet of snow was a pain to deal with, it was very beautiful and it certainly made the mountains gorgeous.


Later when we woke up Sunday, I lounged around for a bit catching up with Ben, Janet and Allison (his mom) and played with Anne while Jonathan went out to complete his last minute shopping.  That night several of us did our last minute present wrapping and everything got arranged under the tree. 



(Anne)                           (Jonathan and Anne)


In the morning (Monday - Christmas Day) there was breakfast - quite the breakfast feast.  Justin and Megan arrived (if you don't remember them, Justin is Jonathan's other brother and I was at their wedding).  Then there was the gathering round, the handing out and the balancing act of gift piles on laps (I got presents too!). We all opened together and shouted out our thank yous over everyone one else.  Anne got quite the pile of gifts and I think she was delighted with everything she got.  Afterwards, there was coffee while dinner was finishing and some tossing of a football before Justin and Megan left.  Later, since Anne had many baby-sitters available Ben, Janet, Jonathan and I left early after a quick dinner to see Casino Royale (second time for Jonathan and myself which was fine with us). 



(Me, Anne, Janet, Ben, Justin, Megan)    (Megan and Allison)                                   (Janet)


Tuesday Ben, Janet and Anne packed to go for a few days of skiing, so we said our goodbyes to them.  Jonathan and I went out to the Denver Art Museum for a few hours, ate at a place called Noodles, wandered around Tattered Cover Bookstore because I saw the sign out front and just had to go in (plus more coffee is always a bonus).  If you don't know Tattered Cover, then let me paint a picture (because I didn't know it either) quickly.  Have you seen the first Harry Potter movie?  Or read the first book?  It could be right out of Diagon Alley this place.  It's fantastic. Big windows, large plants, old school desks, wonderfully upholstered lounge couches and huge cushy chairs everywhere.  Wide staircases, plush carpet, aged wooden accents everywhere you look, and of course hundreds of shelves with sleek, cursive handwritten signs telling you where everything was.  We bought coffee and wandered around just to be there for awhile.  Then we stopped off at Virgin because Jonathan wanted to see if they had a specific something and they didn't.  Borders Bookstore was our next stop (we both have giftcards there) and I bought THUD! in paperback.  Next, we stopped over at Justin and Megan's house because they don't live too far away to visit and for me to meet Megan's 2 cats.  As we were heading home, Steve (childhood friend of Jonathan) called saying he had picked up another long time friend, and we all went out to IHOP again.  I think we got back sometime around 2am-ish. 


I leave for the airport today - my flight is at 8:30pm.  Not sure what Jonathan and I might do.  He's still asleep.  We had talked about going to the Mint for a tour because we didn't have time yesterday.  I like that idea.  I'm all packed and everything fits. 


*Addendum.  Didn't go to the Mint.  The tours were all booked.  Had a nice lunch with Steve, Mike and Shawn instead.  Got to Sea-Tac just fine and took a Shuttle back home. 


                                            Friday the 22nd of December, 2006


Flying into Denver, CO tomorrow night and I'm sure the airport will have those 21 + inches of snow under control.  White Christmas indeed. 


Finished my shopping yesterday and mailed off my packages today. Sorry, they aren't going to make it for Christmas, but hey, I'm keeping the present opening season open just that much longer.  heh.


I hope I packed everything - hat, scarf, gloves, santa hat, passport, flight schedule. clothes, gifts and camera.  check.  cool.  And now to call Frontier and get my seat assignment for tomorrow.


                                            Monday the 18th of December, 2006


Party was a good party - lots of yummy food (my favorite was fresh mozzarella balls that had been soaked in sweet balsamic and basil leaves that I kept going back for), gamboling (free chips & giving chips back at the end), karaoke, an interesting band (that started out with "Happy Holidays...She's a brick ... house..." yeeeeah), plus I got to meet lots of Jonathan's co-workers.  Got all dressed up and even had our picture taken.


                                            Wednesday the 13th of December, 2006


I bought shoes today; my old ones were falling apart so I finally decided to go after I got off work today.  Apparently I've worn hiking shoes so long I really thought I wore a size 7 1/2, but really I wear a 7.  I just went to the Payless next to my comic shop and they were having that buy one get one half off sale.  I found 2 pairs I really liked, so I have 2 new shoes and threw out one pair that was all cracked and ripped.  However, I now have shoes that will go with my outfit to the Microsoft Christmas Party this Saturday.  That's nice. 


                                            Sunday the 10th of December, 2006


I did really well at The Tempest Lounge show Saturday night.  I was pleased.  Over $100 in 2.5 hours.  Now I know the venue that works for me, now I just need to find more that are having shows. 


Also saw The Queen tonight with some friends - really well done. 


                                            Friday the 8th of December, 2006


Tomorrow is chock full of Dickens fun around town and then at 3:30 I'm setting up for my showing at The Tempest Lounge for their first Annual Trunk Show featuring local artists (it's just a 2 hour showing for sales).  Afterwards a few of us are going to see The Queen at The Grand down the street.  Hopefully by then all this mucus will have drained out of my head.  ::bleh::


I bought some black velvet to drape over my push pin board for my necklaces and a black lampshade that was on sale to display my earrings.  It looks really cool.  I'm bringing #63, #40, and Man in the Mirror besides some of my jewelry to sell.  It's small tables, so I'll be passing out my cards rather then showing a lot of stuff.  I hope it's better then last weeks sale. 


Bought some more canvas, and I've also updated one of the little paintings I was working on - it's called Winter.  I showed it at the Craft Fair last week.


                                            Tuesday the 5th of December, 2006


I am a sick little girl - if I've gotten you sick, blame the person who got me sick ^_^

Saw Stranger then Fiction this Sunday; a very good movie.  Really well done, and I hope it gets nominated for something.  Did a small craft fair at a local Elementary school that bombed for all the vendors except the PTA sponsored coffee booth.  Oh well.  I got to see some friends I hadn't seen in a long time.  My stuff was well and happily looked at, but none of the parents had come with the idea of buying anything. I have another sale I'm doing this Saturday at a local sexy cocktail lounge. 

Jonathan bought me a ticket to Denver so I can spend Christmas with his family ^_^  He's so amazing.  I've got my time off all scheduled and everyone seems quite happy to see me off for a few days. 

Now I have to go buy/make my Christmas presents - I should have been doing this a few weeks ago, but I've been busy working, and well, avoiding all forms of Christmas insanity.  


                                            Tuesday the 28th of November, 2006


Snow & ice... the news says that this year is not only a crazy year for rain, but apparently this snow and ice this year are also spectacular for this area.  The news also informed me that were were about 650 calls to road side assistance last night between Seattle and Olympia.  Fairly impressive.  The highways were parking lots last night and this morning.  I'm just glad my clinic is just 3-4 miles down the road and even I hit a patch of ice and almost did a full 180... ended up being more like a 100 and then I brought it around and under control.  Gave the car behind me plenty of warning about that section of road though!  They managed to miss most of it and only skidded about 30 degrees.   However, I must admit last night when I went out (ie walking across the street to meet my friend Sara) the snow was gorgeous and lots of people were out having snowball fights. 


Day after Thanksgiving was actually pretty slow at Sears (I was doing Security in electronics that day)- but I did get to witness some impressive human loathing.  A woman of middle-eastern origin was brought back into line by a salesman to finish her purchase and the man next in line was offended because she had 'cut' in line.  This isn't kindergarten anymore right? She explained the situation, but he just wouldn't back down and went off telling her to go back to where she came from, she didn't belong in the States, God hated her and she was going to burn in hell... I stepped in and told the man to stop with the talking and have some patience, she thanked me and came back with I know my culture and my origins and my rights and you better shut up because I didn't cut in line.  This started the whole thing back up again and by that time I had people I was helping and Security was soon called and she was wanting to press charges because his nastiness level had risen about 100 degrees and was red and blue in the face with all the yelling and obscenities he was come up with.  


I have to finish getting ready for this Saturday - Sunset Primary School is where the Bazaar is taking place and I still want to finish up several pieces.  Jani is coming with me and I'm looking forward to that.  She fed me pumpkin pie and I brought the coffee last Saturday and we had a hoot showing each other the jewelry we had been working on and I burned her a copy of South Park's Make Love Not Warcraft episode because she and Matt are big WoW gamers.


                                             Thursday the 23rd of November, 2006


13 hours of work, one hour of cooking and 4 hours of sleep and one hour of cleaning up after cats lead me to say: Happy Thanksgiving! 

I'm not off to find this lodge that my friend speaks of where there are jolly people, and lots of food, all of which are expecting me.


Tomorrow I work another 13-14 hours and I am prepared to spoil myself with pie and coffee at Jani's house on Saturday. 


                                              Sunday the 19th of November, 2006


Went to the opening of Kulture Lab gallery yesterday which was full of hipsters milling around chatting, sipping wine and listening to the DJs tunes.  Jonathan and I took in all the sights and then went next door and had a latte in a more quite setting.                                         

I'm also out of food again and will have to go to the store tonight... and it's raining again. drat.

This month's Third Thursday was a huge hit and a lot of people came out.  We all had a great time and there was lots of wine and cheese to be nibbled on. 

Still getting ready for the Bazaar on the 2nd.  New necklaces are being made and I've picked out the one that I'm donating to the raffle.  Plus I'll get to see many of my Farmer's Market friends so that a lovely added bonus. 


                                             Thursday the 16th of November, 2006


Mt Rainier National Park Images of the Flood (thus far)  Now for a really good look at the flood damage (thus far this November) check out  that Slide Tour (pdf link)

Now I'm off to look at artwork displayed at this month's Third Thursday Art Walk in Tacoma. 


                                             Monday the 13th of November, 2006


Mario the cat leapt out of his cage today as our Vet Assistant opened the door to give him some food, with me on the other side, and I discovered a face full of metal door and bloody lip.  Thanks little fuzzy dude. 


                                             Sunday the 12th of November, 2006


Ah, right.  That's what rain looks like.  I had forgotten.  We'll all be washed away by weeks end..... sigh


                                            Saturday the 11th of November, 2006


There's sun AND no rain at the moment.  Loving it.


As promised, photos: Raccoon.... and two others I'm working on  Untitled1 and Untitled2


                                            Wednesday the 8th of November, 2006


I totally forgot last night - on Saturday I went to the Tacoma Dome's annual Gem Faire with Jani.  I love going to Gem Faires; everything you could possibly imagine is there and more.  This is one of my secrets to finding amazing beads.    We walked all the booths, decided what we wanted - a few things we were there to specifically buy - and then we walked back to find the best deal (or at least what trumped what on the scale of must have).  I found some rainbow obsidian that was gorgeous - hard to find too - at $10 a strand!!   That was my best buy of the day. 

<== What I got.


I also have a gig in the works for Dec. 2nd.  Sunset Primary School is having a children's craft day and bazaar on December 2nd and I was recommend.  So I've e-mailed the lady in charge and hopefully they still have space.  The booth fee is a donation of a handcraft item.  I can do that ^_^  I think I'm also going to bring some small paintings.  I bought some small canvas the other day and now I know what I'm going to use them for!



                                            Tuesday the 7th of November, 2006


Dropped off my vote today in the same fell scoop as registering my car.  The DMV was remarkably productive and efficient today for me.


Had my 3 month review today which was interesting - I'm doing a very good job for my 3 months so far with my very limited background of the veterinary/bookkeeping world, but because she was measuring me against someone with 5 years + experience, I only did marginally well in several of the categories.  Mostly in bookkeeping and veterinary terminology - like I still don't know many of the diseases out there let alone how to talk about them and I still have very limited bookkeeping knowledge.  eh.  This is what I expected, but I didn't expect to be judged by a 5 year standard, but I think she did that to keep it consistent for everyone, for every review - still felt a bit harsh though. 


Went to a Baby shower last Thursday for one of my co-workers.  I had gone baby shopping with a friend on Halloween because we were both lost on the concept of baby shopping so we figured we would be better off shopping together.  It worked out pretty well.  It was a good way to end a day with a slight hangover. 


Monday night I went out with a co-worker for a drink because she had made the decision to lay one of her dogs to rest - I think she was 18, so was quite old and senile.  This meant a long, hard day for her to go though, so I suggested we walk down to this new restaurant down the street from us and have a glass of wine.  Turned into 2 glasses and a Spanish cheese plate.  As we were walking back home, she suggested we stop into O'Malley's for another drink, later, we walked back to her house so I could meet her dogs, and had a glass of wine there.  When her husband came home, he invited us back to O'Malley's for another beer or two and we all sat around talking about art and culture when their old pastor showed up and we all ended up walking to my apartment so I could show them around my artwork.  Unfortunately, I forgot to drink any water before I rolled over and went to sleep after they left.  Oh well. 


Did more painting on my raccoon.  It's finished!  I'll put up photos tomorrow.  I want to start my Moose next.  Now I need to find the right size of canvas (I do pre-stretched right now to make it easier for me).


                                            Saturday the 28th of October, 2006


Had a very good dinner with dad and Jonathan last Saturday.  We went to Pomodoro. 

I took dad to several local cafes (Kickstand, Blackwater and Doyal's) with a quick walk around King's Books.  Also, dad came into the clinic to kennel the cats on Sunday.  We both enjoyed that, unfortunately, most of our Society cats were sick so couldn't be taken out to play. 

We had an awfully good time, even if we didn't get the car transferred over to my name while he was here - Is It a Fax Copy, Or Is It Not?  grrrr...... Kansas vs Washington rules.  ::sigh::

Therefore, I have to wait till next Tuesday to go back to waiting to wait in line for my number to be called - again - then I can get the car insured in my name

Did some painting as well - a raccoon.  I want to do a little more work before I post a photo of what I've done so far.  Plus dad found a PYREX deviled egg plate on eBay that's exactly like the one that shattered and it was delivered yesterday!  I still find it amazing that I have a replacement. 

Jennifer's mom also commissioned me to do a Bonsai for Jennifer's sister: Bonsai 72.  I finished it today and since I thought her birthday was a lot sooner then it actually is, I guess I'll ship it off sometime next week instead of rushing it off to the Post Office ASAP. 

Otherwise, I've been working a lot.  Keeping up the clinic's website, coming up with a design for the pet food donation drive next month (all good stuff for building resume ^_^) and all the rest.  I still having entirely cleaned up my living room.  I have empty boxes I need to break down and lots of new/old stuff that is piled up for lack of space.  Ah! For the love of more shelves!!  ::grin::


                                            Saturday the 21st of October, 2006


Third Thursday Art Walk was quite successful.  Plus a jolly good time.  Found some really amazing jazz themed pieces I just adore.


Dad arrived Friday (crazy person), after driving from KS to WA in something like 40 hours.  Emissions testing is done, my 8 bags of recycling are recycled, Goodwill was given to (and a fairly decent replacement for my old glass palate was found and bought), groceries were bought (real salad!), a walk in the park was had and so was lunch.  I also have many more things added to my apartment - things from my old room.  Books, a large organizer/dresser (that was stuffed with stuff), a waffle maker and lots of old photos (most of which are doubles, but I still have to go though them all).  All this is unpacked, but not fully gone though.  I have given some of it away to Goodwill already and thrown some stuff out.  My main goal is to go through all the photos and sort them out, followed by figured out what in the world to do with ALL those little kick-knacks. 

Tuesday the DMV will be politely stormed, afterward my insurance company will soon topple to my demands.  I'm sure I will have to take a number and wait in line for all this to occur, but occur it will. 

Tonight, Jonathan is battling traffic in an attempt to meet us for dinner. 


                                            Wednesday the 18th of October, 2006


My dad is starting his journey to WA tonight starting at midnight - his time.  I should be seeing him Friday or Saturday and then I'll have a car again!!  Well, I have to buy it from them, but at least I know the history of this car and it's a good car. 


Plus! With a car, I can start eBay up again - getting to the post office without a car is difficult.  I can also go buy a canvas or two and transport it home safely to start some of the larger paintings I want to start for my April showing.  I don't have much time left.  I know exactly what I want to paint and I haven't painted anything for the past month, so I feel like I want to start painting again now. 


Had an unexpected and wonderful lunch date with an old friend yesterday.  Was waiting at the bus stop and my friend Joe drove up and gave me a lift home - since we haven't really hung out in ages, we walked over to a cafe and had lunch.  yay old friends ^_^


                                            Sunday the 15th of October, 2006


Pratchett was extremely funny and wonderful to listen to as always - I have video and photos which will be downloaded later this week (Jonathan's got my camera right now so he could take pictures of his Viaduct tour yesterday).  Got 3 books signed and Jonathan carried on the "Hi Terry", "Hi Neil" comments in his Good Omens.  Terry was very confused about this - I will go ahead and blame this on tour exhaustion.  He talked about the Hogswatch movie that's just wrapping up (special effects) and the props he rescued from the dumpster that he'll auction off later on for charity. 


Signed up to man the MetVet booth on Saturday for Canine Fest at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.  It was interesting and I think we spread our name out there pretty well.  There were some... shall we say, interesting, folks that came by, but for the most part, there were lots of awesome folk with their really cool dogs.


                                            Tuesday the 10th of October, 2006


wow, almost didn't get tickets to Terry Pratchett! I've been playing phone tag with the women in charge of events at Univ of WA Bookstore for almost a week and when I got a hold of her just now the tickets had been sold out!  I happened to mention that I had called earlier and how sad I had missed out and she asked if I was me and I said yes I am and turns out she had squirreled away 2 tickets for me. yay!!!! 


The lady at South Hill Vet still hasn't called me back.  I left her a message yesterday and I was hoping she would have called me back by now. 


                                            Sunday the 8th of October, 2006


Might have a full time job offer from South Hill Veterinary Hospital - filled out the application paperwork as requested now I just have to wait to hear back. 


Jonathan and I went to Fort Nisqually's* Magical Candlelight Tour last night - it was very pretty.  Lots of volunteer actors in period dress acting out their parts and we walked though and 'eavesdropped' - they weren't supposed to be able to see us.  We got to see a wedding reception, blacksmithing, the kitchens, and lots of people who were at the Fort as tradesmen or who were looking for work.  Lot of dancing and music and at the very end (we were the very last tour) there was a rain drop.


           * Located in Tacoma's Point Defiance Park, Fort Nisqually Living History Museum is a restoration of the Hudson's Bay Company outpost on the Puget Sound where

            visitors can travel back in time and experience life in Washington Territory during the Fur Trade era.


                                             Monday the 2nd of October, 2006


Bought my first bus pass at lunch.


Took at night sail on my friend/co-workers sail boat and ate Chinese with her and one of her sons.  I love watching the phosphoresce sparkle as the boat passes; it's like little jellyfish and diatom stars winking on and off.  Exactly what we both needed because it was a long day at work.


                                            Sunday the 1st of October, 2006


Friday, October 13, 2006 07:00 PM - 09:30 PM
Terry Pratchett, will be promoting Wintersmith
4326 University Way, NE Seattle, WA 98105


I will find a way there. 


                                            Saturday the 30th of September, 2006 


Here's a very good article my dad forwarded me:

OPINION   | September 30, 2006
Op-Ed Contributor:  Pirates of the Mediterranean
In the panicky aftermath of a daring terrorist attack in 68 B.C., the Roman people made decisions that set them on the path to the destruction of their Constitution. One cannot help wondering if history is repeating itself.


In other plots for the weekend, I'm making Jonathan dinner and I think he's bring the cheeses and wine.


                                            Wednesday the 28th of September 2006


100th Monkey Party was lots of fun; I ended up going by myself, but that was ok.  Met and talked with people there, listened to the live music (two bands were playing; one upstairs and one downstairs).  It was a good thing I got their early-ish because the wine went really fast (I bought a bottle from Bacchante Wine to add to the spread and it turned out they were going as well), but I didn't have a chance at buying one of the Monkey Tiles because they were gone by the time I got there.  Had a lot of fun and took the bus home - no problems. 


                                          Tuesday the 26th of September, 2006


Had an awesome weekend thanks to my friend Julie.  She asked me to come up to Seattle on Saturday to watch a play that a director and several actors she knows (and has worked with) were putting on at the Northwest Actors Studio.  A play called Maiden's Prayer - a very amazing little play especially considering these are student actors.  Nice studio too.  Well directed and well acted.

Not only that, but  Adrienne Wilkinson decided to fly up from LA to see this play and see my friend Julie (Julie has interviewed Adrienne several times).  Incredibly sweet person, I met her briefly at the Seattle Xena Convention, but I got to spend the entire evening sitting next to her and chatting.  We talked shoes, hats, where we were from and Mt Rainer.  Afterwards we stayed for the cast party since Julie knew them all and took still photography for the cast and crew.


Sunday, Jonathan and I watched the last season of Red Dwarf and went to a little cheese tasting event hosted by my local, posh supermarket.  I needed to buy some bathroom supplies and he took me - turned out there was a cheese tasting line outside and I can't resist yummy cheese.  There were some yummy cheeses there.


Tomorrow I'm hoping to make it too the 100th Monkey party.  It's very close to me this time.  Hopefully I can get a ride from Julia (reception at my clinic), or Jonathan might come down to come with me..... if neither, then I want to go anyway.


And my dad sent me this really cool digital vortex heater - a Vornado.  It looks awesome and I love the diagram sketches of what the thing can do.  I'm looking forward to using it.  Plus I think it'll save me quite a bit in heating costs when it gets chilly (which might be next week).


                                          Thursday the 21st of September, 2006


Third Thursday Art Walk - took Jonathan to the Clinic, but we ended up not doing much walking.  It was fun, he got to meet most everyone there, plus time with the cats.  Word (our big, gray, cuddle bunny cat) was adopted today, so we celebrated that as well as our new featured artist: Nancy Schutt


                                         Tuesday the 19th of September, 2006


oh wow!  I forgot to mention this:

  This is Jeremy, one of Jonathan's housemates and a fantastic jazz drummer.  We went to watch (and listen) to him play last Thursday (the 14th) at a club in Seattle.   You should check out his website and listen to him play.


                                        Monday the 18th of September, 2006


Sorry it's been so long.  Not too much has really happened - mostly I've been working. 


It turned into Autumn overnight here - it was bright and sunny until a few days ago and then it turned gray and rainy. 


Saturday was nice though.  Nice night and everything.  Jonathan came down and we went out to eat and then we went to see The Illusionist which several people recommended to us.  Reminded me of something out of a Sherlock Holmes story and reminded Jonathan of The Usual Suspects.  It was very well done and very pretty.  We both really liked it (even though we both figured out the ending about half way though the movie).


                                        Wednesday the 6th of September, 2006


Drama last week - break ups are hard and consoling a friend long distance is just as hard.  Especially at 2am.  However, they are now on a break, instead of a break-up.  This is good, but still keeping my dear friend quite nervy about the whole situation. 

Drama on Thursday - one of my friends had the rug pulled out from under her, got drunk, cut and almost ended her life.  I'm insanely happy to say that she had an epiphany yesterday and is turning her life around.  Talking on the phone to a drunk friend who has made provisions for her kitties to be taken care of and is insisting that she will never write again is a hard, hard thing when there is no way you can actually go to that friend in person. 

Bumbershoot on Saturday - yay! Lots of fun, lots of music, art, vendors, food and a ride up the Space Needle with Jonathan.

Drama at work- miscommunication is a bitch.  My boss thought our Vet Tech had up and quit, when she had actually just given her 2 week notice.  Not worded quite as clearly as it could have been.  There was heart-ache, confusion and "What Now" followed by me giving hugs, tissues and general "We'll Get Though This".  The notice is understandable and foreseen - she has a 2 hour commute to work every morning.  Painful.


Re-connected with an old friend by chance on Sunday.  I was waiting at a bus stop and he came walking past with a take out pizza.  He gave me a ride home and we got a little caught up.  I didn't realize just how much I missed him; I miss all those guys I used to hang out with.  I want to know how they're doing, but it's been so long.  I wonder if they are still hanging out or not, or if anyone is mad at me for drifting away.  Maybe I'll get to find out now.


Oh, also, doing research to find out how much Transmission shops are jacking up their price to put in a new transmission because I'm a girl.  I've been talking to other guy friends who say a rebuilt transmission shouldn't cost more then $500 and shouldn't take more then a few hours to put in, so I should be able to get away with $1000 and it would be back months before I could get it back from a mechanic school at this point... like a week or less, which would get me back to Farmer's Markets, get me away from all the Drunk Guys I get to sit next to (and try not to talk to) at bus stops, and means I don't have to wait at Drug Central 6am for my transfer just so I can get to work in the morning.  I don't like putting myself in that situation just so I can get to a crap job I want to quit anyway.  Plus, I like being able to get to the Bank or Post Office without waiting around for an hour.  So if my parents can help me out with that, this would be appreciated.  It's not the best of cars, but it's better then trying to buy a new car at this point honestly.  I don't like this car, I don't want this car, but I need a car - if for nothing else then to find a job that will allow me to buy a new, actual reliable car.  So that's my rant for the night. 


                                        Sunday the 27th of August, 2006


Update on car quickly: Safe to drive until transmission gives out.  Maybe a month.  Ok.  Next Sunday will be going to look at some cars.


Thursday worked on some costumes for the clinic - Pet Parade.  My fantastic glass palate smashed into a thousand pieces by sad happenstance.  It was a Deviled Egg plate, so I might be able to find one just like it at Good Will or eBay.  Clear glass, perfectly smooth.  Perfect for paints. 


Went to my friend Mike's wedding yesterday and Jonathan and I spent the night at University Tower Hotel so we wouldn't have to worry about driving afterwards.  Beautiful wedding and reception held at the Lake Union Cafe - stunning.  Afterwards some of us went to pub, but I can't remember the name.  Awesome barkeep and very good Guinness. 



Today was about sleeping in, breakfast with Megan and Justin (which was more of a lunch by the time we got served), and walking around University District a bit.  Then Jonathan and I went to SAAM to see the new exhibits before they left.  Morris Graves is one of my favorite artists and he actually originated here in the Pacific Northwest.  He died just before I became acquainted with his paintings so I very much wanted to see these watercolor/tempera paintings of his before they moved on. 


Then Jonathan drove me back home and after some coffee, I took him into the clinic to meet the cats (and see if they needed food, ect).



A very, very good weekend.


                                        Wednesday the 23rd of August, 2006


Car went to see a Transmission guy - not much to be done since the car isn't worth an additional $2000 investment.  I'll go pick it up tomorrow and drive it home. 


I have an Art Walk art hanging April 2007 at the Clinic.  yay!!  I have about 5 pieces in mind to do a series of Pacific Northwest animals to complete the Bison one I did (has to be animal themed and I have only 5 or 6 paintings that would fit). 

I've also been recruited to do several costumes for the 2006 Pet Parade that's this Saturday.  Several dogs are going as well known European paintings - I don't know which ones yet -  and I'm doing the frames at work tomorrow, which means I'm bringing all my paints again.  I requested colorful wire be bought so I can rig up the cardboard that's going to become the frames to attach to the dog's collars.  Small, tight coils will allow the frames to bounce and still give plenty of strength to hold it up.  Now I just need to make sure that the bottom is heavier then the top so it doesn't spin around.  I'd prefer it if the dogs had a full body harness, but they don't.  Makes it more tricky, but I think I can pull it off.


                                        Sunday the 20th of August, 2006


Damn fine weekend.   18 month anniversary was celebrated on Saturday.  We walked Theater District and ate over in Opera Alley at a little restaurant called Over the Moon Cafe.  Then we went to see Superman Returns which I hadn't seen yet.  Good movie, good date.


Today after work, Jonathan came back down and we made it to the last day of Gig Harbor Renn. Faire.  I had corn on the cob and he had his turkey leg.  Watched Heather Alexander sing, and Thomas juggle (big hug for Thomas after his crappy week that was worse then mine by far).  Drank lots of sasparilla, watched a dragon and a troll dance and some jousting up on the hill top.  Oh, and I finally found a hat for Jonathan.  I liked the tri-corner look, and we finally decided on a custom made tri-corner.  It's an awesome hat.  So I had to take pictures of it. 



                                        Friday the 18th of August, 2006


Car at mechanics for a looking over plus oil change since it's due. 


Walked back to the clinic last night for the art walk.  The clinic cats were out in force by the time I got there and I think they had just as good a time as the people who were there to talk art, eat cheese and drink wine.  I know Tiny did.  That kitten knows how to work it.


Had an amazing time and really discovered a part of Tacoma I knew was there, but hadn't every truly encountered before.  Did some networking, promoting, hosting and meeting of really awesome people.  Did lots of 'window' shopping and poking around at other Art Walk venues with fellow Art Walk enthusiasts.  Met artists and newspaper journalists and I now have many more ideas then I did before.  (And yes, I got a ride home that night)


                                        Thursday the 17th of August, 2006


It's nice working in an office, and even better when I get paid to do art projects for them.  It's 3rd Thursday Art Walk and the clinic is a part of that walk and I did up a funky sandwich board to point the way to us.  Pretty fun.  Later this evening I'll go back for a glass of wine and see what the new artist put up.  I'll have to walk around to the other art houses too. 


Car Update: I have to grudgingly admit my dad was right that my car needed more transmission fluid.  It seems to be running just fine now, but I'm having my mechanic check it out ASAP.


                                        Wednesday the 16th of August, 2006


I was given beets at Market last week, but have never prepared beets.  So I came up with a recipe on the fly and they turned out so well, I thought I would share.  Preheat oven to 300. Peel and slice your beets about 1/4 inch thick.  Lay in a glass pan and sprinkle a little sugar over them.  Next, pour some olive oil into your pan so that is all your beets get some, but don't down them.  Add salt and pepper to taste. Put your beets in the oven for at least 30 minutes or until knife tender.  I added a bag of frozen vegetables in after 15 minutes and just let it all roast together.  The olive oil keeps anything from sticking to your pan.  The beets and other vegetables turned out perfectly. 


                                        Tuesday the 15th of August, 2006


                                        Sunday the 13th of August, 2006


I hate my car.  I really do.  The clutch is going, and so is the transmission.  It's going to kill me - I know it is.  All those minor problems I was worried about just a few months ago?  Oh no. Reverse?  If it wants to.  And now, going into first gear is darn near traumatizing some days.  And forget trying to go up a hill - suicidal.  Jonathan can vouch for that.  My car scares me.  It  scares others too.  I really do hate this car.  A Lemon in the true sense of the word.  And I need a full time job to get financing for a new used car and getting a full time job in Tacoma with no car is tricky business.  Sadly, I might have to do this.  I suppose I'd save money on the car insurance and whatnot.  bleh.  Sucky situation.              


Anyway, today was a full day of work and then fun at Gig Harbor Renn. Faire.  Jani drove.  Yummy tidbits, some honey mead, song and dance and Matt bought me a really cool arm band and a sweet Cavalry fabric hat.   Jonathan and I are going to go next week.  Well, next Sunday.  We're trying to think of what to do Saturday because the 19th is our 18 month mark.  pretty cool.                     



                                            Tuesday the 8th of August, 2006


I am a tree apparently.  I bet you didn't know that.  Apparently I am since a small kitten has climbed up my legs and dress more times then I can remember today.  He even took several running leaps.

What a way to start a day.  Who needs coffee when you have a friend with sharp little claws?  *ouch*


Made enough money cash at Market so that I could go into the Bead store today and buy some alternative backings for costumers.  Some people can only take gold, some want post backs and now I have some so that I can just switch out the normal hook backings I have on my earrings. yay!  I've lost more then several customers because I couldn't in the past.  I'm also going to make several eye glass holder strands - I found several clear and several black plastic slip-on pieces.  Several people have asked if I could make them and ... now I can!  Plus, I have enough that I can buy the paperback Harry Potter and the Half Blood Price that just came out and still have enough in the cash box to make change for next Saturday's Market.  My system is that the only money I have to spend is the money I make at Market; everything else goes towards paying my bills and rent.  It seems to be working.


                                            Monday the 7th of August, 2006


Learning more new stuff at the clinic.  My head isn't quite as jumbled anymore.  First day "on my own" and it went well. 


New location at Market went very well I'm happy to report.  Moved 2 blocks down - it's pretty, more sheltered from the busy street and much better vendor display setup. 


Not to much going on besides work and Market.  After work on Sunday, Jani et al and I are heading to the Gig Harbor Renn. Fest after work to frolic.  Jonathan, alas, cannot make it, but I hoping the weekend after he will be able to.  I'm still hoping to drag him to Kansas for a bit in October and then we can make it to the Kansas City Renn. Fest - as well as some other places, but that's neither here nor there at the moment as they are just fancies in my head for the time being.


                                            Wednesday the 2nd of August, 2006


3rd day of new job.  Did well, I was mostly on my own for the first time - only a few mistakes in the morning, but they were all sorted out and I did a very good job in the afternoon.  Reception is hard.  Still love it though.  This week is one of long hours and a crammed brain.  My head still echoes with the meows of our 2 month old Humane Society kitten - his name is Tiny, because he is, but hyperactive and loud.  I suppose like most kittens.  Ours is in the front room with us all day, so we get to hear him.  A lot.  Fortunately for him, he's adorable. 


                                             Saturday the 29th of July, 2006


Perfect day to wear velvet and wear it we did.  Where to?  The Scottish Highland Games of course.  Next month it'll be the Gig Harbor Renn. Fest.




                                             Wednesday the 26th of July, 2006


Oh, I am so very happy right now.  I just got finished calling everyone and so now I am updating my blog.  Here's where I will be working as of tomorrow:


I will be keeping my post at Sears as well, so I'll be juggling between the two, but the Met Vet Clinic is now my primary position and I'll be letting Sears know about it when I go in on Friday. 


                                            Monday the 24th of July, 2006


Have another interview in 2 hours at a vet clinic - hopefully this will be the one.


Saw Clerks II last night - hysterical and all kinds of lewd. 


Started Paradise Lost on Saturday.  Milton's epic poem on the Fallen is very moving thus far.  I've only gotten to the second chapter at the moment.  I've also decided I need to buy more Herman Hesse.  I have Damian, which is quite excellent and amazing and deservedly put Hesse on the literary map, but his later works intrigue me and must be read at some point.  Siddhartha is this next one I want to buy actually then Narcissus and Goldmund.  I need a proper room for a library ::sigh::


Thinking about a short segment that I'm illustrating and also coming up with the next painting I want to start.  Not sure which image I want to go with.  This week will see more resolution I'm sure. 


Spent Sunday hurrying in and out of the Glass Museum and taking a nice long walk along the Point Defiance shore.  Nice shade and lots of dog watching.  Much in the way of adorable.  Afterwards, stopped to smell the roses and walk though the Test Fuchsia Garden.  Experimental of them. 


                                            Thursday the 20th of July, 2006


Tuesday night I went to a punk rock/indie concert at the Tacoma Public Library.  The name of the band?  You guessed it: Draco and the Malfoys opened for Harry and the Potters.  It was a stunning sight - an entire library wing was stuffed with kids (there were even people watching outside at the windows who couldn't get in).  We're talking 6 year old kids to seniors in high school.  (Parents accompanying the younger kids of course.)  Costumes were a must for a large portion of this fan base.  And yes, I call them a fan base because they knew ALL the words to the songs.  The reason I went was one of a larking nature.  I saw a little blurb in the day's paper at work and thought "what the heck, that sounds like fun".  Not thinking it would be a huge turnout.  It was being featured at a library for goodness sake.  I was so very, very wrong.  Thronging!  Chaos!  And lots of fun.  What a great way to bring people to the library - give them a literary concert.


                                            Sunday the 16th of July, 2006


Market was good.  There were some silly people asking silly questions and small children grabbing at my stuff like always, but I also had some amazing feedback and genuine love of my stuff as well as some nice sales.  It was ... very uplifting.  Praise I haven't gotten in several weeks and was much appreciated. 


Jonathan and I went on the Spirit of Washington Train - the culmination of my anniversary/birthday/valentine's day present to him.  Fantastic time.  We both took lots of pictures (digital photography is such an amazing technology) and ate ourselves silly.  For more go to my Travel Page.  Hours later, I'm still stuffed.  Despite the thought that if I eat one more bit I'll vomit feeling, it was a perfect day out for this excursion and I had a wonderful time.  I loved standing out on the open air car and having the wind blow my hair around and having to jump back occasionally as a little twig would come whizzing by.


                                            Thursday the 13th of July, 2006


Re-listed some Copper Bonsai - now that the fireworks are over and people are back from vacation, I'm hoping those watchers and bidders will be back. 


Jonathan and I are going on the Spirit of Washington this Sunday - yay!!  I'll be taking pictures for sure.


Did some retouching on my Pirate and Jinn paintings - new photos are up for you to see what I did.  Just some little things to add more detail here and there.


New season of Stargate SG1 and Atlantis this Friday!! 


Oh, and no Fox Fire for me.  I got a message yesterday from them.  More applications to send out now.


                                            Saturday the 8th of July, 2006


::grumble:: the search for a full time job continues..... in the meantime, I'll hear back from Fox Fire by the end of the week if their part time job is being offered or they want another interview. 


Market went pretty well.  Sold a decent number of $10 and $15 earrings. 


In truly sad news, I won't be going to Prairie Home Companion on the 21st - sold out.  I didn't have enough money to buy tickets and Jonathan offered to buy them, but didn't buy them soon enough.  Lawn seating too - I guess with the movie release there was a lot of interest.  ::mope:: 


                                            Thursday the 6th of July, 2006


The flood has arrived - I had a second stage interview today for an hour, my art audition today, another interview tomorrow and a call-back to make to set up yet another interview.  Hopefully this will all land me another job and a small exhibit from January-June 2007.  If I'm one of the chosen artists, I can put up several pieces and hang whatever I want except - with the exception of my nude.  I figured that, but wanted to bring a photo of it anyway because I'm rather proud of it.  I showed a range of photographs, watercolors,  acrylics and oils in the 5 minutes it took to flip through my portfolio pages - the art curator of the store said he was impressed and loved that I did a wide range of mediums. 


I did some appointment stuff - computer and phone - on my interview/trainee session today.  It ended with me calling people to confirm appointments and the last call I made was to a woman who hadn't made the appointment, now lived in NY and wished to complain about some gossip that had gotten back to her.  Strange all around.  But other then that, it went quite well and the people all seem quite wonderful.  It turns out it is *not* the full time position I thought it was though.  It's a 25-30+ hour a week job, which means I'm trying for a night position right now and that way if I do get the Spa position it won't conflict.  I need a new car which means I need lots of work right now so I can afford one!


Crazy week which has me going all over the place, but I'm really enjoying it.  It's a week of anxious relief. 


                                            Wednesday the 5th of July, 2006


Had a really awesome interview today at Fox Fire Salon and Spa up the road from me.  oooooo nice place!!!!!  I have a 'practice' hour at their front desk tomorrow. yay!  My enlargements are almost ready for pickup  so I can show them tomorrow and then all over town. I think I'm taking in a total of 12 pieces to show and I think that should be enough.  That's what I'm comfortable taking in and I hope it's enough..... never having done this before. 


                                            Tuesday the 4th of July, 2006


So, did any of you watch the Discovery launch today?  I did and it was really cool.  I've also finished my Nude today.


I've finished taking pictures of the five paintings I'm going to start auditioning - I wanted perfect pictures to take for enlargements. 

My five are:


Bison Bull

Golden Buddha

Pirate Shores

Man in the Mirror


                                            Sunday the 2nd of July, 2006


Taste of Tacoma was taaaaasty - Fresh Spring Roll, Turtle Crepe, Fresh Veggie Crepe, Mango Lemonade,  Peanut Butter Chocolate Fudge, and Seasoned Curly Fries.  Jani and Mat ate a lot more then I did and had stuff like Gater on a Stick and Seafood Pockets. 


Oh!  and Thursday I have an appointment to audition several of my pieces (some photography and some of my oil paintings) to hang at the S. 38th Borders next year.  The pieces hang for 6 months at a time so I'm auditioning for space 6 months from now.  I'm excited.  Next I'm going to go to Barns and Noble in Lakewood, because they do featured artists quite a bit and also find a cafe or two that I like.  After I get some credibility, I'll want to try for galleries. 


I also have another interview this Wednesday.


                                            Thursday the 29th of June, 2006


Last Sunday, Jonathan and I went over to Seattle to walk the EMP building Seattle Center's.  I had never been to the Music half of the building and he had never been to the Sci-Fi half and we both hadn't gotten over there recently for the new Double Take exhibit. 


DoubleTake: From Monet to Lichtenstein was amazing.  It's a pairing of pieces that don't seem to go together, but it ends up working very well - each one contrasts and compliments the other in ways you never really thought to go looking.  These pairings include Impressionist and Post-Impressionist works from masters such as Claude Monet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Edgar Dégas and Vincent van Gogh with modern and contemporary works from such artists as Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko, Jasper Johns and Roy Lichtenstein.  Radical in their times (and some still are) are now in the glow of classical masters.  One of my favorites was Gerhard Richter's “Candle” because it was so perfectly rendered, Jonathan and I actually thought it was a photograph for the first second.  It's oil on canvas.  Besides that though, to me, the glow of the candle from the simple flame captures a perfect moment of calm and solitude on canvas.  John Jasper's "Numbers" was really cool - sheet metal pressed with numbers (1-9) in an attempt to turn a sculpture into a painting.  The surface reflects the light in all sorts of interesting ways.   Good exhibit. Good day. Being a SAM member paid off once again. 


From Paul Allen's collection

“The DoubleTake: From Monet to Lichtenstein” includes 28 pieces:

                                            Tuesday the 27th of June, 2006


Dismissed! On the grounds that the whole thing was just really messy (I said, trooper said) but technically because "it" (I'm assuming that "it" would be issuing the ticket) wasn't filed in a timely manner.  All I really care about is that my traffic ticket was dismissed.  (big huge sigh of relief)


I've been working on my Nude and he's almost finished.  I have a hand to finish - details - before I'm theoretically satisfied with the results.  At that point, I'm going to see if there are any local galleries, cafes or Border's Bookstores that will hang my work.  I have 4 paintings that I think I want to show right now.


                                            Wednesday the 21st of June, 2006


Longest day of the year.  Didn't really do too much on my day off.  Found a really cool blog off a New York Times article: Language Log.  Send out some resumes, talked to my dad and refined my court presentation (mostly because I have no idea whether to expect Night Court or Judge Judy on my day in court, but my dad said it won't be anything like Judge Judy).  Made some pasta for lunch/dinner and started a new novel: Reading Lolita in Tehran.


                                            Monday the 19th of June, 2006


Wow and finally.  Finally got a hold of my insurance agents in person and got stuff e-mailed to me!!  There should be more e-mailed to me soon and this should give me a pretty good case when I go to court on the 27th to fight that traffic accident ticket. 


In other news, I have been happily stuffing my face with strawberries.  Got a half flat at Market and because they are perfectly ripe, they have to be eaten quickly.  I was planning to feed more to Jonathan when he came down on Saturday, but we were out rather late and I didn't get a chance to feed him more then one strawberry. 


                                            Sunday the 18th of June, 2006


My world is going a bit insane.  If that insurance agent lady from Farmer's doesn't call me back Monday regarding copies of records I need for my court case, I will go crazy - crazy I say!  In other news, I sold some pretty good stuff at Market plus several people used my credit card machine finally.  I've also discovered people like !Specials! and stay to look a lot longer when you tell them there's a little something extra they might get if they buy something.  About 80% of the people I told my Special to stayed for 5 minutes whereas before they might have stayed to look around for 30 seconds to a minute.  This is important to remember. 


Cars is a fun, cute and funny movie.  Recommended to see (some cheesy moments call for an eye roll or two) and the animation is amazing. 


Three Bonsai are up on eBay, several are being highly watched and I've already gotten several questions and comments.  This is very good for me.  I am pleased.


                                            Tuesday the 13th of June, 2006


Rethinking layout of Market booth - tiers of tables and more hanging signs to let people know what's going on.  Going to hang stuff on the outside to attract people's attentions (the shiny object syndrome).  Gonna start showcasing the $20 necklaces and $5 earrings more.... somehow.


Putting Copper Bonsai BACK UP ON eBAY!!!!  One up today and another one or two later this week.  I'll be staggering more next week as well (and so on).


Saw The Prairie Home Companion over the weekend!  ::happy grin::  I just have to say that Kevin Kline as Guy Noire was brilliant.  Now I really can't wait for the show to come to Seattle at the end of July!


My friend is having her baby today.  A little mind boggling.  Am looking forward to meeting this baby.



                                            Thursday the 8th of June, 2006


I have a headache; I've had it for several hours, however, I think the reason is I wasn't able to get much water to drink at work today.  Drinking water and tea now and it's going away. 


Watching So You Think You Can Dance.  Cheesy of me, but I love watching good dancing.  I watched last year too.   I was a Fame fan as a little girl - it shows.


Worked on my jewelry commissions today - men's bracelet/necklace set and a bunch of gilt wooded beads for hair weaving.  All I need now is some black cord to finish it all up.  I'll pick that up tomorrow.  I was going to buy it today, but I got my headache and wanted to balance out my system rather then squinting at beads for an hour.  Cause that's what I would be doing if I had the material I needed.  Instead I did dishes and made pasta for dinner. 


                                            Tuesday the 6th of June, 2006


Baby Shower/Dinner Celebration tonight that one of my friends and I organized for one of our other friends.  Just a night out for her really - we all went to Red Robin for dinner.  It was a lot of fun.  This is what I gave her for the baby's room for her and Makayla (baby girl) to look at.  Tempus Fugit


Updated Bonsai page.


                                            Saturday the 3rd of June, 2006


I saw a nun in habit this week.


Today I saw the annual University Place Yellow Plushie Duck Parade.  It passed right by my Market. 


A little girl told me my sense of color mixing was genius.  Made some sales, have two more commissions.


I'm very bouncy today and I'm not sure why.


                                            Wednesday the 31st of May, 2006


Got to having a wonderful dinner at a local Thai place with my Uncle Mike and Aunt Jayme.  It's been ages since I've seen them and I had a great time catching up.  And I just now noticed I got peanut sauce on my shirt ::laughs::  Doesn't that just figure ^_~


Plus I finished the necklace and bracelet commission.  They look very nice - of course.  Wore the necklace to dinner for it's test run - everything checked out.


                                            Tuesday the 30th of May, 2006


My Uncle Mike is in town (sort of ... same state, same side) and we're going to have a lunch (or dinner) tomorrow before he has to catch his plane back to Kansas.  yay!  Sad circumstances preclude the visit, but it's been ages since I've seen him.


X3 is not a bad movie - Singer not directing showed however.   Characters did things that seemed very out of character to me, but I'll take it as different timeline via Movieland.  Was annoying in places, other places I could ignore it and enjoy it. 


Finished planning second Baby Shower/Dinner Celebration for my friend.  Red Robin on the 6th - everyone can get what they want and no dishes to wash afterward for us. 


Events move forward strangely for just about all of my friends.  shazaam indeed.


                                            Thursday the 25th of May, 2006


Went to a Baby Shower last night for a friend of mine.  It was nice, and happily there was only one game (sadly, it was one that included diapers and melted candy bars).  The person who was supposed to bring the games got sick and couldn't come.  Darn the luck. 



Come up with something to eat from my fridge

Resumes sent out

work on painting

work on bracelet commission


                                            Monday the 22nd of May, 2006


Gosh, two of my shows are ending within a day of each other: Alias and Charmed.  All for the best I suppose, I probably watch too much TV anyway. 


Sold some more earrings, got a commission for a bracelet/necklace set from one of my vendor neighbors at Market.  More compliments.  Next week, I'm hoping for more sales..... SIGH!


Saw MI3 last night.  Both Jonathan and I were thinking of not seeing it, then ended up going out and seeing it.  It wasn't a bad movie.  Enjoyable actually.  I wouldn't go see it three times, but it was fun.  We even got captioning with our screening.  I caught myself reading the dialogue instead of watching the movie several times and had to make myself stop -i.e. when the subtitles came on, I asked Jonathan why the font suddenly changed.  oh yeah......


On the trilogy note; am anxiously awaiting X-Men 3.  yay Angel and Beast!!!!


Heat went away to be replaced by rain and grey.... funny that.  Just when we were making records. 


                                            Friday the 19th of May, 2006


A review:

The King Must Die and The Bull From the Sea by Mary Renault.  If you can find them, buy them and read them.  And do so in order please, they are a Part One and Two.  In these pages the classical tale of Theseus, King of Athens, Bull-Leaper, Son of Poseidon, plots the events of his life with the grace of the gods.  We see Theseus as events might have been - which would later be spun into Harpers tales of even greater wonder - and see these events bring him the love of his people, the love of his life, the expansion of his kingdom and later the tragedy that would take everything away and still leave him King, but without the heart to rule.  Beautifully written and very well laid out.  Mary Renault has done her research and has a wonderful gift of common sense that brings the ancient would of Crete and Athens along with their people and beliefs to life.


And now I have to finish my Market sign for tomorrow before I have to go into work tonight - bleh.


                                            Thursday the 18th of May, 2006


One Personality Test later I'll find out by next Friday at the latest if I got the position or not.  If not, it was still an interesting interview: Q: What Is Your Favorite Book?  A: I have about 50, take your pick.


In other news, my high heels went over well. (I'll have to ask Jonathan if he agrees, but I think he did) It's nice having a bit of additional height once in awhile.  Walking is still something I have to think about when I wear them though.  (laughs)


Copper Tubing is being all twisted about to make some more hanging Bonsai, and I have beads lining up to string on silver wire for earrings. I'm also painting up a sign that explains what the Bonsai are to help dispel that confused look some lookers get upon first encountering my creations under the canopy.


Summer seems to be here early.  All of a sudden it's in the 80s and I'm glaring at the sun and wishing for clouds.  Although that does mean everything is blooming and green.  Also means the snow is melting.  Mud slides are now of concern in the mountains.  (so everyone drink their water and save the trees!!! hah hah)


Oh, and no, I haven't had time to take my car in... sorry!!!  I will very soon, I promise!!  Although it would help if I weren't so broke.   =P

            soon to be remedied I hope!  My goal is to actually SELL more of my stuff at Market this weekend!  Which means I need to make more of those $5, $10, $15 and $20 earrings.


                                            Tuesday the 16th of May, 2006


We (dad and I) think one or more of my belts isn't perfectly aligned, so I'll have my mechanic look at it Wed or Thurs (depending on when I can get it seen).  Shouldn't be a difficult job of it.


In happy news I have an interview tomorrow for a position at a Realty agency near the Mall.  I bought a pair of 3 inch black heels for the occasion ^_^


What else... oh yes, it is very hot out up here today.  Summer is coming too early!  I got off work and the time it took for me to walk to my car I had started to get sticky.  I'm such a wimp about the heat now.

(drinks lots of water)


                                            Saturday the 13th of May, 2006


    My canopy (plus a Jani) at University Place Farmer's Market today.

Sold better today then last week - 3 pairs of earring!!!


Have ideas for better presentation of wares for next week.  However, I am still satisfied.


Missed a date with Jonathan last Thursday; my new crappy car just isn't to be trusted in traffic/long drives.  I had to turn down dinner in Seattle, and felt really crummy doing it.  I don't like always having him drive down to see me, but unless we meet halfway though or I take a nice long time with the drive, there isn't much to be done.  Well, I can take the bus, if I can figure it out, but that isn't really contusive to spur of the moment anything.  sad. 


                                            Tuesday the 9th of May, 2006


First Market was good - people looked, played and seemed interested.  I think people will come back after payday and later in the season when Market gets bigger.  I'm happy with the results.


                                            Friday the 5th of May, 2006


Bonsai Gallery updated


                                            Wednesday the 3rd of May, 2006


Card tables - check

folding chair - check

table cloth - check

Bonsai - check

necklace cards - check

necklaces - check

pricing - check

money box - check

mirror - check

10' x 10' canopy - check

receipts - check


still need to make a sign for my stall, make copies of my brochures to hand out, and I had a great idea for a new Bonsai this morning!!! 


                                            Wednesday the 26th of April, 2006


Ah yes, it does look like I need to update.  Car was looked at briefly on Friday as well as Emissions Testing (passed) and Registration (plus paying sales tax on car. ouch!).  So car is all good and whatnot.  I have a court date set to contest my accident ticket (June 27th) and I even got the accident report copy sent to me Saturday.  Not much I can do for the moment, so with a little prodding from my dad, I'll stop worrying over it.


May 6th is my first Farmer's Market!!!!  iik!  Excited and nervous. 


Jonathan is off on the east coast attending his Grandmother's funeral - I'll have to call tonight and see how things are going. 


Bought myself a coffee plant over the weekend.  It's pretty; big, green glossy leaves and one day it will even grow beans.  I still want to get a few more carnivorous plants to go around the other plants, but those will have to wait a week or two.  It's my plan of attack for those little bugs that like to eat my other plants!  *eyes future little fly bugs as plant food*  I'm putting together a terrace of sorts to better allow my plants the light they need.  I'm using old terra cotta pots, bricks and planks to construct a four step platform.  Or three... I'm not sure yet.   It's a fun construct.


                                            Thursday the 20th of April, 2006


Well, today was frustrating.  Was asked to come into work today, and I said yes even though I knew that would cause me grief for getting my car stuff done on time.  Yup.  I was right.  Cold vets, cramps fit to tie my insides into nice little knots and a nice bashed finger latter I got out of work late, ran into stand still traffic on the highway and proceeded to get myself lost getting to the Emissions Station.  2 hours latter and Station not found, one of my belts starts to squeal and I turn around and literally and purposely limp myself back home.  Nothing over 35 mph.  My new little 1994 Ford Probe has a preexisting appointment at the mechanics first thing in the morning and it is going directly there.  It desperately needs an oil change and basic looking over.  Three days is just not enough time to get everything done before the temporary tag expire!  I'll have to walk to the DMV to get another three day temp tag.  The Emissions Station is open Saturday morning, so I can take it in then (with directions this time.  I've been there before and I knew the roads to turn on, but I couldn't find the last road!) and go in first thing Monday to get my new plate and register the car.  Temp tags will be just expired and I hope that's ok because it's going to have to be.  I can't do anything else. 


It was good to finally get home, call Mom and Jennifer and get all my complaining out with and then crawl into bed with a blanket to warm up.  Long day. 


                                            Sunday the 16th of April, 2006


No insurance check yet; I was told it would be delivered Friday at the latest.  Hopefully it'll be here Monday, but somehow, I'm not betting on it.  It'll work out, however, it will just take longer then originally planned.

"The 10th planet turns out to be barely larger than tiny Pluto, a new photograph by the Hubble Space Telescope shows.  The object — still unnamed more than a year after its discovery but tagged with the temporary designation 2003 UB313 and nicknamed Xena by the discoverer — covered an area only 1.5 pixels wide in the digital image, taken by the space telescope in December. But that was enough to extract the diameter: 1,490 miles, give or take 60 miles...Astronomers have not decided whether to name 2003 UB313 an official planet or to demote Pluto. In recent years, many astronomers have said Pluto should be regarded just as a member of the Kuiper Belt, a ring of icy bodies beyond the orbit of Neptune, too small to be a full-fledged planet.  Since 2003 UB313 is almost a twin of Pluto in size, the two distant objects could eventually share the same fate of terminology."


                                           Thursday the 13th of April, 2006


Well, I was right - the '94 Ford Probe was a winner.  Good car, good mileage, good tires, good engine, good brakes, and good price.  I'll be picking it up Saturday morning and handing over my check. 


Things are slowly coming together again.  uff


And I'm hungry.  No food left in the apartment.  Everything's been eaten - I've cooked some interesting concoctions this last week to utilize anything left.  I have to go buy some stuff. 


                                            Wednesday the 12th of April, 2006


I'm hoping tomorrow's test drive proves to be the winner.  So far the one car I've kinda liked at the Saturn Dealership was sold the next day, so that one's gone.  Haven't gotten my check from the insurance company yet - should be here tomorrow. 


But I have a new lead for ticket vindication - name and number of agent who took the claim of the guy in front of me.  She's also dealing with the lawyers, so she should have a good idea of what's going on.  I've left a message for her and hopefully she'll get back to me tomorrow as well.


                                            Tuesday the 11th of April, 2006


Washington State Quarter design finalists:


Plus one of my good friends (who created the space for this site) has now also created ===>

This will be featured on the fliers I will be giving out at the University Place Farmer's Market booth I'm getting.  This one is going through, so I'm quite excited.


Sent in my request and $5 to get a copy of the Traffic Report.  Let's see how fast that goes through.  Still trying to get a copy of the statement of the guy in front of me who said I did not hit him.  I think I should be able to subpoena a statement from him or the insurance company.  I'll have to look into that now that he has a lawyer to sue the guy who was behind me.


Had a review a work - seems I'm doing a nice enough job to get a raise.  I don't think it's much of a raise though.


                                            Monday the 10th of April, 2006


Got a call today from a Farmer's Insurance agent needing a recorded statement because the guy who hit me apparently (and I actually called and confirmed this) had lapsed insurance so the guy in front of me (who's car I was pushed into during the accident) is suing said guy who was driving the Mini Van.  I asked before the recording took place if the guy in front of me remembered how many hits he felt (because I felt myself stop) and the insurance lady told me that he said I did not hit him.  The impact came from my car being driven into his.  Unfortunately because he has lawyers involved I won't be able to get a written statement.  But I can at least say I was told it in court. 


Ongoing: looking for work, looking for car.


Have until Saturday to return rental car which means I want everything finalized by Friday.


University Place Farmer's Market looks like that's where I am going to end up.  Kent Farmer's Market disappeared and I can't get any word from them.  No loss to me. 


Have a new conceptual painting in mind.  I've been laying on some primer, but that's it thus it for the canvas so far.  I have to work the details out paper first.  Which reminds me... I have several conceptual sheets I need to work on as well. 


Saw Lucky Number Sleven with Jonathan over the weekend - reminded me a lot of Usual Suspects.   A very enjoyable movie.  We both worked out most of the plot by the half way point (if not much earlier), but the movie still managed to surprise us with little twists which was nice.  I loved the banter in the movie.  Lucy Lu was incredibly adorable. 


                                            Wednesday the 5th of April, 2006


Mom tells me to fight the ticket even if I think I can't win.  Just so my version of events is on the record.  So that's what I'll do.  I didn't think it would make any difference, but mom tells me that just doesn't matter and who knows I might just get a sympathetic judge.  The ticket was for following too closely and I wasn't at all, I just happened to hydroplane when my slow brake turned into a hard brake.


Got my car quote today as well.  Less then I wanted, but about what I expected.  Crappy new car here I come!


Not to much going on.  Job search continues - sending out resumes every day.  Still coming across little programs that I forgot I needed to install on the new laptop like Real Player.  Still having fun watching my download speeds increase and being able to multitask without freezing up. 


                                            Monday the 3rd of April, 2006


Allow me to rant for just one minute - I got my traffic ticket in the mail Saturday.  My options include taking it in to court to object to its issue.  However, it would be my word against 3 Troopers who were on the scene when the accident happened, and I figure why take that gamble.  I still maintain I was able to stop within a half inch and I think from their vantage at 9:30pm they weren't able to discern that distance before I got hit myself.  This seems like a sidetrack, but it isn't.... while the guy behind me was most definitely at fault, I aim my annoyances at the guy who stopped in the middle of the highway for no reason.  And then stayed stopped.  For maybe 10 seconds.  Even with the visual distraction and maybe someone cutting him off.... nope. I don't buy it.  He stopped and cause a 3 car pileup and then left - got off with no blame for the damage he caused.  Really pisses me off.  I don't know what happened up there obviously, but I see no reason why he had to stay stopped for so long (or why he had to stop in the first place).   He he hadn't, the guy in front of me could have started to move again, there would have been no question about my hitting him because the space would have widened as he moved.  I don't know about me though.  I might have still been hit, but it wouldn't have been as hard.     


Anyway, now I'm done ranting.   I haven't heard anything yet about an insurance quote for my dead car - I'm calling as soon as my phone battery charges up again.  oops. 


Been doing come cool Bonsai stuff.  Have one that I'm really into at the moment - it's a dragon.


Emerald City Comic Con was awesome.  Went on the 1st.  It was at SeaHawk's Stadium again which is a really good venue for this event.  Visited lots of artists, writters, publishers, venders and really cool fans.  Well, really cool people in general.  Dropped in on the Slave Labor Graphics Panel Q&A with Editor-In-Cheif Dan Vado along with Roman Dirge (who does Lenore if anyone knows that comic - Hot Topic carried it for a long time).  I was going after 2 issues of Maxx that I don't have, but didn't manage to find them.  Rare issues are hard to find, but that's the fun of them.  Got my Grendel issues signed by Matt Wagner.  That was pretty awesome. After wandering around for awhile I realized I should have asked him for a sketch, but he was gone to lunch by then. Got my DareDevil #4 HC signed by Alex Maleev who seemed to be swamped by sketch requests. 

Talked to Stephen Silver and got a limited edition print from him that he signed with a little sketch of Rufus from Kim Possible which he did Character Development and Character Supervision for.  Kim Possible is one of my favorite cartoons.  Teen Titans is my other favorite.  

Konsequential Studios was there for the third year and I had to go and show my support.   They do a small little independent comic called Monk's Tale which is really well done and they just released issue #5. 

Image Publishing was there, and I had a really interesting conversation with one of the guys there and a passing Kabuki fan who heard me mention my love of David Mack, who had to stop and show me his Scarab tattoo.  ^_^


I stayed about until 2:30pm and then went up to SAAM to meet Jonathan for a quick look about - we watched a little short movie on display Shirin Neshat: Tooba.

I didn't understand the movie at the time - and I still don't - but apparently, it's about the Tooba, or tree of paradise, and centers around an image of the "feminine tree" (a symbol which originates in the Qur’an), which I got because you see a woman in the tree in the beginning.  She's part of the tree, so it's obvious there's something special about her and the tree.  Other then that, I'm not sure what the other people are doing besides running up to the tree and looking at it, but by that point the woman has vanished... so I guess they got there too late? I'm supposing 'You See What You See" is a theme.  Good music.  The landscape looked like it was filmed in Central China, but apparently it was filmed in Mexico.   

Afterwards we walked Pike's Place for dinner while I babbled on about the Comic Con.  He understands - he went to Sakura Con all three days. ^_^


                                            Monday the 27th of March, 2006


Insurance business + car rental + researching new car potentials + looking for new job + waiting = headache for Jenna.  Literally.  Nice big tension headache and knotted all over.  I'm learning so much these days.  Like how much rental car agencies wish to charge you for Liability coverage you don't need.  I didn't know.  Found out, went back to them and had it taken care of.  See?  Something new learned.


If I sound bitter, I'm trying very hard not to be.  It's just the headache influencing my mood. 


Jani picked me up this morning so I could pick up my rental car and then she took me out to lunch at Greek.  Yummy hummus plate.  Heard back from one of my agents telling me my car will be picked up from the towing lot and reviewed in the next few days. 


I've been sending out resumes like a mad woman all yesterday and today.  Really stepping up the search.  Cause my job right now just isn't what I want or need. 


                                            Saturday the 25th of March, 2006


Well, last night was interesting.  Was invited to a Pure Romance Party with a co-worker and some friends.  Basically we sat around and laughed, smelled and yes, even tasted an array of bedroom enhancing products.  That was fun.  Left about 9:15 and about 9:30pm exiting the onramp to I-16 from I-5 N, the car in front of me slowed, I slowed, he suddenly stopped, I hit my brakes, hydroplaned for about 4 feet, stopped, and then the Minivan behind me crashed into me sending me into the stopped car in front of me. 


My poor Saturn is a crumpled mess. 


I am fine, everyone involved is fine.  The Troopers made sure of that.  My airbags worked.  The places my airbag hit me tingled for several hours afterwards and I was shaky from the adrenalin.  Called Jennifer and Jonathan when I got home and before I went to bed I left a message with work.  Monday is out for going in.


State Troopers were already on the scene for a prior incident and the whole thing happened not 6 feet in front of them, so they saw everything.  I have a feeling this is why Car #1 stopped, causing Car #2 to stop, thus causing me (Car #3) to stop and Car #4 got screwed because I don't think he noticed everyone else slowing/stopping as he was so far back.  It is an onramp after all.  People expect acceleration, not a rapid deceleration. 


This is a dangerous onramp anyway.  I've witnessed numerous occasions of near misses as cars try to change lanes to get into needed lanes.  It's a short distance to make if you want to stay on I-16 and not have a forced exit onto Sprague. 


The other side is just as tricky and slippery and the bridge from I-5 S to I-16 gets a lot of black ice in winter and also since we have lots of drizzle around here fall, winter and spring, there are many days when there is just a fine layer of water of the highway which makes for prime hydroplaning.  Cars spin out on this section of ramp, going North or South, a lot.  I've witnessed more then a few myself and seen the remains of even more.   This just happened to be a time when I couldn't avoid it myself.  There really was nothing I could have done differently.  I was already slowing and when I hit the brakes harder to stop, I hit the water and momentum carried me forward.  If the car behind me hadn't hit me, I don't think anything would have happened.  He probably hydroplaned too but he was going much faster then I had been.


Anyway, I've made the claim and now I wait until Monday to make and receive some more important calls and I need to get a ride to Hertz Enterprise to get my rental car - my insurance covers that.  It's good to have full and complete coverage.  It also covers the Towing that was involved. 


Speaking to Towing... my towing guy was a bit of a ass.  After he got my car jacked up, he wanted to leave, but I hadn't gotten my Driver's License and papers back yet, I wasn't leaving without them and he threatened to leave without me and make me walk!!!  I ran over to one of Troopers and told him - he made sure the tow driver wouldn't leave without me.  Then as the guy was driving me home, he tried to make it sound like he was just following policy of getting out of traffic.  Right.  I get that, I also say you better damn well give me the 5 minutes it's going to take me to get my information back and get the report from the Trooper.


I can still smell my car smoking.  It isn't from my hair, it's just my memory.  My memory of shock of being hit when just milliseconds before there had been relief at not hitting the car in front of me.  Then dark, thick smoke and realizing I needed to move my car over to the side of the road so it wouldn't be in the way of traffic.  I remember coughing and struggling to get out of my car and sitting down watching my car as traffic pasted looking at the crumpled heap.  Front smashed in, rear driver's side window panel broken out, neither backdoor will open nor the hatchback.  It only took an hour to get everything sorted out and me home.  Seemed longer.


I got all my stuff out of my car before going inside - even my jumper cables.  Although I think I forgot my sunglasses actually now that I think about it.  My $10 sunglasses I got with Sander and Mat after our Seattle Underground Tour.  That was a fun day.


Now we see what happens next.


                                            Thursday the 23rd of March, 2006


Had a day off yesterday so I went up to Seattle to hang out, and latter met up with Jonathan for dinner up on Capitol Hill.  It was nice to see him in the middle of the week and during the day ^_^

He also gave me my birthday/anniversary gift .  I love it.  Practical and utterly wonderful and amazing of him.  I'm using it right now.  It's shiny.

I'm so spoiled. ^_^


                                            Tuesday the 21st of March, 2006


Saw V for Vendetta over the weekend.  It was a good adaptation of the graphic novel. Admittedly, it was dumbed down and there were a few points left out that I thought should have been included, some were changed that I felt should not have been, and the ending was spiced up for special effects audiences.  Other then that, I do recommend this movie to anyone who has or has not read the comic. 


I ordered a White Noise CD a little while ago and it arrived yesterday, so I tried it out last night (I have noisy downstairs neighbors) even though they were being quiet.  I slept so well.  It's a Summer Nights background and sounds exactly like the Midwest on a summer's night.  I had the most vivid dreams of remembering my childhood - like looking out my bedroom window over the cornfield next to us, walking around at dusk through the lawn and pasture, playing with the dogs, smelling the air and feeling the wind.  I miss the sound of crickets up here.  And thunderstorms.  Maybe I'll have to buy a thunderstorm CD now as well.  That was my second choice.  I decided against it because it's been raining ALL winter and I'm sick of rain.  The Summer Nights CD makes me feel all warm and snuggly. 


                                            Thursday the 16th of March, 2006


Updated my Bonsai page with the 4 commissions I just sent off (#56-#59)


Also, it seems I am working tomorrow night, which means evidently I will not be celebrating St Patrick's Day with everyone else. Bit of a bummer.  Think people will still be around at midnight? 


Still need to buy my ticket to the Emerald City Comic Con (I'm going Saturday April 1).  Jonathan is going to Sakura Con, so I don't think he'll be really up to going - even though I think it would be really cool if he did come.  It is however, an early morning event and he doesn't do mornings.  Especially one starting with an 'S'. They might open the doors at 10am, but you better be standing in line by 9am.  So once again, I'll go by myself, wander the aisles, talk to whomever I meet, meet authors and artist and publishers - generally have lots of fun submersed in the world of comics.


mmmm, I should post an updated photo of my nude. Slight alterations, but important ones.  I'll have to take a photo soon. 


                                            Tuesday the 14th of March, 2006


Link of the day, brought to my attention by Jennifer = = >


Fantastic.  Useful.  Will suck up my time ^_^


                                            Monday the 13th of March, 2006


Some of my favorite moments of last week:


1. Picking my dad up from the airport and handing him a latte because I knew that would be exactly what he would be needing

2. The atmosphere of Mike Night at The Antique Sandwich Co with everyone sitting together regardless of if you knew each other of not because you were all neighbors anyway

3. Coming home the next day and hugging my dad hello and promptly going out to lunch

4. The Planetarium at the Science Center because the Planetarium Guide was so sweet (and very knowledgeable) and my dad was being such a smartass

5. The absolute calm of NorthWest Trek the morning we arrived.  No sounds of people for those first lovely minutes as we took in the snow covered foothills and the dark trees on that clear, cool morning. 

6.  Seeing Jonathan and my dad hit it off like I knew they would


*7. Having the worst of my cold hold off until I got home from dropping my dad off at the airport.


* It kinda sucked being sick (yeah), but it wasn't too bad - as soon as I got home though, it got nasty.  So therefore, while not a favorite moment, if I had to be sick, that's the way to do it.  I'm almost over the cold thing now and hopefully a hot shower and some corn bread I just made will make me feel all better!


                                            Saturday the 11th of March, 2006


So for my birthday, dad and I went up to NorthWest Trek -- his first time.  It had snowed the day before (oddly) and the snow was still feathering the trees and lent a bit of the fairy tale air about the morning.

Walked in, walked down to the tram station and was recognized by one of the tour guides I used to work with (we have the same name, so I think that might have been a reason she remembered me so well).  There were maybe a dozen people on the free roaming tour, so there was nice interaction without anything being overwhelming - we took our time and had a great visit. 

Saw lambs and billy goats that are now yearlings, saw bison and elk and swans and almost everyone but the cow moose. 

Walked around the core area afterwards - the wolves were active, both cougars frisky and the coyotes cute and happy. 

Had a fantastic dinner at Carmalita - introduced my dad and Jonathan to each other and they hit it off very well.  Wonderful food, wine and conversation.  Had a Riesling called Naked (2004) from a winery in Snoqualmie (Columbia Valley vineyard).  Fabulous wine - certified organically grown.  I originally ordered it for the amusement factor, but I'm glad I did.


                                            Friday the 10th of March, 2006


It's my birthday... It's my birthday.... yay!!!!


Dad is here and today the winds and rains seem to have dissipated. 


Tuesday after he flew in we had dinner at the Antique Sandwich Co and listened to quite a lineup of live music - ranged from traditional guitar alt to Irish harp and ragtime piano. 


Wednesday I had to work in the morning, so in the afternoon dad and I went and had lunch at a little Vitnamise/Thai place and watch the rain pelt the street and anyone who happened to be walking outside.  Hunted for a Gortex raincoat at consignment shops to no avail.


Yesterday we walked along Owens Beach and had a huge breakfast at Ruston Inn then a quick drive up to Seattle Center proved highly enjoyable - SciFi Museum and Pacific Science Center.


Walk through Point Defiance    Butterfly Room at Pacific Science Center        Curious Butterfly alights on dad


There will be more later, but right now we're leaving to visit NorthWest Trek


                                            Monday the 6th of March, 2006


Missed the first 10 minutes of UltraViolet which I think had some affect of my understanding of the movie, but I still came to the conclusion that while it didn't suck and I did enjoy it, it is a odd movie and not as good as I had expected.  Lacked cohesiveness I thought. Or rather, so much thought was put into tiny details like a tear drop, that larger details such as character development were forgotten. 


Took a photo of my Nude Male Holding Planet as promised.  Not done, but getting close.


I have a father arriving tomorrow!!!!  yay!!!


Also, I have decided what I want to do on my birthday  1) not work   2) go to NorthWest Trek especially since dad hasn't been taken yet   3) have dinner at Carmelita's



                                            Saturday the 4th of March, 2006


All is clean and aired out - this also included taking in my 7 bags of recycling ^_^


Did more painting today as well.  I'll post a picture tomorrow because lighting is bad right now.  I did however take pictures of new necklaces, earrings and Bonsai 55 and those pictures are up.


                                            Friday the 3rd of March, 2006


All the laundry is done, windows are open (while not warm, still pleasant and it's been ages since that) and now I'm cleaning up the spare room so that when my dad arrives on the 7th, he will have a place to sleep!  Mostly this entails vacuuming and moving a few boxes around. 


Received another commission for 4 Bonsai on Monday - realized I had to order more copper wire and felt impressed that a pound of 24 gauge wire has lasted me almost a year.


Took part in a Precious Metal Clay (PMC+ to be specific) class last Saturday and made 2 really cool pendants - plus just learning how to handle to PMC and fire it was very, extremely helpful.  It's amazing and expensive stuff (retail is $30 for 18 grams), but really worth the investment to make your own fine silver pieces.  I won't be investing for awhile, but I do plan to save up some money because I think the ability to create my own silver pieces would be wicked to sell at Farmer's Market. 


                                            Friday the 24th of February, 2006


Must listen to this song.  Jennifer gave me the link and I had to share.


                                            Thursday the 23rd of February, 2006


Big weekend.  Lots of fun - good times.  Some beer to celebrate Jonathan's 28th with friends, a little bit of shopping on Saturday with Jani and a lovely walk on the beach at sunset on Sunday watching dirt avalanches cascade down the cliff side. 

One year.  I like that.


Also found out my stigmatism is getting better - several weeks ago I had my annual eye checkup and my eyesight is actually improving.  Exciting ^_^


In other news, I'm working on building my stock for Farmer's Market.  More Bonsai and more necklaces are being added.  Earrings are needed next!


                                            Tuesday the 14th of February, 2006


So, I hadn't realized until last week, but this week has Valentine's Day, Jonathan's Birthday and our 1 year anniversary.  It'll be a 3-in-1 Holiday this weekend.  I'm not sure what, exactly, but it'll be interesting.... and definitely fun.   


Otherwise, not too much going on.  Work, busy making stuff, working on an art project with Roo, and some cleaning around the apartment.  I bleached my floors over the weekend.  They needed it.  The place smelled like a pool for 2 days.  Wasn't expecting that for some reason.


I'm really liking this art project thing - it's rough artwork at this point, but the story is really starting to take shape.


Plus it's getting sunny outside, warm breezes, blue skies and longer days.  I was getting so sick of the rain. (Although funny enough, it snowed in Seattle last night)


                                            Friday the 10th of February, 2006


This is an important link - hopefully it will not be hacked away by the time you read it - this is a reprint of the 12 Dutch cartoon depicting the Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Him).  Now, I understand why these cartoon are insulting, the depiction of the Prophet Mohammed is forbidden in Muslim religion.  But there was a reason these cartoon were made and printed: to test whether Fundamentalist Muslim had affected the rights of free speech in Denmark. 

Be insulted by the depiction if you will, be insulted by the American Nazi Movement Propaganda (which I am), be insulted by the editorial you read in the newspaper, but freedom of speech should never be limited because someone is insulted by what they see or read.  Ignore it or dialogue about it - the choice is always yours, or should be. 

Since no American newspaper reran the cartoons and since the reaction to them really is quite a big deal, I think getting the images out there is important so that people know what the reaction is all about.  I've always found it aggravating when critics lampoon a film, documentary or comic simply because they have heard what the content is supposedly about but refuse to actually see the item for themselves.  Form your own opinion.


                                            Tuesday the 7th of February, 2006


I hadn't realized until dad told me, and I went to look it up but the storms here over the weekend gave us another loss - the bull moose at Northwest Trek died when a tree fell over and he wasn't able to get out of the way.  An ornery but wonderful and beautiful moose. I was looking forward to seeing him again.  NWT has had several big losses these past few weeks.  Doc Hellyer died about 2 weeks ago.  He founded the park 30 years ago.  I got to meet the man once - fantastic guy.


                                             Sunday the 5th of February, 2006


Finished my taxes last night - those would be the W2 type this time.  I'm glad those are out of the way.  No more tax forms for another year!!


Also, I came to a decision last night.  My job sucks.  I need a new job.  I'll do Farmer's Market on Saturday or Sunday instead.  It just fits better that way.  Even if I have to drive a bit for a really good Market.  Shouldn't be too hard.  Might do Gig Harbour, or I might do Olympia 'cause I think they have a really good one as well. 

That's my new revised plan.


Spent ALL day Friday doing creative things - clay, beads, paint and wire.  Wow that felt good.  Spent a good chunk of Saturday doing the same, but I threw in a bit of reading as well.  Have several new Bonsai almost ready now.  While I would really like to put them right up on eBay, I also need to start accumulating stock if I want to do this Market right.  ::le sigh::  I have several old ones that never sold, I'm thinking with some work they too could work.... that would help my situation. 


                                             Friday the 3rd of February, 2006


            Dear Voyageurs of the Prairie,

            .....we'll linger in Seattle to do A Prairie Home Companion on July 21, which will be taped

            for broadcast on July 22, from the lovely Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery.

Well then, I know what I'm doing July 21nd.  The Winery is a lovely place.  I went there once with Jennifer and Mary for a concert years ago.  It was sunny and warm.  We brought raspberries and a blanket and bought a bottle of white white there and twirled to the music until we collapsed laughing on the grass.  That was a great day.


Work has been sucking the creatively out of my soul recently.  I have today off and I mean to create!  Painting, shaping clay around my copper shapes and there's a necklace in mind I want to make as well.  Also one I need to finish up, but that can wait a day.  Oh yeah, and I have in mind a really great opening teaser to a story Roo has created for a graphic novel.  He hasn't written this teaser and doesn't know it exists, but I dreamed it and mean to draw it up and send it to him.  So there. 


Oh yes.  A big BTW:  Sunday is the Super Bowl.  You may or may not be aware.  You know now in any case.  I don't normally watch too much, but the Seahawks are playing.  First time ever.  So I'll be watching.  Cheer them on a bit would you? Thanks



Updated my Jewelry Page a bit.  Still have several more to photograph and I should include my earrings as well. 


                                            Sunday the 29th of January, 2006


Just revamped my Bonsai page a bit - hopefully to reflect the needs of those with questions (FAQs if you will).


Did taxes yesterday for Reflections Ink.  Here's a fun fact:  I did almost $2,000 worth of business last year. 

WOOHOO!! and wow, I hadn't realized.


Am now also experimenting with polymer clay - this is cool stuff. I'm sure many of you have played with this stuff before.  I got the idea of incorporating it into my Bonsais - later on I want to start experimenting with Enamels, but I can't afford those right now, thus, they wait.


                                            Thursday the 26th of January, 2006


I just received the coolest e-mail:


Dear Jenna,
    I just wanted to let you know how big a hit your bonsais were with my friends and sisters.  Each one was more beautiful than the next.  They were a very special gift to give and I just wanted to thank you again for creating them.  I'm sure we will meet again as I can't resist these (of course, I will have to make some new friends to give them to :) ).  Thanks again,


you, gentle reader shall judge for yourself the coolness factor, but this e-mail really did make my day.


Have been making necklaces to stock up for Market.  Need to send off application and initial fee.  Will do that when I get paid this Friday. 

And taxes.  I've been puzzling over the forms I got sent for over a week now.  They make NO sense.  Jani and I have the same forms to fill out so we're going to moan and groan over them this weekend together.  If we can't figure it out, then Monday I'll try H&R Block, but till then I refuse to give anyone $40  for simply knowing the answer to my simple questions namely: "What the hell is this line here talking about?  I haven't slaughtered anything and I don't have a licensed boarder home??!!??"


                                            Sunday the 22nd of January, 2006


Hey!! The Seahawks are going to the SuperBowl!!!!!  YAY!!!!  Seattle is in quite the state of excitement - our first SuperBowl!! 


                                            Friday the 20th of January, 2006


gah!  Finally I have two more Bonsai up and ready for auction - #53 and #54 are up to see in my Gallery


And now they are up for auction


                                            Thursday the 19th of January, 2006


Drivers puzzle me sometimes - there's a left turn I make on semi-side street on my way home many days at a light.  Now normally there is traffic coming the other way, but rarely is there much if any traffic on my side - plus it is a two lane street both ways. As I make my indication and stop for this left turn to wait for traffic to clear, inevitable someone comes up behind me - they slow, then creep, but 90% of time they never, ever go around me.  This puzzles me.  Why not?  Why would they not go around me?  There is NO traffic impede this move, but instead they hover - they keep sneaking up inch by inch as if this will get me to turn faster or change my mind about turning.  I cannot turn while there are cars in my way obviously, but they are more then clear at any time to move into their right hand lane and continue driving - they are not wishing to turn left with me.... so why wait? Why hover and fret? I do not understand.


Went up to Canada over the weekend to visit some friends - New Westminster to be exact.  Close to Vancouver BC for those wishing for a clue.  Crappy drive up - rain, rain and accidents.  Enough said.  My friend Julie has a new apartment and two new kittens - nice little apartment and adorable little black bouncy pouncy cats.  A cardboard box and a plethora of stuffed mouse toys were more then enough to keep up laughing for hours.  Steph, Julie and I exchanged presents, watched some movies and went out to lunch - not much to speak of, but we had a great time. 


Now that Valentine's Day is a month away all the store are in full pink swing.  This has me remembering my childhood days of kids at school making each other doily cards and dad sending me flowers at University. 


                                            Monday the 9th of January, 2006


Ok, since I have gotten several requests: photo of lapis necklace


And, it's been raining a lot.  Seems to be a record, even for us. 


                                           Sunday the 8th of January, 2006


Let me take a moment to be mushy - I just got the coolest necklace from Jonathan.  We gave each other our Christmas/New Year's presents last night - yay!! I'd been quite excited to give him my present.

So,  he got me a Tiffany necklace with a Lapis stone shaped like a big lima bean on a tiny silver chain so it almost looks like it's floating.  It's the coolest - I love it.  It's all pure blue with just the tiniest bit of sparkle on the back.  Plus having just seen the Tiffany exhibit 3 times in the past week at SAM made it even cooler.  Jennifer would tell me I'm cuteing (cuteing: verb- being extremely cute) now - and I am, I admit. 

Yeah ^_^

Other then that, I've just been planning and getting ready for Market.  It's months and months away, but first years have to be approved and I still have to figure out what all I need. 

Have been working on the nude painting as well - progressing nicely.  Have to wait for it to dry again and then I'll go back in for more detail work.


                                            Tuesday the 3rd of January, 2006


Last night was so much fun - I took a friend of Jonathan's (Ben) to the SAM Member Appreciation party.  First off, he came down to Tacoma just to show me how to take the bus to Seattle - that was so cool and I had a lot of fun with that.  I think we left the station right before 4pm.  I had gotten off work at 3pm then rushed home to change before leaving again to meet Ben down at the bus station.  Five minute Glam and Go Time.

Then we got off early in Downtown Seattle so we could run around and look at stuff - we ended up going inside the new Seattle Library because I had never been inside and wanted to.  Found the Pacific Northwest Special Reference section (or whatever that wonderfully glassed off section is called) and by chance came across the yearbooks of local high schools and spent 15 or 20 minutes going through those.  Found Ben's senior year high school book (and his senior picture) and then we read through some 1925 yearbooks to see what people said about themselves or what other people said about them.  Most were standard, but it's their weird oddball ones that are worth the scan (ex. I like burgers too!). 

Next: Museum party!!  Arrived.. Drank wine out of plastic cups - very ketch. Loved it. Loaded up little plates with yummy cheeses and some crackers all the while dodging the human vulture attack on same said items of food.  Ate, drank, then went through Tiffany exhibit.   I had fun pointing out stuff I liked and jabbering on about it all and everyone else was very laid back and we sauntered around the pieces.  More wine and this time mini cupcakes were being passed around!!!  The joy! Ben and I happily devoured several whenever the tray walked by and we sort of tuned out the live band so we could talk.  It doesn't get better then sitting inside on Museum steps with cheese, cupcakes and cups of wine littering your foot space talking about random stuff with people milling about doing the same.  Very laid back crowd they were and I'm sure it had something to do with the cups of wine being handed out like water.  4th Floor exhibit was still open so we walked around there too later on.  I loved that we were 2 of maybe 5 people walking around up there - I love Museum parties.  ^_^ There need to be more.  With wine. Lots of wine.  Wasn't the best wine by far, but it was free and in quantity which made it fantastic. 

And!  cool free gift on the way out.  A really nice Chinese porcelain collection privately owned by some insanely rich family or other but there were essays on the importance of and a gallery catalogue in the back - a book such as you would find in Museum gift shops.  Well put together and I enjoyed reading it on the bus ride back down to Tacoma.

First a short bus ride to Uyajimaya to buy snacks to munch on while waiting for bus home - talked architecture and rail systems and right on time the bus arrived and I got on.  Thus the story concludes because, well, nothing of any interest happened after that. 

I learned how to take the buses, went to a museum party (which had been a desire of mine for many years now) and finally went inside the new Seattle Library.  It was a great day full of new experiences for me and I had a really great time hanging out with Ben (for those curious: he came with Jonathan and myself to the Neil Gaiman Author Talk and that is how I know him.  I asked him to come with me because he was the only person I finally thought of who might enjoy the party and it turned out he enjoyed it just as much as I did, which I can say without fear of reprisal, was a great deal.) and I'm very glad I got to know him better.


                                            Sunday the 1st of January, 2006


SAM closes its doors for a year and then some come the 5th.  I hadn't realized just how long they were going to close their doors (they have a huge expansion project underway), and as a proud Member I want (nay, need) to cram in as much time there as possible.  So today I brought Jani to the Tiffany exhibit and we made colorful cellophane dragonflies (something reminiscent of Tiffany's famous dragonflies) at the Art Project table before leaving.  I'm gonna hang mine up in a window or something.  Tomorrow there is a Member's only party that I'm going to attend and on the 4th, Jonathan and I are going to go one last time.  Until SAM reopens, I'll be spending a lot of time at SAAM which reopens after it's big spruce up on the 14th.


                                            Wednesday the 28th of December, 2005



Man in the Mirror: new acrylic I finished

Male Nude holding Planet: new oil I started


                                            Tuesday the 27th of December, 2005


::happy snoopy dance::  I've been painting.  There was a quick and intense painting yesterday - acrylics, about 6 hours of layering colors, textures and careful lines.  It was fantastic.

After I finished that one and stared at it and made corrections for the next hour or so, I started on another drawing for another painting.  Finished the drawing on the canvas when I got home from work and decided to start painting after looking at it for awhile and making slight adjustments.  This one is an oil painting (because this is a slow painting) and I used the fan brush my parents gave me for a Christmas presents.  ::grin::  It was exactly what I needed and worked beautifully. 


                                            Sunday the 25th of December, 2005


All I have to say is I love my floss, shower scrubby, new brushes, canvases and flash drive.  I've been playing with my memory stick and thinking up new paintings to paint.


Updated Copper Bonsai site with Bonsai #52 I did for Jennifer (her Christmas gift to her roomie)


                                            Saturday the 24th of December, 2005


I was at work today setting up signs and, as often happens, I get an 'um, excuse me' from behind.  I turn around and the guy standing there looks very familiar to me but there's no name associated in my memory for him.  He's looking for gift wrap and we're pretty much out, if not completely out.  I look in a few places quickly and suggest he go look by other cash-wraps, but honestly, we're probably all out.  As he's walking away, I suddenly remember he's the guy in the frame department at Michael's I talked to three days ago.  I was asking about matting I needed and he told me they were all out.  We both got to tell each other we couldn't get the stuff we both needed.  Funny happenstance.


                                            Tuesday the 20th of December, 2005


Packages are winging their way to doors as we speaks although I think all of mine have gotten to their assigned doors now.  There are a few to be hand given - Bill, Audrey, Julie and Steph.  Jonathan will get his when he gets back on the 3rd.  Gives me more time to not worry about wrapping it.


Went poking around a craft store yesterday and came across the isle with foam board.  Stared at it for a minute and thought they would make a nice mounted back for some prints and photos I have.  At the moment they are still lamenting and languishing because I only bought one board to test out my thought on.  $3 per Elmer's foam board that will fit 2 of the prints and/or photos I have in mind.  Not too shabby a price for a mounting I can hang.  I asked about them cutting it for me and quailed at the $2 per cut answer.  My own cut isn't quite as pretty, but a little sanding to smooth it out and you can hardly tell the cut isn't perfect. 

I'm going to go back today and buy three or four more - I have some wall space set aside and I look forward to seeing these prints and photos on the wall and not just carefully stacked up on shelf.

Soon it will become tricky to find a place to hang anything, but that day has not quite yet arrived and so I will take my delight in hanging things where I will.

BTW:  Once again - Happy Birthday Jennifer!!!!  ^_^


PS.  I didn't realize I had forgotten to update my Paintings Page - there are several paintings that I have finished, but apparently forgot to tell anyone I had.  Also I did some touch ups to my Pirate painting.  right, so here's the links:

Bison Bull

Ajanta Princess


Pirate Shores



                                            Friday the 16th of December, 2005


I made potato soup this morning - so nummy and happy.  Had to call my parents and tell them about it.  It's has so many family memories associated it's impossible not to make the soup without thinking of them.


Otherwise not much has been happening.  Mostly just some Christmas shopping and standing in post office lines.  I keep making this walnut-cranberry conserve and just eating it almost as a meal.  Can't stop eating it.  It's just cranberries, oranges, currants, walnuts and a touch of honey but it just melts in the mouth.


                                            Wednesday the 7th of December, 2005


There is a possible rumor - nah, a mere glimmer of a possibility - that a spa boutique in Long Island is interested in carrying a small line of my Copper Bonsai.  Apparently one of my lovely costumers gave as an opening day present to this said spa, one of the Bonsai she had bid on and many a person has commented on and expressed interest in said Bonsai (being used as as jewelry merchandise display stand) in the boutique area.  So the idea might be to then to make merry with beautiful artwork to then be displayed and sold in this boutique as a regular stock item.  My dad pointed out I need to contact my Casino Gift shop that has bought several pieces and see if they need or want more.  This time, I ship pieces up to them. 

I need more canvas.  I have several paintings I want to paint, but I don't really have too much money to buy canvas right now. 

So, I'm loving my necklace creations.  They are not selling well on eBay oddly.  In person, they attract so much attention and delight that really fuels my desire to set up a Farmers Market Booth and sell jewelry and artwork.  I have no idea how I would fair honestly.  I think I would have to set myself up in the larger Markets - the downtown and central Markets that are held once a month or so.  I need to find out how much all that might cost soon so I can maybe get things started.


                                            Monday the 5th of December, 2005


Finished a 5 Copper Bonsai commission.  Very satisfying.  Really happy with the pieces. 


::baby it's cold outside::

Yummy Portobello Ravioli and funny movie (Just Friends) last night with Jonathan.  He hadn't ever been to Pomorodo's and I had forgotten about it for the past year, so I was pleased to remember it.  Just what I needed after my long week at work.  A short nap, lots of coffee and I think I managed to stave off yawning too much.


                                            Wednesday the 23rd of November, 2005


Wow the Fog outside is amazing!!  It's so thick you can hardly see anything but this cloud of silence. 


                                            Monday the 21st of November, 2005


Very bizarre stuff! So you may have heard on the news about the Sunday shooting in Tacoma Mall.  Which is where I work.  As it happens I had left work at Sears 30 minutes before to go home when it all happened. Normally I would have been scheduled to work later into the day, but that day we were scheduled to leave earlier, so when I finished up I left about noon. How easily I could have been going to get my noon latte for lunch when that guy opened fire at 12:30!!!! Several of my co-workers were just leaving to get their coffee when it all happened but they were still right by the Sears door and were able to get as many people inside as possible before closing the Mall Entrance door. It all happened just around the corner from them too so it was a really close call that they hadn't left 2 minutes before.  Most of them went home and have a few stiff drinks.  Swat was all over the mall just minutes later and put the Mall into lockdown. I guess the one person that was seriously injured is stable. The guy wanted to get the attention of his ex-girlfriend so he decided to shoot up a mall! Fortunately he wasn't actually trying to fire into the crowd, but he did have an extra bag of ammo stashed away for his automatic riffle. I am so glad I wasn't there.


In other news, I got an additional position - Security!  Funny enough it was offered to me on Sunday before any of this shooting business happened.  Mostly the job (on top of my ISS hours) is to stand by one of the doors and check receipts with items purchased at the store much like Costco does.  I get to wear a bright red vest too!  And to top it all off, I start The Day After Thanksgiving.  I will be there to watch as the 6am horde stampede in.  Never having done the TDAT sales (and never having wanted to), this will be quite an experience for me.


Jonathan and I went to see the new Harry Potter movie Sunday night!!!  oooooo good movie.  It was well done I thought - I was a bit nerved at first to see how the novel was adapted, but it was actually a wise movie choice and didn't detract from the main plot or the main characters at all.  We had a wonderful time. 


                                            Friday the 18th of November, 2005


My co-worker and I went out to the site and volunteered for a few hours.  We didn't stay for the very end reveal because it was later then we thought it was going to be and she had to get home for her kids.  However, that wasn't why we went - we wet to help out and we did and it was a lot of fun and quite an experience.  There is also a possibility that I will be on film behind the grey haired designer (Paul) while he is walking up the front porch of the house proclaiming it is 2 hours to reveal time - I'll the the girl crouched on the front steps covered with white paint drops, paint brush in hand with a bright blue ear muff to match our Extreme Home Makeover Tshirts (I've got mine all nicely washed with the paint drops still there on the front). It was chilly out there. I don't think they were filming when Ty walked past me a few times but I don't know.  Last 2 hours they were done being coy for the screaming girls on the hill and it was all in and out of the house with no warning.


I've got a few slightly blurry pictures of Ty and some of the rest of the crew. They don't really come out much except to film little segments while all the volunteers got herded back under tents.  Plenty of coffee under those tents to keep some of that chill at bay. I was thankful for that. Mostly, I painted that day, but I did some sanding, gravel raking for the driveway and the all important task of carrying trash to the dump site.  I can't post the pictures of the site because I signed a confidentiality agreement, but I can tell you the episode airs in January and the site is from Port Orchard, WA.  I choose one picture I took from the site but you can't see anything but people (Ty), and two from the day some of the crew came to Sears and you can't tell which items in particular they bought so it's ok.

Ty as seen through the plastic sides of the tent    Paul and Preston as they were filming at Sears in Tools    Daniel as he was shopping for rugs at Sears


In other exciting news, Bill is coming to town!!!!!!  yay!!!! 


                                            Sunday the 13th of November, 2005


The Crew came and went and I took some pictures.  A co-worker and I have decided to go out to the site on Tuesday morning for the big unveiling.  More pictures then.  I wanna get a pictures of the bus.  Big, big sale tonight at Sears tonight so I'm taking Jonathan and Jani because I can extend my discount tonight on top of the really cool sales going on after 5pm until close.  I need a few things and I've been keeping my eye on some clearance items I really like/need like more towels and some winterish shirts and pants/skirts.  Not too much because I don't want to run out of room, but there are defiantly some items I need to take advantage of while I can.



The Legend of Zorro Returns or What the Adolescent Asinine Kind of Tripe Plot Was THAT!!??!! 

Bitter disappointment because I was really looking forward to this movie.  I was so tempted to walk out and apparently Jonathan was of the same disposition but somehow we managed to stay to the awful end and then we both raged afterwards on the way to the car.  Started off quite nicely and then about 1/3 it started to get a little funny and 1/2 way through it just disintegrated.  I just glowered at the screen for the last 20 minutes and felt horribly ripped off.  blah.


                                            Thursday the 10th of November, 2005


Seems Ty Pennington and/or His Crew from Extreme Home Makeover are coming to my Sears this Saturday in the early hours of the morning.  I don't work, but Annette (co-worker) and I have permission to come in and watch them pick all their stuff out and be apart of whatever filming goes on.  We think it will be fun.  Camera is a must.  We would both go and help build the house - in Port Orchard - but we both have prior commitments.  The announcement didn't go out to Associates until Tuesday.  Doesn't happen every day, and so should be experienced.


Check out my updated Necklace Gallery! There will be many more pictures going up, but this is my start.  Not all of it is going to be sold, but most of it will be.


                                            Wednesday the 9th of November, 2005


Finally, finally have started to put up my necklaces on eBay!!!  3 a day or until stock limits me.


                                            Sunday the 6th of November, 2005


Son of a Witch - savored it to the end.  Fantastic read.  Loved every inch of it.


Finished Pirate Shores today!!!  So close to the Buddha one I know, but it was a very quick one and I wanted it to be a quick painting so it wouldn't get overdone.  I wanted light and if there was too much paint on the canvas the effect would have been lost.  It's almost a watercolor in that respect - I really watered the paint down for exactly that effect.


I have been making more necklaces and have some really cool ideas for future Bonsai - I've started to work on getting all my stuff back up on eBay now that the holiday season of Shopping is on us.  I wanted to finish that up this weekend, but I've been really busy.  Lots of hours at work plus over at Jani's beading or finishing the workshop.  It's gonna be amazing and I know I'll be spending many hours in that basement with my metals creating fabulous babbles. 


                                            Wednesday the 2nd of November, 2005


I have a hole in my nail.  More specifically, the right pinky nail. Right at the bottom.  A few weeks ago a shelf was dropped on my nail and it bruised a nice, interesting pattern all up the nail.  Lat night it started to flake off and before I new it, I had a hole in my nail.  I'm sure the nail will fall off in the next week or so.  How inconvenient. "_"

Finished my Buddha painting!!!!!!!!!!!

Slowly working on my Pirate painting - I'm not sure at this point I want to add cloth to it.  I really like where it's going.  Next time!

Did a big huge night shift on Tuesday were I helped re-organize and direct the move of all the ISS (In Store Support) signing supplies (rack arms, stock signs, sign holders, stuff like that) to a new room.  It was nice to make big decisions again. I'm good at that stuff.  And I do love organizing.  I'm a freak. 


                                            Friday the 28th of October, 2005


Not much is going on - for those of you who might want to know about work, well, it's signs.  Paper signs that I put up or take down and occasionally I print out pink or white tickets and stick those on items.  I like the people I work with, the job gets easier as I remember where stuff is, but it's just work.  There will be job hunting in the new year.  It still barely pays the bills as I work on my artwork and jewelry making.  There will also an interest in increased production for sale. 


                                           Wednesday the 26th of October, 2005


On Monday, I went to see Gregory Maguire and what an amazing reading it was.  He read for 30 minutes, three different sections - one scene from Wicked and two from Son of a Witch, voices and everything.  Lots of fun to hear.  There was a Q and A portion where he answered the question why he did the sequel and the main reason was that about a year and a half ago he was getting lots of "What happened to Nor?" from 12 yr old girls.  It wasn't anything he had really questioned himself because as an adult, he knew what likely happens to political prisoners even if they are 12 yr old girls.  As of Abu Ghraib, he started wondering what happened to the people we saw in those photos - and so he decided to write Son of a Witch to find out what happens to her and ultimately to find out what happens to Liir - what kind of a life does this 11 yr old boy now have.  (The story starts out 3 weeks after Wicked ends btw.)  Then he brought out his Green Witchy Puppet Chaperone and sang an additional verse he made up to the Over the Rainbow song.... "Somewhere over the rainbow, she lives there too..."  For those people who bought their books for tickets to the signing we were given broadsigns - basically a heavy parchment with hand pressed lettering of a quite from Son of a Witch signed by the author - very surprised and I thanked the bookstore curator (a very lovely woman who was so excited to be hosting this event) because it was a gesture I have never seen before from an Author Talk.  Mine is getting framed! 


                                            Sunday the 23rd of October, 2005


YAY!!! Got my very FIRST PROFESSIONAL PAYCHECK from SilverReef Casino in the mail (even if they did spell my name with only one 'n')!!!!!  I'm not quite counting eBay in here because this was my Next Big Step.  My next one will be to start working Craft Fairs. 

Did some more work on my Pirate painting last night.  Got the face all done.

Gregory Maguire will be promoting Son of a Witch at Third Place Books in Seattle on Monday (sequel to Wicked).  I'm really looking to getting my books signed and hearing him talk for a bit.


                                            Thursday the 20th of October, 2005


Updated photo of my Pirate painting.  Worked on it tonight.  Still need to work on her face and the ship... and I want to add fabric to the sails and her clothes.  I have some specifically for the effect, so I'll be playing with that to see if I want to go ahead with that 3-D effect.

Also, my Buddha painting is almost done.  Just have to add the finishing touches to Saturn and her rings.  Then I'll be photographing it and putting that up.


                                            Tuesday the 18th of October, 2005


Well, today was the day I went up to SilverReef Casino to ply my wares - beaded necklaces (13 by me and 6 by Jani) and 3 Copper Bonsai.  There was amusement and disappointment mingled together like the fog that permeated the entire day.  They do sell beaded necklaces - I looked.  Not terribly impressive would be an accurate description.  Not impressed by the quality of the beads or the designs from what I could see and that was very little because they were jumbled in a poor lump at the bottom of the display case.    There was an overstock of beaded necklaces and so The Lady (not my contact who I was there to see and had an appointment to see, but she was too busy and I understand how that goes) could not buy more even though she liked what she saw a lot.  I showed her my Copper Bonsai and put examples of earrings and necklaces up - she liked them.  She bought all 3 ($40 each).  So my 135 mile trip (one way) was not in fact a waste at all and she told me to come back up closer to Christmas when they would hopefully need more stock.  So.... disappointment in not selling even one of the  necklaces I was so proud to make or even one of Jani's which are gorgeous as well. But I did make 3 sales.... and I have to say, once again, people love my Copper Bonsai's and that makes me really happy.  When I got back home, I e-mailed my contact lady and said I was sorry to have missed her, filled her in on the details and mentioned that maybe the beaded necklaces they carried would be happier on one of my display stands and that I hoped she would contact me again when she needed to refill necklace stock.  Long day of driving.  Going to have a big cup of tea now.


                                            Monday the 17th of October, 2005


The new Charles Comfort Tiffany exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum is so very exquisite.  I didn't know he did oil paintings, but he did.  He also did a lot of watercolors to work out designs because the watercolors would give a very good approximation of light coming through glass. There were also some necklaces, lamps, windows and mosaics along with vases, a chandler and some furniture he designed. Beautiful stuff all over the place.


I've also decided that I need to visit Post Alley (it's by Pike's Place Market) more often - I love the little cafes there.  Parents need to visit again so I can take them there.


                                            Thursday the 13th of October, 2005


Had a lovely chat with my friend Roo last night when he called - must get myself in gear and start translating his prose into illustration.  I keep letting myself get busy with other things which while good is silly because I really like translating his stuff.


Working with Jani to get her basement all fitted out for soldering, filing and sawing metal.  That's gonna be awesome when it's done.


Restocked my spice shelf and some teas (blackberry, vanilla and apricot) yesterday as well.  Desperately needed that - it's been needed for over a month now.  It's now a happy shelf.


Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Ware-Rabbit!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!  Saw that this past weekend ^_^  What a great movie.  All the levels of funny kid and funny adult (box that says 'may contain nuts was one of my favorites').


                                            Monday the 10th of October, 2005


New start of a new painting! Pirate Shores


                                            Tuesday the 3rd of October, 2005


Neil Gaiman (warning - terrible picture of me included) came over to Univ of Washington campus on Tuesday for which I was bouncing around.  I missed him last time he was up here and so was very excited to finally get to go.  A very good speaker indeed - witty and all that.  Reminds me a bit of Mat (and yes, I know the accent is the same but that's not what I'm referring too).  Read a bit from his new book Anansi Boys and then signed books for the 750+ people that packed the church to hear him speak.  I'm glad I reserved my tickets early - I was 298 in line.  Got my wonderful Charles Vess copy of of Stardust signed as well as American Gods and Good Omens (and Anansi Boys because I couldn't resist).


Saw Corpse Bride over the weekend - quite a nice film.  I enjoyed the ride, although I did foresee most of what was going to happen, I still enjoyed the characters quite a lot.


                                            Saturday the 1st of October, 2005


Friday was the happy day that Serenity came out in theaters - for me anyway since I hadn't been quick enough to buy preview tickets.  First showing of the day, I was there, surrounded by other geeks and it was wonderful.  The movie was a perfect conclusion to the 14 episode TV show Firefly and had all the right elements to make a really standout movie in its own right.  At the end of the movie, the credits rolled and the entire audience except for one person sat right in their seats and watched and listened to the music until the very, very end.  I was impressed.


Have been making up spreadsheets for my necklaces - giving prices and descriptions as well as photographic documentation.  I should be very organized by the 18th, as well as dripping with necklaces to sell.  I've been doing some painted wooden beads that I'm really loving. I'll have to put up a photo or two of some of the stuff I've been doing.


                                            Thursday the 29th of September, 2005


So! Remedy did finally get their asses in gear and got my check re-issued.  yay! 


Have an appointment next month (the 18th) to show my necklaces to Silver Reef Casino gift shop!!!!!!!!!(!!!!!)  They specialize in local artisan jewelry so hopefully they buy lots of my stuff.  I'll also be taking several of my Copper Bonsai with me when I go.  Jani and I have been making loads of jewelry these past 2 weeks and more are yet to come.  I love the stuff I've been doing and have been experimenting with wire shapes as well.


Went to see Terry Prachett on Monday.  w00t!  The coolness was extreme yet again. Have seen him sign/speak twice before in years past.  Jonathan came as well to get his copy of Good Omens signed - it is now the Conversation Book between Gaiman and Pratchett.  The joke from Terry was to tell Gaiman that he said hello - since Gaiman is going to be in Seattle on the 4th.  While we were in line waiting to get up to Terry's table Jonathan joked that he should get his book signed to Gaiman with Terry saying hello, showing that to Gaiman and getting him to respond.  Then next time Terry is in town, the book will relay whatever greetings Gaiman has to give Terry. ^_^  Took a short video of Terry talking too - pretty good stuff.  I had a great time.  Can't wait to see Ne